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1. The statement “Tell us that where the velocity of a fluid is high, the pressure in it is low, and where the velocity is low, the pressure is high” is all about _______ .


2. Which of the following quantities is a scalar?


3. Hydraulic piston actuators may be used when ________ .


4. A hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, controlling linear actuator speed during extension with the pump operating at system pressure, is known as a _______ .


5. A hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, controlling linear actuator speed, with the pump operating below maximum operating pressure is known as the _________ .


6. A hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, used to control linear actuator speed during retraction with the pump operating at above maximum pressure is known as a ______ .


7. Pressure in an operating hydraulic system is developed ______ .


8. The pressure of an operating hydraulic system as indicated by a pressure gauge, is a result of fluid flow overcoming ________ .


9. A valve installed in a hydraulic system to manipulate the reversal of fluid flow is called _______ .


10. Which of the following is most common type of valving element used in hydraulic system directional control valves?


11. An orifice-check valve placed in a hydraulic system is used to _______ .


12. Which of the valves listed is NOT considered to be a hydraulic system directional control valve?


13. Which of the valve listed is NOT considered to be a hydraulic system directional control valve?


14. Which of the devices listed would be considered a hydraulic system directional control valve?


15. Plug valves installed in hydraulic systems are most suitable for use as ______ .


16. Most solenoid valves are actuated by _______ .


17. The purpose of a restrictor valve as it is used in a hydraulic hatch cover system, is to ________ .


18. A device incorporating a variable orifice placed in series with a check valve in a hydraulic system is used to _______ .


19. Directional control valves used in hydraulic systems may be positioned _______ .


20. Which of the listed pressure control valves would be used to establish the maximum operating pressure of a hydraulic system?


21. Which of the pressure control valves wouold be used to permit the completion of one action of a hydraulic system before a second action would be permitted?


22. Which of the listed pressure-control valves is used in a hydraulic system to prevent the stray movements of a vertical load until required?


23. Which of the listed pressure-control valves would be used in hydraulic system to temporarily divert some, or all of the pump discharge until the additional flow was required?


24. Setting the relief valve opening pressure in a hydraulic system lower than the required operating pressure will result in _______ .


25. If the relief valve on the discharge side of a hydraulic pump lifts, the cause could be ________ .


26. As a general rule of thumb, the reservoir used in a hydraulic system should have a capacity when at the normal level, approximately equal to _______ .


27. A reservoir as used in hydraulic systems aboard ship is used to store hydraulic oil. Another function is to ________ .


28. Return line in a non-pressurizd hydraulic system reservoir should enter the tank well below the fluid surface level to _______ .47. Return line in a non-pressurizd hydraulic system reservoir should enter the tank well below the fluid surface level to _______ .


29. An internal bypass is provided on some hydraulic system suction strainers to help reduce the possibility of _______ .


30. The component which is used to thoroughly separate small particulate contamination from hydraulic fluid is a/an _______.


31. Some fluid filters used is hydraulic systems are designed to cope with increasing pressure differentials by ________ .


32. Strainers are commonly used in hydraulic systems to _________.


33. At high pressure, an O-ring has a tendency to extrude into the clearance space between the mating parts of the hydraulic actuator. Which of the listed components is used to prevent extrusion?


34. In which of the listed hydraulic system components could an O-ring seal be satisfactorily used in providing a seal?


35. An O-ring seal in a hydraulic system will begin to leak when it has lost its interference fit due to ________ .


36. Leakage of hydraulic fluid from around the shaft of a hydraulic motor may be caused by ________ .


37. Which of the following devices is not considered to be a pressure vessel?


38. The purpose of an accumulator in a hydraulic system is to ________ .


39. The component used in a hydraulic system to store potential energy in the form of hydraulic fluid under pressure is the _________ .


40. One function provided by an accumulator is to _________


41. Before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator, you should _______ .


42. One function of a replenishing pump installed in many pressure-close hydraulic system is to supply fluid flow to ________ .


43. In a fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic motor, the speed is varied by ______ .


44. An axial piston differs from a radial piston pump as the pistons of an axial piston pump are positioned ________ .


45. The delivery rate of an axial piston hydraulic pump is controlled by varying the position of the ______ .


46. Hydraulic pumps most commonly used in steering systems are of the _______ .


47. An axial piston, variable stroke pump is used in a vessel’s hydraulic steering gear. Under pressure, oil continually leaks out from between the valve plate/ cylinder barrel and will ________ .


