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1. C11 - A vessel having continuous closely spaced transverse strength members is __________.


2. C11 - Since when does a vessel aground may have negative GM?


3. C11 - A neutral equilibrium position for a vessel means that the metacenter is __________.


4. C11 - Which of the following is the stated proper sequence before commencing cargo operations aboard RoRo vessels?


5. C11 - Which of the following is NOT necessary, prior to loading or discharging cargo on a RoRo vessel?


6. C11 - Which of the following alternatives are recommended when decanting water overboard from the slop tank


7. C11 - If you have a liquefied flammable gas barge in tow, which is NOT required of you with respect to the barge and its cargo?


8. C11 - In order to minimize the effects of a tender vessel, when carrying a cargo of lumber, you should __________.


9. C11 - A partially full tank causes a virtual rise in the height of the __________.


10. C11 - What causes an increase in the movement of liquid in a tank when a vessel inclines?


11. C11 - A load line for a vessel is assigned by the __________.


12. C11 - A load line is assigned to a vessel to insure adequate stability and __________.


13. C11 - A type of ventilation where the flow of air is controlled by the proper trimming of ventilation.


14. C11 - How much space must you leave in a topped off tank for liquid expansion?


15. C11 - A vessel has an amidships superstructure. Which location would be most suitable for ondeck stowage of automobiles?


16. C11 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 20 tons and 30 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


17. C11 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 3.5 Tons and 20 Tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


18. C11 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 30 tons and 40 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


19. C11 - An O/O ship mean Ore/ Oil, but what can she really carry?


20. C11 - According to the regulations, what type of gauging is required for a cargo of butadiene?


21. C11 - In setting the valves on a steamsmothering system on a tank vessel, the master control valve to cargo tanks should be __________.


22. C11 - An article of transport equipment that is of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use without immediate reloading.


23. C11 - You are on a containership. Which statement about the stowage of hazardous materials in containers is TRUE?


24. C11 - A vessel is inclined at an angle of loll. In the absence of external forces, the righting arm (GZ) is __________.


25. C11 - According to the regulations, to prevent excessive pressure buildup in cargo tanks containing LFG, they are fitted with __________.


26. C11 - A vessel is floating at a draft of 3808 in salt water. What would she have to do in order to maintain the same draft in brackish water?


27. C11 - Each hose in the fuel transfer system for helicopter refueling must have a __________


28. C11 - You receive a package, for shipment aboard your vessel, containing class 1 explosives. The package is damp, moldy and stained. What must you do to transport this package according to the regulations?


29. C11 - Which of the following are considered bulk cargoes that may have hazardous properties or which may liquefy?


30. C11 - Which method should be used to warm up the pump turbines prior to discharge?


31. C11 - A term used to define the load capacity for a device used to secure cargo to a ship.


32. C11 - The forward draft of your ship is 2711 and the after draft is 2903. The draft amidships is 2805. What is your vessel deflection condition?


33. C11 - What type is a deepwell pump?


34. C11 - Which of the following is NOT an alarm on an inert gas plant


35. C11 - Which of the following cargoes are liable to spontaneous combustion


36. C11 - What increased with when the free surface effects of a partially full liquid tank decrease?


37. C11 - Are goods carried at a freight rate according to their value.


38. C11 - Which of the following does not affect the value of the free surface correction?


39. C11 - What does NOT affect the value of the free surface correction?


40. C11 - Weak pressure gradients and light, variable winds.


41. C11 - Which of the following types of cargo can be loaded on deck?


42. C11 - Which material should NOT be used to secure cargo on deck for a voyage?


43. C11 - What is the loads results aboard a vessel when multiplying a loads weight by the distance of the loads center of gravity from the centerline?


44. C11 - Where does initial stability depends upon the effect of free surface?


45. C11 - What indicates the arrival of a hurricane within 24 to 36 hours?


46. C11 - Which is characteristic of a special cargo?


47. C11 - A tug should not come alongside a tank vessel in way of its cargo tanks while it is loading grade A, B, or C cargo without the permission of the ____________.


48. C11 - Each fire pump on a tankship must have a pressure gauge located at __________.


49. C11 - Which of the following statements about inert gas pressures in a cargo tank is TRUE?


50. C11 - Which of the following is a characteristic of the warning signs required to be displayed on a tanker vessel while transferring any hazardous cargo


51. C11 - Which of the following is the correct definition of transverse metacenter?


52. C11 - A vessel is equipped with cross connected deep tanks. In which situation should the crossconnection valve be closed?


