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1. If a radial piston hydraulic pump fails to deliver rated fluid volume, the cause can be _________ .


2. When changing to fire resistant hydraulic fluid in a system, it is important to check the compatibility of the new fluid with the system’s _________ .


3. When fire safe or fire resistant fluid is to be used in a hydraulic system, it is important that ________ .


4. With an increase in temperature, the volume of hydraulic fluid ______ .


5. When normal operating pressure is applied to the hydraulic oil used in high pressure system, the oil ________ .


6. When normal operating pressure is applied to the hydraulic oil in a high-pressure system, the oil _______ .


7. Increase internal leakage, in addition to poor hydraulic system response, and inadequate lubrication, is the result of _______ .


8. The major source of chemical contaminants in hydraulic fluid is _______ .


9. If you are given a job of adding hydraulic fluid to a mooring winch, and are not certain as to the type of fluid to use, you should _______ .


10. The suction side pressure of a refrigeration compressor is directly regulated by which of the following components?


11. The sensing bulb of the thermostatic expansion valve is fitted ______ .


12. What is the result of air being drawn into the system of a refrigeration system?


13. Which of the following is a result of dirty tubes in the condenser?


14. In a hot gas defrosting method, the refrigerant is directed from ______ .


15. Which is the probable cause of compressor short cycling on the low pressure side of a refrigeration system?


16. The reason for high discharge pressure is ______ .


17. What triggers the thermal expansion valve to open?


18. What is the first thing to occur if the temperature in the refrigerating space rises above normal?


19. At night while in port, the watch engineer finds the cargo refrigeration compressor has blown the shaft seal. In this situation, he should _______ .


20. Which of the following results is caused by a lower boiling point of a refrigerant?


21. An eight cylinder, four stroke/cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 650 mm bore and a 1400 mm stroke. What will be the developed indicated metric horsepower if the average mean effective pressure is 30 kg/cm2 at a speed of 100 RPM?


22. A seven cylinder, 2-stroke/cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 750 mm bore and a 2000 mm stroke. What indicated power will be developed if the average mean effective pressure is 14.8 kg/cm2 at a speed of 96 RPM?


23. A six cylinder 2-stoke/cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 580 mm bore and a 1700 mm stroke. What indicated power per cylinder will be developed if the average mean effective pressure is 15.3 kg/cm2 at a speed of 120 RPM?


24. What is the metric brake horse power developed per cylinder by an 83% efficient, six cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a cylinder constant of 0.998 and a mean effective pressure of 15 kg/cm2 at 100 RPM?


25. What is the average piston speed of a seven-cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a 580 mm bore and a 1700 mm stroke operating at 100 RPM?


26. The cubic inch (or liter) displacement of a cylinder is determined by the diameter of the piston and the __________.


27. Engine displacement is equal to the cylinder __________.


28. The compression ratio of a diesel engine refers to the ratio between the ________.


29. Increasing the compression ratio of a diesel engine while maintaining the designed rate of fuel flow will result in _________.


30. Which of the following relationships should occur between the temperature developed in a combustion space, and the compression ratio of the engine?


31. The ratio of the brake horsepower to the indicated horsepower of a diesel engine is its _________.


32. The most important factor in engine performance is the actual power output at the end of the crankshaft available for doing work. This is known as _________.


33. Maximum horsepower of a diesel engine is attained __________.


34. What is the average piston speed of an engine with a 12 inch stroke, operating at 900 RPM?


35. The term “PLAN/33,000” is equal to the __________.


36. In a small appliance using HFC- 134a you would expect to see the greatest temperature drop across the ________ .


37. The component of a refrigerating system in which the refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat is known as the _______ .


38. Under normal conditions, the refrigerant enters the compressor in an operating refrigeration system as a ________ .


39. In which of the listed refrigeration system components does superheating of the refrigerant take place?


40. The refrigerant gas returning to the compressor should be ________ .


41. The low preesure side of a refrigeration system is considered to exist from the _______ .


42. In a compression refrigeration cycle, the temperature of the liquid refrigerant experiences its greatest decrease in the _______ .


43. When refrigerant leaves the receiver, it flows next on to the ________ .


44. Refrigerant enters the condenser as a ________ .


45. In a vapor compression type refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant temperature decreases the most in the _________ .


46. Refrigerant leaving the metering device in a refrigeration system is a ________ .


47. Which of the following instruments can be used to measure the rate of air flow?


48. In a chilled water air conditioning unit using a reciprocating compressor, the refrigerating effect of the primary refrigerant can be increased by ________ .


