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1. The ventilation system aboardships has fire dampers restrained by fusible links that will ___________.


2. Automatically closed fire dampers installed in the vessel's ventilation system are operated by the use of a __________.


3. Fusible link fire dampers are operated by _________.


4. Which of the gases listed below is the poisonous gas most likely to be found in a closed compartment on fire?


5. At the earliest indication of fire aboard your vessel, you must FIRST __________.


6. A fire is considered "under control" when __________.


7. To prevent the spread of fire by convection you should ____________.


8. Before you commence using the engine room fixed CO2 system to extinguish a serious fire, you would __________.


9. Burning electrical insulation is best extinguished by __________.


10. When re-entering an engine room that has been flooded with CO2 the investigating team should initially ___________.


11. When fighting a liquid natural gas fire, you must _________.


12. If the fire ignites in the engine room as a result of a high pressure fuel oil leak, you should FIRST ______.


13. When there is a fire in an electric motor, normally the FIRST step is to ___________.


14. When fighting a fire inside a tank with fuel the FIRST action you must attempt is __________


15. Which of the following terms is the minimum temperature at which a liquid gives off enough vapor concentration to ignite in the presence of an ignition source?


16. As its temperature risencreases, the volume of fuel oil in the tanks will ________.


17. On a tanker, the most likely location for a liquid cargo fire to take place would be _________.


18. In which of the areas listed is a fire resulting from spontaneous combustion most likely to happen?


19. Which of the practices listed should be thwarted since it is a fire hazard?


20. Which of the practices listed should be thwarted since it is a fire hazard?


21. Smoking in bed onboard vessel is strictly prohibited _________.


22. One of the main problems when fighting a galley fire is __________.


23. Breathing petroleum vapors is dangerous and may cause __________.


24. As per General Management System manual, safety committee meetings should be done every _______.


25. Which of the following personnel reports to the chief officer but directs the deck seaman, pumpman, and mulitipurpose crew given responsibility to deck service?


26. Who among the following ship staff has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with regard to safety of human life, property and the environment?


27. What refers to a planned and formalized activity to verify and develop the General Management System suitability and effectiveness at a regular intervals?


28. Prior to the disassembly of certain machinery, what common precaution should be applied?


29. When using a wheel dressing tool to true up a crinding wheel, you must always __________.


30. What is the pitch of a screw?


31. Why is it necessary to open the drain valve on the fuel strainer you are going to remove for cleaning?


32. Why is marine diesel engine cylinder oil must be more viscous than its crankcase oil?


33. Where are most fires aboard tank vessels and manned barges happens?


34. While riding at anchor, the anchor chain needs to be secured by the ______________..


35. What is NOT covered by safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)?


36. What is NOT covered by Pollution Prevention (MARPOL)?


37. In the ISM Code a person, who has a direct access to the ultimate level of management ?


38. What does the acronym HSC applies to the new variation of vessels being employed by the maritime industry stand for?


39. What is a two-hulled vessel with hydrodynamic designs?


40. What rules and regulations govern the carriage of goods by sea including the rights and responsibilities of the ship owner and cargo owner?


41. Under the ISM Code, what document must be created on demand to an inspecting “port state officer” regarding the safe management of the vessel?


42. What is the primary function of the Safety Officer on board ship?


43. When reconditioning fuel injector nozzle, the needle must be ______ to its seat.


44. Fuels such as kerosene or gas oil or solvents like white spirit, must never be used to wash the skin as they themselves may cause __________.


45. Before taking a bunker at a bunkering station, what must be FIRST inspected?


46. A furnace explosion in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler may be effect of _________.


47. The main purpose of the equipment called photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is to___________.


48. The proper way to combine the electrolyte for a battery is to add ________________


49. Which of the following will improve boiler tubes corrosion if it is not treated immediately?


50. USG Regulation 46 CFR necessitate that emergency lightning and power system____________.


51. Electrically operated machinery must be isolated from which of the following?


52. It is vital that proper planning shall be done prior to carrying out the joThis shall include the condition of working clothes and protective equipment, details of the given tasks, procedures and methods, and allocation of personnel and is called the ____________.


