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1. C16 - What should be the Lifebuoys maximum outer diameter?


2. C16 - What is the required minimum capacity of portable fluid extinguishers?


3. C16 - What could be an indication of large quantities of gas in the shale shaker area?


4. C16 - Instructions for Preparation for welding or hot work in cargo tanks is laid down by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Which of the following requirements regarding welding or hot work corresponds to these instructions?


5. C16 - What is the reason behind the difference in water spray pattern between the highvelocity tip and lowvelocity applicator used with the allpurpose nozzle?


6. C16 - What must ocean going vessels of 100 GT to 400 GT be fitted with for oily mixtures?


7. C16 - How is the sea painter is secured in the lifeboat?


8. C16 - Which lifeboat equipment would be most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


9. C16 - What each open lifeboat on a vessel of an international voyage must carry?


10. C16 - Which vessel greater than 100 GT is NOT required to have an EPIRB?


11. C16 - What will have if the spray of water produced by using the highvelocity fog position on an allpurpose nozzle?


12. C16 - Where should the portion of the system on an exposed deck of a cutoff valve in the firemain system of a MODU may be closed to protect from?


13. C16 - What must you do to a shipmate who suffers a heart attack and stops breathing?


14. C16 - A large fire, involving class A material, has developed in the ships galley. What should you do in combating this fire?


15. C16 - On a vessel with lifeboats on both sides, where is No.2 lifeboat located?


16. C16 - Which one of the listed requirements regarding abandon ship drills corresponds to present SOLAS regulation?


17. C16 - Where may be used to is Water fog from an allpurpose nozzle?


18. C16 - Which statement is TRUE concerning a motor lifeboat?


19. C16 - Damage control plans and booklets shall be carried on board by whom?


20. C16 - The Medical Examinations (seafarers) Convention 1946 provides that the medical certificate remains in force for a period not exceeding _________ from the date it is granted.


21. C16 - As per SOLAS Regulation, the capacity rate of ships emergency fire pumps shall be ____.


22. C16 - Under UNCLOS, every ship shall take such measures for ships under its flag as are necessary to ensure safety at sea with regards to the following, inter alia, EXCEPT__________.


23. C16 - Adopted in 1988, further amendments to Chapter III (SOLAS 1974) entered into a force on ______.


24. C16 - A Cargo Ship Construction Certificate will be issued for __________


25. C16 - An ID number which conforms to the IMO ship ID scheme by the Organization shall be issued to all cargo ships of ______ or more.


26. C16 - The official identification of a vessel is found in the __________.


27. C16 - Operational requirements verified by the PSCO include the following EXCEPT__________.


28. Which statement about the focsle card is TRUE?


29. How long the Records of tests and inspections of a cargo vessels fire extinguishing systems shall be kept on board?


30. Due to the nature of a vessels construction for a particular trade, it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


31. Due to the nature of a vessels construction for a particular trade,it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


32. The Charterers shall have the privilege to ship dangerous cargo in accordance with what Code or any competent authorities regulations,as applicable?


33. What document is issued under the provision of International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973,as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto.


34. Who always issue the vessels Load Line Certificate?


35. Your load line certificate expires on 27May2006. The vessel is surveyed on that date and is found satisfactory. You are sailing foreign the same day. Which statement is TRUE?


36. Which vessel engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of other Parties to MARPOL 73/78 shall carry an Oil Record Book on board?


37. You are at sea and not in a special area as defined in ANNEX V of MARPOL. How many nautical miles from land must you be to discharge ground garbage that will pass through a oneinch (25 mm) screen into the sea?


38. Sanitary, ballast, bilge or general service pumps may be accepted as fire pumps provided: (SOLAS II2/4.3.2)


39. What is an example of the term Restraint of Rulers, Princes, or Peoples in a marine insurance policy?


40. In US waters Oil Pollution Act of 1990 was activated in August 1993. What is the main issue for the introduction of the act?


41. Where may as a general rule pressure containers for gas fireextinguishing medium be kept? (SOLAS II2/5.1.10)


42. Under the New Regulations, what does SOLAS Chapter XI2 deals with?


43. Recognition of Certificates issued by other parties is under WHAT Regulations of the STCW as amended ?


44. What is the best way to avoid pollution from small oilspills aboard a ship?


45. The ISPS Code applies to: I. Passenger ships II. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units


46. In relation to P and I Insurance, which of the following premiums are fixed?


47. In reporting to any PSCO or flag state of possible contravention of the MARPOL 73/78 Annex II discharge provisions, the following particulars of the slick shall be noted EXCEPT__________.