49. The amount of moisture in a given sample of air, when compared with amount of moisture the air could hold if totally saturated at the existing temperature of the sample is called _______ .


50. The process of removing moisture from air is known as ______.


51. In reference to air conditioning, when air attains the maximum amount of moisture it can hold at a specific temperature, it is said to be ______ .


52. The temperature at which water vapor in the atmosphere begins to condense is called _______ .


53. Increasing the moisture content of conditioned air is known as _______ .


54. The latent heat of water vapor in air is dependent upon the _______ .


55. When air is at its dew point it is at its ________ .


56. If the air temperature increases while atmospheric pressure remains constant, the air will _______ .


57. A lower thermostatic temperature setting will provide a desired degree of comfort in a room where ______ .


58. For the proper control of the air temperature in an air conditioning system using chilled water circulation, which of the listed conditions should remain constant regardless of load changes?


59. In an air conditioning system, moisture is removed from the air by ________ .


60. If the people in an air conditioned room complain of being too cool, the trouble might be that the ______ .


61. Refrigeration system using forced air circulation evaporators have a tendency to cause rapid dehydration of foods unless _______ .


62. A refrigerant with oil in solution has a ________ .


63. CFC refrigerant exposed to high temperature or direct flame, will decompose and may produce ________ .


64. At ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, R-12 is a /an ________ .


65. A refrigerant used in a mechanical refrigeration system should have which of the following characteristics?


66. Which of the fluids listed is suitable for use as a secondary refrigerant?


67. R-12 is generally considered to be safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, and non-explosive refrigerant. It can, however, become highly toxic when ________ .


68. People familiar with ammonia refrigeration systems become accustomed to its odor and may forget that the vapors _______ .


69. Large quantities of halogenated floro-carbons when released from refrigeration system, will contribute to ozone depletion in the _________ .


70. Which of the listed chemicals will eventually reach the stratosphere and react unfavorably with ozone?


71. During normal operation , how is most of the refrigerant released to the atmosphere from low pressure systems?


72. Short cycling of a refrigeration compressor refers to the condition of its ________


73. When liquid reaches the compressor of a refrigeration system through the suction line, the condition is called _______ .


74. Which of the listed types of refrigeration compressors can be designed with short large diameter suction lines?


75. In a direct expansion type multi-box refrigeration system, the compressor is set up to cycle on and off by the _______ .


76. A device used to hold open the refrigeration compressor suction valve that normally draws gas from the suction manifold, but returns it to the suction line without compressing it is called ________ .


77. To add refrigerant to the high side of an air conditioning system, you should introduce the refrigerant through the ________ .


78. Charging of a refrigerating system should be carried out by adding _______ .


79. Which of the valves listed is normally closed when charging the refrigeration system through the high side?


80. Which of the conditions listed is one indication of an excessive amount of refrigerant in the system?


81. Which of the indication listed may be an indication of an excessive amount of refrigerant circulating through the system?


82. When the ship’s bulkhead is reinforced against bending and bulging, the bulkheads are provided with______.


83. What do you call the hull structural members that run from bow to stern?


84. The port inside wing tank of tanker vessel that connects the vertical web at the ship side and the longitudinal bulkhead is called________.


85. What part of the ship construction that is fitted longitudinally and designed to reduce rolling of the ship when steaming?


86. The effect of some metals that weakens them through oxidizing process is ________.


87. What kind of metal is NOT recommended for use in tanks carrying very low temperature LPG?


88. This Special kind of handle designed for hinged watertight is called_____.


89. Shipways has cradle on wheels designed to run on rails which may be called by other name_________.


90. What do we call a cargo hold frames designed to strengthen bulkheads in the vessel in a ship construction?


91. A part of vessel whose function is to prevent flooding and spread of fire in the event of an emergency is ________.


92. It is the process of strengthening damaged structures on a vessel by using wood or steel.


93. When shoring a damaged bulkhead on a vessel, it is to spread the pressure over _____.


94. What is the function of rags, wedges, or other materials are used in conjunction with plugs, when plugging submerged holes on a vessel?


95. What are the area that is considered an enclosed space?


96. What is the curvature of deck in transverse direction?


97. What is the continuous line of shell planking, extending along ship’s side from fore to aft?


98. What is the hull structural members which run arthwarship?


99. If the flow rate to a linear actuator is reduced by half of the original amount , the ________ .


100. For which of the following reasons is a linear actuator fitted with a cushioning device?


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