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1. A delayed astern operation of a turbine will result to __________.


2. A gland sealing steam is used on propulsion turbines in preventing __________.


3. What security measure should be observed when taking on a diesel fuel?


4. A pump shaft that is bent or distorted should generally be____________.


5. Machinery driving fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps must be fixed with a remote means of stopping the machinery from _______________.


6. What is the main reason of adopting international convention onboard?


7. What is the root of competence of personnel performing work under QMS?


8. How do we take control of risks, currently and predominantly on board ships?


9. Prior entering, a good approach to personnel safety is to make sure that all tanks are __________.


10. To prevent oily rags from spontaneously igniting they need to be _____.


11. The most critical time to thwart an accidental oil spill during bunkering is when the __________.


12. To securely enter a closed compartment where CO2 has been released from fixed fire extinguishing apparatus, you should __________


13. When entering the pumproom of an oil tanker to rescue an unconscious person, what tool should you bring?


14. Beside jacket cooling water, which of the following M/E equipment should be kept running while vessel is in a cold climate discharge port?


15. A furnace wall in which there are open spaces under the brick as an outcome of firebrick shrinkage is ______.


16. During man overboard situation, the first person who saw the incident is the one to _______ .


17. Before disconnecting a joint in a pipeline you need to __________.


18. International Regulations necessitate watertight doors in cargo vessels to be __________.


19. The flash point of a petroleum product is an signal of its ___________.


20. The tendency of a flammable liquid to vaporize is marked in its __________.


21. The flash point of bunker fuel is described as the ___________.


22. Which statements defines the relationship between flash point and ignition point?


23. According to International Regulations, lamps, paints, and oil lockers and similar compartments must be ___.


24. Every drilling unit equipped with helicopter fuel storage tanks must have tanks installed as far as practicable from the __________.


25. Watertight doors on cargo vessels must be inspected and assessed by a Coast Guard inspector ________.Watertight doors on cargo vessels must be inspected and assessed by a Coast Guard inspector ________.


26. Who is accountable for ensuring that someone is assigned to close the watertight doors in an emergency?


27. What action should you take while on watch on a steam propelled vessel, you suddenly hear a loud, piercing sound?


28. When obliged to work where there may be explosive gases, you should use tools which are __________.


29. Good housekeeping on a vessel thwarts fires by __________.


30. Before the seas gets rough, it is good protective practice to ___________.


31. Which of the following safety measures should be taken to prevent personal injury when you are replacing a section of heavy piping on deck?


32. To safeguard the operator and other personnel working on or near hoisting operation , what precaution should be observed?


33. People should be secured from the rotating parts of machine by________.


34. Which among the actions listed and instituted on your part will have the greatest lasting effect on the crew with respect to safety?


35. Which among the listed conditions can be considered as the single greatest cause of accidents?


36. Which of the following practices must be observed if accidents are considered as an "unexpected contact" you will be able to perform a better job?


37. Which of the following must be eliminated to thwart accidents?


38. Safety is dependent on orderliness and cleanliness that may be kept by __________.


39. Which of the following is NOT considered secure practice?


40. What emergency signal is used to report for boat station or boat drill?


41. While you are on your lifeboat station, you hear a signal consisting of one short blast of the whistle, it means __________.


42. The term "pour point" is classified as the lowest temperature at which lubricating oils will flow _________.


43. If the drive belts on an air compressor were squealing, you should repair them by _____________.


44. If there is a sudden drop in the capacity of a reciprocating air compressor, you should keep noted for _______.


45. If a motor driven air compressor fall short to start, it may be due to a _______.


46. To retain the design discharge pressure of a centrifugal pump, the design clearance is critical between the __________ only.


47. Inlet valve failure in a reciprocating air compressor can be a result of ____________


48. What determines the size of the ring to be used in a centrifugal purifier?


49. What is the purpose of turning the diesel engine by turning gear with indicator cocks open before starting?


50. With the aim to have an efficient operation of a boiler what factors should be taken into consideration?


51. What is the cause of boiler safety valve to leak?


52. What is the function of main feed check valve?


53. What is the instrument used to detect leaks in the refrigeration system?


54. _________________ is being incated when there is a constant hissing sound at the thermal expansion valve.


