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1. Addition of weight to a vessel will ALWAYS __________.


2. In order to minimize the effects of a tender vessel, when carrying a cargo of lumber, you should __________


3. Which abbreviation refers to the horizontal distance between perpendiculars taken at the forward-most and the after-most points on a small passenger vessel's waterline at her deepest operating draft?


4. Which statement is TRUE of a tender vessel?


5. Metacentric height is an indication of a vessel's stability __________.


6. Metacentric height is a measure of __________.


7. Which statement about the free surface effect is TRUE?


8. You are in a tank wearing the self-contained breathing apparatus and you desire to return topside. How many tugs of the lifeline mean to take up the slack?


9. During a stability test on a small passenger vessel __________.


10. Free communication effect is in direct proportion to __________.


11. What does NOT affect the value of the free surface correction?


12. What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 900 GT?


13. When cargo is shifted from the lower hold to the main deck the __________.


14. C13 - When loading different cargo through the same pipeline, you should determine which cargo to load first EXCEPT:


15. C13 - Concerning the use of stabilogauge, which of the following cannot be found?


16. C13 - The rudder with small area forward of the turning axis is known as the:


17. C13 - What is called the upper horizontal member of the backbone of the ship?


18. C13 - What term indicates the immersed body of the vessel aft of the parallel mid-body?


19. C13 - What is the purpose of the stripping bar on the anchor windlass?


20. C13 - It is the work of measuring the various dimension and capacities of the ship in order to get the tonnage for official registration.


21. C13 - This is the ratio of the immersed volume to the area of the load waterplane multiplied by the mean draught:


22. C13 - Your vessel has amidship engine room, and the cargo is concentrated in the end holds. The vessel is said to be:


23. C13 - If the winch should fail while you are hauling in the anchor, what prevents the anchor cable from running out?


24. C13 - What is the distance from the lower edge of the winter loadline permitted on ships 100 meters or less in length?


25. C13 - The safety factors which must be considered both and when using a pair of derricks rigged to operate in union purchase?


26. C13 - Another name for the sheer strake is the _________.


27. C13 - The ___ is an imaginary line, 75 mms below the bulkhead deck. It is assumed that the ship which is sunk to this line would still be navigable in fine weather.


28. C13 - Racking stress caused when ship rolls in a seaway is more severe or evident on:


29. C13 - The deck plating nearest to the deck edges are termed:


30. C13 - What do you call the distance from the keel to the upper deck?


31. C13 - This is the type of hatch cover which are made of one or more separate covers each designed to be lifted independently to expose the entire hatch opening. They can be used for weather and 'tween deck hatchways.


32. C13 - The ratio of the transverse area of the midship section to a rectangle having the same breadth and depth:


33. C13 - Which of the following is the deep fore-and-aft member supporting the deck?


34. C13 - Which of the following is a bow shape of a ship constructed where the stern is at right angle to the keel?


35. C13 - What type of rudder may loose its effectiveness at angles of 10 or more degrees?


36. C13 - In the formula, I = L X B X K, what does "B" means?


37. C13 - A vertical side battens is the same __.


38. C13 - The making of the load lines are painted in __________ in a dark ground.


39. C13 - It means that a piping on venting system, for example, is in no way connected to another system and that there are no provisions available for the potential connection to other system.


40. C13 - The last link of the anchor chain attached to the pad eye in the chain locker is called:


41. C13 - It refers to any break or change in section thickness or amount of plating materials.


42. C13 - A metal chimney or passage through which the smoke and gases are led from the uptakes to the open air:


43. C13 - What kind of block is used as a cargo block?


44. C13 - The tube leading from the foc'sle deck to the chain locker enclosing the anchor chain is called:


45. C13 - The vertical plate of ship's girder is called:


46. C13 - When heating a metal and cooling it down for desired fashion. This is called:


47. C13 - Which of the following is not exempted when calculating gross tonnage?


48. C13 - The frame of the vessel that runs parallel to the keel is called_______.


49. C13 - The enclosed area defined as the intersection of the surface of the water and the hull of a vessel is the _______.