53. If upon your voyage the ship sustains an accident to the hull or machinery, or she is around and re-floated, even though the damage is so slight, that there appears to be no reason why she could not continue on her voyage, the master should on arrival at the next port arrange for the survey and to obtain a _________.


54. What casualty is NOT covered by the term “Peril of the Sea”?


55. Fire-fighting at sea maybe considered in three distinct periods namely _________.


56. One of the hazards incordinated with electric arc welding is _____________.


57. In an oxyacetylene welding one of the protective tool includes the use of __________.


58. On diesel engine fuel systems, to drain water sediment, what class of valves are allowed?


59. Which is true regarding a flammable liquid vapor concentration above the upper explosive limit?


60. Most fire explosion take place in a fuel tank ________________.


61. You are in a survival capsule broadcasting a distress message. What information would be very important to your rescuers?


62. You have abandoned ship and after two days in a life raft you can see an aircraft near the horizon apparently carrying out a search pattern. You need to _________..


63. To prevent shock pressures in the fuel oil filling hoses while you are topping off tanks, the ___________. .


64. Why most diesel engines crankcases are kept under slight vacuum?


65. A boiler safety valve has to be capable of ____________.


66. What is the largest source of tanker pollution?


67. The photocell mounted as a part of the safety controls of an automatically-fired auxiliary boiler is to ______.


68. Where there are multiple accident victims, what is the injury to be the FIRST to receive emergency treatment?


69. When launching an inflatable liferaft, you need to make sure that the operating cord is __________.


70. How does an inert gas system on a tanker function to avert explosions in cargo tanks?


71. When you are wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, you should instantly return to fresh air if you feel ____________.


72. Which among the following refers to the process that happens when heat is generated by a chemical reaction within a substance and continues to a point of ignition?


73. The low velocity fog applicator used in conjunction with the all-purpose firefighting nozzle must always be __________.


74. What is the FIRST thing to do when you found someone unconscious onboard outside his cabin?


75. If a lifeboat winch allows a lifeboat to descend to the water at an excessive speed you must ________.


76. When you are firing a pyrotechnic distress signal, it should be targetted at _______________.


77. When should distress flares and rockets be utilized?


78. What item in the lifeboat equipment would be the most suitable for night signalling at a ship on the horizon?


79. Signalling devices required on an inflatable liferafts involves a/an __________.


80. An instance of a Class A fire is a/an _________.


81. How do you determine a fire in a pile of linen?


82. Burning paint, turpentine or grease would be an example of the following kinds of fire?


83. A class B fire would most likely happen in the __________.


84. A class C fire would likely take place in the __________.


85. A class D fire would be defined as burning __________.


86. Fires occuring in combustible metals are determined as class ____________.


87. The three basic elements that are vital for any fire are _________.


88. All of the following are portions of the fire triangle EXCEPT _________.


89. What toxic gas is a product of incomplete combustion and is often present in closed compartment fire ?


90. A fuel/air mixture below the explosive limit is too ____________.


91. If a mixture containing air and a concentration of flammable vapor, is capable of ignition when exposed to a spark or other source of ignition, it is said to be ___________.


92. Which of the following fire extinguishing agents is the best for heat absorption?


93. When compared to other fire extinguishing agents, water fog has the ___________.


94. A definite advantage of water over other types of extinguishing agent is its ability to _________.


95. Foam extinguishes the fire by __________.


96. Chemical foam is most suitable for use on a fire involving _________


97. When using mechanical foam to fight a bilge fire, the stream of foam is most effective when directed ____.


98. Which of the listed fire extinguishers cannot be easily recharged aboardship?


99. When is it necessary for dry chemical fire extinguisher to be recharged?


100. The heat generated by a fire will be transferred through a bulkhead or deck as a result of _________.


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