55. It lowers _________________ when there is an excessive scale build-up in a distilling plant.


56. To ______________ is the purpose of re-circulating line in the potable hot water system.To ______________ is the purpose of re-circulating line in the potable hot water system.


57. To determine ______________________, feedwater in an auxiliary boiler should be tested for chloride content.


58. __________________ is the main purpose refractory and insulation installed in the furnace of an auxiliary boiler.


59. A lower pH value of boiler water illustrates that the water is _____________.


60. Excessive propeller vibration may take place as a result of ______.


61. Of the different kinds of classification society surveys, which among the following can be conducted away from the vessel for the first time?


62. Bearing wear on a split sleeve type bearing is weighed with a ____________.


63. Why should a boiler furnace be eliminated before the first burner is lit off?


64. If the flame of a Halide leak detecting torch burns yellow, what concern will be indicated?


65. After examining the liquid sight flow indicator in an R-22 refrigeration system,it was observed that there are bubbles forming. What indications will be seen of this observation?


66. Most marine heat exchangers are of the shell-and-tube type. What material do the cylindrical shells are made of ?


67. How do you pump down an mechanically controlled R-22 air conditioning compressor to test the low pressure cut out?


68. What conditon will occur if the foundation bolts of a reciprocating air compressor are loose?


69. What does it illustrates when the compressor in the refrigeration system runs continuously?


70. What instrument should be used to accurately measure very low pressures?


71. An indicator diagram from an engine shows that the compression, combustion and the expansion lines are all too low, the exhaust temperature is too high and engine output is too low. What causes this condition?


72. How is the vessel's steering initially and best maintained if one hydraulic pump of an electro-hydraulicsteering unit malfunctions?


73. What is the outcome of a partially obstructed exhaust ports on a diesel engine?


74. What control procedures must be done to prevent further damage to engine if there is a failure of turbo-charger?


75. What is the purpose of heating the fuel oil?


76. What is the advance distance made by the propeller through the water in one revolution equal to its pitch minus a slippage?


77. What are the main pollutants in fuels?


78. If there is a flame failure in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, the _____________.


79. What is the hazardous effect of sulfur in a fuel?


80. What hydraulic system will the installation of an oil cooler be necessary?


81. If a severe leak develops in the electro-hydraulic steering gear, what will take effect?


82. The difference between the draughts forward and aft is determined as _____________.


83. A slight leakage of water across the packing gland is provided to _______________ in a water cooled stern tube.


84. Who is accountable for damages while the vessel was maneuvering with a pilot onboard and the vessel accidentally collided with another vessel?


85. ___________________ is crucial to ship stability.


86. What are the vertical partitions in a ship arranged transversely of fore and aft?


87. What is the point midway between the forward and after perpendiculars?


88. If the engineer on watch has reason to doubt the accuracy of the water level shown in the boiler gauge glass, he should IMMEDIATELY ___________________.


89. If the fires in a steaming boiler have been extinguished accidentally, you need not to relight any burner until________________.


90. After disassembly, the most protected way to remove carbon deposits from air compressor inlet and discharge valves is to use____________.


91. To assure that a refrigeration unit will not start while undergoing repairs, you should_____________.


92. Before opening any part of refrigeration system for maintenance, what precaution must be taken?


93. The nuts of main bearings, connecting rod bolts and all other moving parts are to be protected by _____.


94. The fuel oil meter in the fuel oil service system should be bypassed during __________.


95. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) requires electric motor or engine driving the fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps to be suitable with a remote means of stopping that machinery __________.


96. Proper housekeeping to avoid the formation of microbiological growths within a fuel system includes the prevention of water accumulations and the use of __________.


97. Upon securing a main propulsion turbine equipped with carbon packing glands, the vacuum should always be broken before securing the gland seal steam because __________.


98. Thin tipping is a type of turbine blade design mainly used to __________.


99. If a turbine bearing high temperature alarm sounds, you should FIRST _________


100. In securing the main turbines, steam to the second stage air ejectors should be left on for a while to__________.


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