53. C11 - You are on a multipleproduct chemical tanker. The loading plan includes cargoes of diethylenetriamine and formamide. Which statement concerning the stowage of these cargoes is TRUE?


54. C11 - Which will most likely occur when entering shallow water?


55. C11 - How many classes of dangerous cargoes are covered by the IMDG Code?


56. C11 - Which statement is TRUE concerning equatorial tides?


57. C11 - A vertical division of a vessel, used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for containers.


58. C11 - Why is it important to check ullages frequently during loaded passage


59. C11 - Which statement is NOT true concerning the stowage of class 1 explosives?


60. C11 - Which of the following will improve stability


61. C11 - Where is the weight of a cargo concentrated that a vessel would be referred to as tender?


62. C11 - If loading a cargo parcel of hazardous material, where would you obtain the details of such a cargo?


63. C11 - Which of the following actions would best increase the transverse stability of a merchant vessel at sea?


64. C11 - A technique used natural tendency of oil to flow a full tank to an empty or slack tank is known.


65. C11 - How does an inert gas system on a tanker function to prevent explosions in cargo tanks?


66. C11 - Cargoes that gibes off fumes that may contaminate other cargo is known as a:


67. C11 - How do you determine the vessels KG?


68. C11 - Which method of adjusting mooring lines is MOST useful for leaving a boat free to rise and fall with the tide?


69. C11 - An important safety consideration and calls for fittings which permit rapid, easy and effective securing of cargoes for roro and container vessels.


70. C11 - Which of the following requirements to inert gas system for oil cargo tanks do not correspond to present regulations? (SOLAS II2/62.2)


71. C11 - You are the officer in charge during the loading of a tanker in Ras Tannurah. The deck watchman reports a lot of oil on the water. What should be your FIRST action


72. C11 - Which of the following kinds of cargo must be carried in a deep frozen state?


73. C11 - A package contains nitric acid solution and is radioactive. The radiation level at the package surface is .36 millirems per hour. How should this package be labeled?


74. C11 - Combustible gas indicators measure the presence of combustible gas as a percentage of the __________.


75. C11 - Your vessel is damaged and is listing to port. The rolling period is short. There is sufficient freeboard so that deck edge submersion is not a problem. What corrective action should be taken first in regards to the vessels stability?


76. C11 - Introducing inert gas into a tank already inert with the object of further reducing the oxygen or hydrocarbon content to prevent combustion if air enters the tank is called __________.


77. C11 - A type of vessel used for rapid loading and discharging cargo of trailer, automobile, odd shaped and other conventional cargo.


78. C11 - Capable carrying cargo other than refrigerated, fitted with refrigerating apparatus.


79. C11 - Cargo ship fitted with refrigerating apparatus but capable also of carrying cargo other than refrigerated.


80. C11 - When cargo is shifted from the lower hold to the main deck the __________.


81. C11 - Camphor oil is classified as a __________.


82. C11 - Which of the following cargoes can explode


83. C11 - An example of a grade D product is __________.


84. C11 - A vessel with the TCG off the longitudinal centerline inclines to an angle of __________.


85. C11 - A quick and rapid motion of a vessel in a seaway is an indication of a(n) __________.


86. C11 - Clean air standards referred to as Grade D apply to compressed air for use in __________.


87. C11 - Which of the following precaution/s is/are to be taken to minimize the dangers inherent in carrying ore concentrate in bulk. I. Moisture content should be known and certificate be given. I. No more water should be added through leaking hatches


88. C11 - Which of the following statement regarding the trimming of gain is/are TRUE? I. In any filled compartments the bulk grain be trimmed so as to fill all spaces under the deck and hatch covers to the maximum extent possible. II. Loading all free grain space


89. C11 - Where does the loose liquids flowing for the greatest effect on stability occurs?


90. C11 - According to the regulations, normally, manholes in LFG tanks are located __________.


91. C11 - Are commodity groups or those that do not generate heat therefore do not require oxygen and does not produce CO2.


92. C11 - Cargoes that have the capacity of absorbing moisture are called:


93. C11 - What is used in order to determine the litmus paste?


94. C11 - Cargo which has a stowage factor of 40 is termed:


95. C11 - If deck cargo is carried, it should be stowed in such a way that it:


96. C11 - What is the major advantage of a rhumb line track?


97. C11 - Which of the following cargoes can solidify


98. C11 - A characteristic of most petroleum vapors is that they are:


99. C11 - What is found by dividing displacement into the LCG of a vessel?


100. C11 - What is the correction to KG for longitudinal free surface effects for a vessel can be found by dividing the vessels displacement?


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