48. Both the direction of flow and fluid flow rate of a variable displacement piston pump are determined by the relative positions of the ________ .


49. What is the equivalent part of mooring winch drum of the mooring winch to that of anchor windlass?


50. What part of the McGregor hatch cover are the rollers arranged to move on?


51. The principal purpose of an anchor windlass chain stopper is to _____ ?


52. When the hydraulic control lever for deck winch is placed in the neutral position, the spring set brake on the fluid motor drive shaft is _________ ?


53. The clutch band of a constant tensioning mooring winch must be set up tight enough to drive the winch drum and should slip only when _____ .


54. Hydraulic cranes must be properly warmed-up before they are used because ______ .


55. Why is electrical power preferred over mechanical power for driving heavy machinery on drilling rigs?


56. If an anchor windlass has been idle for some time, you should _______ .


57. The oil in a cargo winch gear box should be sampled periodically to ____ .


58. Which of the damages listed can occur to the components of a winch master control switch, if the cover gasket becomes deteriorated?


59. In the event of power failure during cargo loading operations, the movement of an electric powered cargo winch will be stopped by _______ .


60. The full torque electric brake on an electric cargo winch functions to _______ .


61. The amount of current flow required for the cathodic protection of a vessel is dependent upon the ______ .


62. Which of the following conditions will occur if the solenoid coil burns out on a cargo winch with an electric brake?


63. Portable tank cleaning machines are usually provided with water supply from the _______ .


64. In the hydraulic anchor windlass system, if the power to the electric motor is on, but the wildcat does not turn, and the pressure can not be developed on either of the system, the probable cause is the ________.


65. Which problems can occur if the brake band lining of the wildcat brake becomes excessively worn?


66. The wire rope drum used in the hydraulic crane circuit for lifting loads is prevented from paying out by _______ .


67. The general alarm system on board the ship consist of electric vibrating bells to warn in case of emergency _______ .


68. In case of fire accident in the ship’s accommodation area, the fire alarm could sounded by ________ .


69. Where whistle signals are used for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency situations, one short blast on whistle means _______ .


70. Two short blast on whistle signals for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency is to ________ .


71. How many short blast on whistle signals which mean dismissal from drill or emergency condition?


72. During Man overboard situation, the first person who saw the incident shall _______ .


73. Which of the following location onboard the ship where telephone connection is not required?


74. Sound powered telephone onboard the ship derives its power from a ________ .


75. On board the ship, engine room telephone system, connects ________ .


76. The fathometer or echo sounding machine is an instrument for determining the ________ .


77. A communication within a particular organization only and no outside group is involved to the exchange of information is called _______.


78. What do you call the communication within the ship’s emergency organization or communication within the shore emergency response team?


79. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic essentials of an effective communication?


80. Calls, announcement and conversations from one station to another on board should be as brief as possible and consistent with _______ .


81. Which calls on board should take priority over the other calls?


82. Calls announcement and conversation should be interrupted only when the demands of another group or section are vital to the outcome of the _______ ,


83. What is the force which keeps the body to move in circle in uniform circular motion?


84. Zero change in velocity (Δv = 0) in uniform circular motion means _____ ?


85. Which is NOT true about uniform circular motion?


86. What particular form of reciprocating or “to and fro” motion in which the acceleration and velocity of the body varies as it moves from one end of its travel to the other?


87. What displacement of a rotating body is measured in radian?


88. What is the term used when one particle in the body remains stationary while every other particle moves along the circular path?


89. Which condition is NOT correct about equilibrium?


90. Energy store by virtue of stresses existing in a system is commonly related to the work done against gravity in elevating the object from arbitrary reference plane to some higher level pertains to_____ ?


91. The velocity of the liquid is large where the cross section is small, and the velocity is slow where the cross section is large, refers to what law or principle?


92. Which statement is true about rotational motion?


93. What acceleration that is responsible in speeding up and slowing down of the body moving in rotational motion?


94. Which of the following is true about uniform circular motion?


95. The mass moment of enertia of body with respect of any line that does not pass through the center of the body is called ______ .


96. Which condition is true about balancing of a rotating piece of machinery?


97. The capacity for producing an effect or doing work is called _______ .


98. The energy of the body that is dependent upon the body’s mass and velocity is ______ .


99. The product of magnitude of the displacement times the components of the force parallel to the displacement is ________ .


100. Which is an example of non-conservative force?


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