50. C13 - A preventer guy________.


51. C13 - Reference to freeboard categories, Type A ships are those designed specifically for the carriage of ________.


52. C13 - The weight of a vessel without a load. It includes hull and fittings, engines and boilers, shafting and propellers, water in boilers, permanent ballast, etc


53. C13 - Lightening holes cut out of a solid floor allow for which of the following? I. Access during construction and maintenance of the double bottom II. A saving weight


54. C13 - The curvature of the deck in the longitudinal direction.


55. C13 - When using clamp shell discharging of cargo, what damage to ship's structure it caused?


56. C13 - This is a part of a vessel's side projecting upwards along the line of the weather deck or uppermost deck.


57. C13 - The horizontal line 300mm by 25mm wide which is positioned amidship on port and starboard side.


58. C13 - How long is the loadline mark across the loadline disk?


59. C13 - What is the uppermost continuous deck exposed to the weather and the sea which has permanent means of watertight closure?


60. C13 - A thirty pound plate would be:


61. C13 - Brackets joining the deck beam and the side frames are known as:


62. C13 - A plate used vertically in the bottom of a ship running athwartship from bilged usually on every frame is the:


63. C13 - What doors are classified the strongest doors among the doors?


64. C13 - Which of the following component parts of cargo gear is associated with Topping Lifts?


65. C13 - What bulkheads subdivide the ship into independent compartments to limit the extent for flooding?


66. C13 - This is the underwater narrowing part of a ship's hull forward of the middle body section?


67. C13 - This is a modern method of welding where there is actual melting of the materials being joined although the weld metal is composed largely of added materials having the same characteristics as the metal being joined.


68. C13 - Your vessel is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. You can reduce the danger of capsizing by __________.


69. C13 - Your vessel rolls slowly and sluggishly. This indicates that the vessel __________.


70. C13 - A stress called compression is being placed on the sheer strakes if the vessel is ___________?


71. C13 - Control of flooding should be addressed __________.


72. C13 - What must be accurately determined to assess the potential for progressive flooding after a vessel has been damaged?


73. C13 - Your vessel has been damaged and is partially flooded. The first step to be taken in attempting to save the vessel is to __________.


74. C13 - The strake next to the keel is:


75. C13 - The elevated perforated bottom of a chain locker which prevents the chain from touching the bottom of the chain locker and allows water to flow to the drain is:


76. C13 - In a longitudinally framed vessel, the longitudinal frames are held in place in a place and supported by athwartship members called:


77. C13 - The inward curvature of the ship's side is the:


78. C13 - The percentage of the total surface area or volume of a flooded compartment that can be occupied by water by damage is called:


79. C13 - Your vessel is damaged and partially flooded. It is listing 12 deg to port and trimmed 8 feet down by the head. It has a long, slow, sluggish roll. What action will you take first?


80. C13 - An intact bouyancy means:


81. C13 - Which of the following will increase the height of the center of buoyancy of your vessel?


82. C13 - In regards to the center of bouyancy, which of the following statement is correct?


83. C13 - The volume of all watertight enclosed spaces above water line is called:


84. C13 - The value of KM at any draft may be taken from the:


85. C13 - When using stabilogauge, unless the density correction is applied, the center of gravity of a loadable compartment is assumed to be:


86. C13 - GM is a measure of:


87. C13 - Freeboard is a measure of:


88. C13 - When the period of beam seas equals the natural rolling period of a vessel, what will most likely occur? 


89. C13 - At seaway a thwarthship swinging of a vessel.


90. C13 - Spaces in which the ship’s radio or main navigating equipment is centralized.


91. C13 - The ratio of volume of displacement to a block having the same length, breadth and draft of the vessel is known as:


92. C13 - The bilge keel is for the purpose of:


93. C13 - This is the type of hatch cover which consist of single or multi-paneled covers operated by either a wire rope of the ship’s gear or by an electro-hydraulic system.


94. C13 - Deep tanks are normally located aboard ship;


95. C13 - Which of the following is the general cargo ship usual construction using mild steel section and plating?


96. What is not usually a concern when loading a single-hulled tanker?


97. A vessel is tender if cargo weight is __________.


98. The purpose of the inclining experiment is to __________.


99. Which technique could be used to give a more comfortable roll to a stiff vessel?


100. The point to which your vessel's center of gravity (G) may rise and still permit the vessel to have positive stability is called the __________.


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