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1. If a man falls overboard from a rig under tow, you should FIRST __________.


2. After being launched from MODUs, totally enclosed survival craft which have been afloat over a long period require __________.


3. The muster list shows each rig hand's muster station, his duties during abandonment, basic instructions, and __________.


4. According to the MODU regulations, the capacity of a liferaft is required to be marked __________.


5. Each person on a MODU carrying immersion suits must wear the immersion suit in a boat drill, or participate in a drill which includes donning the suit and being instructed in its use at least once every __________.


6. During the required periodic abandon ship drill aboard a MODU, each person not assigned duties in the muster list is __________.


7. The required portable radio shall be stored in the proper location and be __________.


8. On offshore drilling units, all lifeboats are required to be marked with the __________.


9. A MODU must have a self-contained breathing apparatus to be used as protection from gas leaking from a refrigeration unit. To meet this requirement, you may use __________.


10. The light on a life jacket must be replaced __________.


11. On offshore drilling units, boat drills must be conducted at least __________.


12. On offshore drilling units when two means of escape are provided from a space above the main deck, one means of escape must be required for rapid escape to __________.


13. Which data is NOT painted on the bow of a lifeboat?


14. Lifeboat winches on mobile offshore drilling units are required to be inspected and an entry made in the logbook. How often should this entry be made?


15. Which statement concerning the sources of drinking water is FALSE?


16. The most important reason for taking anti-seasickness pills as soon as possible after entering a liferaft is to __________.


17. Seawater may be used for drinking __________.


18. Drinking salt water will __________.


19. The sea painter of an inflatable liferaft should be __________.


20. The operating cord on an inflatable liferaft should be renewed by __________.


21. What is the purpose of the liferaft's hydrostatic release?


22. A new liferaft has been installed on your vessel. The operating cord should be __________.


23. The painter of an inflatable liferaft should be __________.


24. A safety feature provided on all inflatable liferafts is __________.


25. Water pockets on the underside of an inflatable liferaft are for __________.


26. All inflatable liferafts have __________.


27. Using a sea anchor will __________.


28. Using a sea anchor with the survival craft will __________.


29. An inflatable liferaft can be launched by __________.


30. The davit launched liferaft can be boarded __________.


31. As a vessel sinks to a depth of 15 feet, the hydrostatic trip releases the liferaft container from its cradle by __________.


32. To release the davit cable of a davit launched liferaft, you must __________.


33. When retrieving the survival craft, the winch operator should stop the winch and check __________.


34. Under normal conditions a liferaft is released from its cradle by __________.


35. If you find an inflatable liferaft container with the steel bands still in place around its case, you should __________.


36. If an inflatable liferaft is overturned, it may be righted by __________.


37. When using a handheld smoke signal in a liferaft, you should activate the signal __________.


38. When whistle signals are used for launching lifeboats, one short blast means __________.


39. When whistle signals are used for launching lifeboats, one short blast means __________.


40. While at your lifeboat station, you hear a signal consisting of one short blast of the whistle. This signal indicates __________.


41. Your vessel has 3 lifeboats on each side. The middle boat on the starboard side is designated as boat number __________.


42. Your vessel has 3 lifeboats on each side. The aftermost boat on the port side is designated as boat number __________.


43. The falls on gravity davits are __________.


44. The type of davit on which you must turn a crank in order to swing the lifeboat out over the ship's side is a __________.


45. You will find a limit switch on a __________.


46. When operating gravity davits, the __________.


47. The pivot pin at the base of a sheath-screw boom davit must be __________.


48. What is the purpose of limber holes?


49. The grab rail of a metal lifeboat is normally located __________.


50. When using a hand held smoke signal from a lifeboat, you should activate the signal __________.


51. In an open lifeboat, the lifeboat compass is usually __________.


52. Where should Lifeboat hatchets be kept?


53. When inspecting a survival craft, you should check to make sure that the __________.


54. The backup system on an electric start survival craft is a __________.


55. The survival capsule is manufactured with fire retardant __________.


56. The survival craft's engine is fueled with __________.


57. The purpose of a water spray system on a covered lifeboat is to __________.


58. Which statement is TRUE concerning distress signals in a lifeboat?


59. On a lifeboat equipped with Rottmer-type releasing gear, turning the releasing lever releases __________.


60. How should the lifeboat sea painter be rigged?


61. Which sequence is correct when launching a lifeboat stowed in gravity davits?


62. In rough weather, when a ship is able to maneuver, it is best to launch a lifeboat __________.


63. Prior to lowering the lifeboat, the most important item to check is the __________.


64. When lowering lifeboats in heavy seas, a good practice is to rig frapping lines __________.


65. When launching a lifeboat, frapping lines should be rigged __________.


66. What is the best procedure for picking up a lifeboat at sea while utilizing the lifeboat's sea painter?


67. When hoisting a boat on gravity type davits using an electric motor driven winch, the davit arms should be brought up __________.


68. The "off-load" release system on a survival craft is designed to be activated __________.


69. The purpose for the bag or box on top of some survival craft is to __________.


70. Your vessel has lifeboats on both sides. Lifeboat No. 2 is located __________.


71. Number 3 lifeboat would be __________.


72. Which statement concerning immersion suits is TRUE?


73. How is the external flotation bladder of an immersion suit inflated?


74. Which statement is TRUE concerning life preservers?


75. Inflatable liferafts are provided with __________.


76. A fully loaded motor-propelled lifeboat must be capable of attaining a speed of at least __________.


77. Which statement is TRUE concerning a motor lifeboat?


78. How are lifelines attached to a life float?


79. Which approved lifesaving device is required for each person on board a motor vessel carrying passengers?


80. Signaling devices required on inflatable liferafts include a(n) __________.


81. When launching an open lifeboat by falls, the boathooks should be __________.


82. Where, due to the arrangement of the vessel, lifejackets may become inaccessible, additional lifejackets shall be carried __________.


83. A 750 foot passenger vessel operating on the Great Lakes, not subject to SOLAS regulations, is required to carry how many ring life buoys?


84. You must ensure that lifesaving equipment is __________.


85. On small passenger vessels painters fitted to life floats shall be at least __________.


86. Regulations require that approved buoyant work vests __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


87. Life floats and buoyant apparatus may be stowed in tiers, one above the other, to a height of not more than __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


88. A wooden small passenger vessel operating on a coastwise route in cold water shall carry sufficient inflatable buoyant apparatus for _____________ or meet alternate requirements regarding collision bulkhead standards and the provision of life floats.(small passenger vessel regulations)


89. You are operating 10 miles offshore with three people aboard. What kind of survival craft must you carry?


90. An undocumented vessel with 10 people aboard and operating 25 miles off the seacoast must carry a survival craft of the __________.


91. Life floats must be equipped with __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


92. Required lifesaving equipment on existing vessels may be continued in use on the vessel if __________.


93. An 85 foot uninspected towing vessel with a crew of ten (10) persons on board must carry which of the following?


94. Which personal lifesaving device(s) is(are) approved for use on an uninspected towboat 150 feet in length?


95. On uninspected vessels when may U. S. Coast Guard approved work vests may be substituted life jackets?


96. A vessel operating outside of coastal waters must carry an automatically activated Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) if she __________.


97. The Safety of Life at Sea Convention was developed by the __________.


98. All self-propelled vessels on an international voyage must be equipped with how many Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacons (EPIRB)?


99. Each crewmember has an assigned firefighting station. This assignment is shown on the __________.


100. Each person on the rig has a designated area to proceed to in the event of a fire. This assignment is shown clearly on which of the following documents?


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