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1. The removal of paint from electrical equipment such as generators, should be cautiously undertaken because ____.


2. When testing a capacitor with an analog type ohmmeter, a good capacitor will be indicated by________.


3. From the standpoint of safety, you should never allow salt water to enter a lead-acid storage battery or come in contact with sulfuric acid because ____.


4. When troubleshooting electronic equipment, you should use a high impedance multimeter ________.


5. Third color band on a resistor is used to indicate the_______.


6. A slow continual loss of electrolyte level from one cell of a storage battery could be due to ____.


7. To effectively clean a commutator in good physical condition, you should use ___.


8. The most practical method used for resurfacing a ship’s main propulsion motor commutator is to ___.


9. The most practical method used for resurfacing a small DC electric motor commutator is to ____.


10. When mixing electrolyte, which if the following precautions should always be observed?


11. Periodic testing by a shoreside support technician using a special camera which can detect potentially dangerous loose or corroded bus bar and controller connections is termed_______.


12. Which of the following characteristics is most critical in determining the size of the cable to used in a particular circuit?


13. In order to check the performance of a transistor removed from its circuit, the instrument to be used should be a/an


14. Complete maintenance of electrical motors should include periodic checks for machine_____.


15. Which of the following statements concerning the maintenance of solid-silver Contacts in relay and auxiliary control circuits is correct?


16. A solid-state circuit is inoperative; the first action that should be taken is to_______.


17. First aid treatment for battery acid or alkali burns, especially in the eyes, includes _____.


18. During the charging process of storage batteries, the charging rooms should be well ventilated because _____.


19. A full -wave rectifier has one diode burned out in an open condition, what will be the output characteristic of the device?


20. Which of the substances listed be applied to battery terminals to help prevent corrosion?


21. The air gap in an induction motor should be checked periodically with a feeler gage, to prevent possible ___


22. When troubleshooting electronic equipment, the first step to be taken before testing the circuit voltage is to__


23. A molded-case breaker provides protection against short circuits by using a/an


24. Which of the following precautions should be taken when a blow fuse, rated at 10 amperes, is replaced?


25. Which of the listed precautions should be observed before spraying liquid solvent on the insulation of an electric motor?


26. When the electrolyte level of a lead-acid storage battery has decreased due to normal evaporation, the level should be reestablished by adding _____.


27. To protect the rotor of a motor disassembled for maintenance or overhaul, it should be______.


28. A megohmmeter can be used to test for ___.


29. Two contributors of electronic console failures are heat and vibration. To combine some of their effect, preventive maintenance procedures should include ____.


30. When trouble shooting a lead-acid storage battery, a weak or dead cell is best detected by ____.


31. When troubleshooting a lead-acid storage battery, a weak or dead cell is best detected by _________________.


32. When charging a 100 amp-hour lead-acid battery ____.


33. Caution must be exercised during the charging of lead-acid storage batteries as ____.


34. When checking the specific gravity of battery electrolyte with a hydrometer, which of the following statements is true?


35. When you check the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte with a hydrometer, it should be kept in the mind that _____.


36. Why is it a poor practice to use a high wattage soldering iron when soldering or desoldering components on a printed circuit board?


37. Which of the following statements concerning the specific gravity of a battery electrolyte is true?


38. Which of the problems listed will occur if a lead-acid battery is allowed to remain in a charged condition for a long period of time?


39. The use of a high wattage soldering iron when soldering or desoldering components on a printed circuit board may cause which of the following faults to occur?


40. Which of the following actions must be carried out before a voltage tester can be used to test the three line fuses to a three-phase motor?


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