48. When is the periodical inspection in connection with the Ships Loadline Certificate held?


49. Rule VI of the YorkAntwerp Rules 1974 as amended in 1990 relates to:


50. To comply with legislation regarding SBTs, CBTs and COW, the requirements for tankers we well addressed in the______


51. What type of construction material should be avoided regarding fire protection purposes? (SOLAS II2/2.2.3)


52. The Masters responsibility under a time charter party is:


53. As per MARPOL, the rating to hazard to human health by oral intake of 5005000 mg/kg is __________.


54. C16 - Which type of davit the boat is stowed on a davit rather than on a cradle?


55. C16 - Thermal protective aids are required for what percentage of the persons survival craft is equipped to carry?


56. C16 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


57. C16 - What is the total number of approved lowvelocity spray (waterfog) applicators required aboard a tankship?


58. C16 - On a vessel of 900 GT, what is the minimum number of fire axes required?


59. C16 - In how many locations must lifeboats be installed on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


60. C16 - What is the maximum number of sleeping accommodations a barge may have before it is required to have fire pumps, hydrants, hose, and nozzles installed?


61. C16 - Motorpropelled lifeboats are required to have sufficient fuel to operate continuously at 6 knots for how many hours?


62. C16 - The gross weight of a fully charged CO2 bottle in a fixed CO2 system is 220 lbs. When the bottle is empty it weighs 120 lbs. What is the minimum acceptable gross weight of the CO2 bottle before it should be recharged by the manufacturer?


63. C16 - What must be the least capable attaining speed of a fully loaded motorpropelled lifeboat?


64. C16 - All lifeboats, rescue boats, and rigidtype liferafts shall be stripped, cleaned, and thoroughly overhauled at least once every what?


65. C16 - All towing vessels of 26 feet or longer while navigating are required to carry which item?


66. C16 - After a collision and survivors have been assisted, fire has been controlled, what is the next action of the crew?


67. C16 - What is an emergency lifesaving procedure that consists of recognizing and correcting failure of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems?


68. C16 - What should be used to remove corrosion from the swivel on the female coupling of a fire hose?


69. C16 - What should be the painter line of an inflatable?


70. C16 - What is a spanner?


71. C16 - What is the process of checking a CO2 portable extinguisher annually?


72. C16 - To remedy a leaking fire hose connection at the hydrant, what should be secure besides the valve?


73. C16 - Which statement is TRUE concerning life jackets which are severely damaged?


74. C16 - What is the normal designed CO2 storage tank temperature and pressure associated with a ships lowpressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system?


75. C16 - What is the length of time on cargo vessels, the discharge of the required quantity of carbon dioxide into any tight space shall be completed?


76. C16 - What should be the maximun required portable fluid extinguishers?


77. C16 - What would be the capacity of a One gallon of high expansion foam solution will produce?


78. C16 - For a period of how many hours does a motor lifeboat shall carry sufficient fuel to operate continuously?


79. C16 - When the lifeboat is in a capsized position, a safety belt shall be fitted at each indicated seating position designed to hold a person of a mass of how many kilograms securely in place?


80. C16 - Carbon dioxide cylinders which protect machinery spaces, paint lockers and tanks may be located within those spaces when the amount of carbon dioxide does not exceed what weight?


81. C16 - How much water per person is provided in a life raft not equipped with a desalting apparatus?


82. C16 - What is the least time interval for each lifeboat to be lowered and maneuvered in the water?


83. C16 - What minimum capacity of an A BII fire extinguisher has?


84. C16 - In weighing CO2 cylinders, how many percent the weight loss exceeds before they must be recharged?


85. C16 - When making buoyancy test for lifejackets, the buoyancy should be measured initially and after 24 hours of submersion to just below the water surface. In life jacket buoyancy test, what should be the limit and difference between the initial and final buoyancy?


86. C16 - What should be the lateral field vision of a person wearing and immersion suit and seated in fixed position should be?


87. C16 - What would be the maximum interval onboard training in the davitlaunched liferafts that should take place?


88. C16 - Survival crafts are installed so that abandonment should be possible even if the ship is listed to how many degrees?


89. C16 - How many BII fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 75foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 600 brake horsepower?


90. C16 - A burning period of the rocket parachute flare should not be less than for how long when it burns?


91. C16 - What is the minimum period of time that the air supply for a selfcontained breathing apparatus is required to last?


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