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1. What should be done if localized scoring is discovered on a pump shaft sleeve during routine maintenance inspection?


2. Which of the following actions should be taken if during a routine maintenance inspection of a centrifugal pump, localized scoring on a pump shaft sleeve is detected?


3. Type of pump which is dependent of the head is______________.


4. If the discharge valve is closed before the drive motor is stopped, which type of pump will most likely be damaged?


5. Breaking the fuel into fine spray to provide good combustion is called_


6. A protective device use to prevent over torque during starting of an Air Compressor is called


7. The by-products of oxidation, as a result of water contamination of hydraulic oil, are generally______.


8. A method of finishing diesel engine cylinder walls to aid in the proper ring seating and lubrication is known as ___________.


9. Which of the listed conditions can lead to cavitations in a centrifugal pump?


10. Rapid fluctuations of absolute pressure in the last effect of a multi-effect submerged tube distilling plant will tend to cause _


11. Which of the following descriptions best identifies the operating principle of a flash-type evaporator?


12. You are unable to pump out the aft starboard engine room bilge well that is fouled, with one foot of water over the top of the bilge well, what action should be carried out?


13. The lower water seal on a diesel engine wet cylinder liner must allow for liner axial movement. This seal is most commonly a ______


14. Boiler fire side must be kept free of soot accumulations because _


15. The leakage of air into the pump casing by way of the packing gland of a condensate pump, is prevented by_


16. The net positive suction head of a boiler centrifugal feed pump should be calculated over and above the _____.


17. Which of the listed parts is used in a lobe-type rotay pump to allow for wear on the lobe edges?


18. Which of the listed parts is used in a lobe-type rotary pump to reduce the wear of the lobe edges?


19. Which of the following changes in pump operating parameters will lead to pump cavitation in a centrifugal pump that is operating in an open system?



21. A suitable location for the installation of an impulse type steam trap would be in the__________ -


22. Positive displacement, helical gear pumps are well suited for pumping oil because _____.


23. The shaft sleeves have recently been replaced on a centrifugal saltwater service pump. The packing gland is now drawn tightly up against the casing. Despite the use of standard procedures to tighten the packing gland, water continues to pour out along the shaft. The probable cause for this situations is that _____.


24. In most horizontally split centrifugal pump casings, wearing rings are prevented from rotating by


25. Main component of the engine to regulate speed is the ___________.


26. Feedwater supplied to a flash type distilling plant will flash to vapor in the first-stage due to _________________.


27. The initial unloading (at start-up) of the device shown in the illustration is accomplished by ____________.


28. Prior to starting, the purpose of turning over a main propulsion diesel engine with the cylinder test cocks open, is to _


29. Why are some diesel engine cylinder liners plated on the wearing surface with porous chromium?


30. A twin-screw, rotary, positive displacement pump is provided with timing gears. If it were possible to change the lead (pitch) of the screws, which of the following statements would represent the true effect on the pump characteristics?


31. In a large slow-speed propulsion diesel engine, the side thrust on the crosshead is the direct result of ___________.


32. Which of the listed conditions will occur if the discharge pressure of a rotary pump is increased from the designed 50 psi to 300 psi, while maintaining the same RPM?


33. The major difference between the discharge and suction valves installed in most low pressure, reciprocating air compressors is that __


34. The pressure developed in the high pressure cylinder of a reciprocating air compressor, in order to assure an output near the end of its compression stroke, is __


35. Two individual centrifugal pump impellers of the same diameter, width, and rotating speed are to be compared, one is cast with straight vanes, the other with curved vanes. Which of the following statements is correct?


36. At what pressure should a cylinder relief valve of an internal combustion engine be set to relieve?


37. If the flow of water from the centrifugal pump is allowed to be stopped by closing the discharge valve while the pump continues to run for an extended period, which of the following will occur?


38. One advantage of a vacuum feed sight glass indicator used on cylinder lubricators over the discharge side liquid filled type sight glass is


39. Which of the listed types of steam traps operates on the principle that hot water flashes to steam when its vapor pressure is reached?


40. If a centrifugal pump gradually develops insufficient discharge pressure as a result of worn wearing rings, which of the following corrective actions is required?


41. The degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on _


42. What is the function of a diesel engine’s stationary parts?


43. Part of centrifugal disc purifier use to hold discs in place and directs the flow of dirty liquid to the bottom then to the discs as the oil flows upward is called ____________.


44. Stern tube is used to__________.


45. An important point of consideration when replacing a dry type intake filter on an air compressor is to _____.


46. To thoroughly pump out the bilges using a horizontally mounted centrifugal pump, the ___________.


47. Which of the following statements describes the operating characteristics of a precombustion chamber?


48. Machinery driving fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps must be fitted with a remote means of stopping the machinery from _


49. Clearances between the impeller hub and casing of a centrifugal pump are checked with the use of _____________.


50. Centrifugal pumps, used to handle hot liquids, must have a minimum flow through them under all operating conditions. This flow serves to __


51. An advantage of a helical gear pump over a simple gear pump is that the helical gear pump is capable of _____.


52. In a single-acting diesel engine. The cylinder liner area that is most difficult to lubricate is the


53. While on watch, you notice that a significant amount of water is flowing out of the packing box from a centrifugal saltwater pump which had been recently overhauled. You tighten the packing gland evenly by nearly a half inch, yet the amount of water output from the packing box does not diminish. You should


54. Which characteristic of the theoretical Otto cycle does not occur in the theoretical Diesel cycle.


55. A dehydrator installed in a refrigeration system is used to remove _____.


56. Turbulence is created in the cylinders of a diesel engine to _


57. If the bowl of a disk type centrifugal purifier when operated as a separator is not primed, the______


58. Which of the following statements is correct with regards to the operation of a centrifugal cargo pump?


59. Fuel oil enters the main engine cylinder through ______________.


60. The camshaft drive is designed to maintain proper camshaft speed relative to crankshaft speed. In maintaining this relationship, the camshaft drive causes the camshaft to rotate at ________


61. The function of the spring used with channel or plate-type valves for reciprocating air compressors is to _____.


62. The purpose of the low pressure cutout switch is to ____________.


63. A badly leaking refrigeration compressor discharge valves will cause __________.


64. A first stage unloader installed in a low pressure air compressor is unable to completely retract. This will result in _____.


65. Liquid is kept from leaking out of the shaft ends of a helical gear pump by ___


66. In a centrifugal pump, the seal piping directs liquid from the discharge side of the pump to the


67. It refers to an internal combustion engine practice, where there is a necessity of heating the oil, to ensure easy flow and good atomization.


68. One of the major components of centrifugal pump is___________.


69. Excessive scale formation in a distilling plant may result from _____.


70. The dimension of the thinnest hydrodynamic film developed within a full journal bearing, when all other factors remain constant, depends upon the


71. The purpose of the wearing rings used in a centrifugal pump is to _


72. The purpose of wearing rings as found in large centrifugal pumps is to _


73. The purpose of wear ring in the centrifugal pump is to ____


74. A centrifugal bilge pump requires priming __


75. If the temperature of the fuel oil entering in atomizer is too low, the burner will _


76. Which of the following statements describes the function of an air compressor intake filter?


77. What would probably occur if excessive misalignment existed between a centrifugal pump and its power source?


78. If the existing vapour pressure is subtracted from the indicated pressure at the pump suction, the remainder is the __


79. If you were operating a centrifugal water service pump with worn wearing rings, the


80. Salinity cell is installed in the distilling unit to indicate the ____________.


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