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1. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is equal to __________.


2. Atmospheric pressure may be measured with a(n) __________.


3. Automatic identification systems (AIS) are expected to broadcast all of the following information EXCEPT __________.


4. Automatic identification systems (AIS) are required to __________.


5. Barometer readings in weather reports are given in terms of pressure at __________.


6. Barometers are calibrated at a standard temperature of __________.


7. Because of the reflecting properties of a sextant, if the sextant altitude reads 60° on the limb, the actual arc of the limb from 0° to the 60° reading is __________.


8. Because the actual center of some planets may differ from the observed center, the navigator applies a correction known as the __________.


9. Before a magnetic compass is adjusted certain correctors must be checked to ensure that they are free of permanent magnetism. These correctors are the __________.


10. Bellatrix is found in what constellation?


11. Brief, violent showers frequently accompanied by thunder and lightning are usually associated with __________.


12. Buoys and day beacons exhibiting a yellow triangle or square painted on them are used __________.


13. Buoys are marked with reflective material to assist in their detection by searchlight. Which statement is TRUE?


14. Buoys which mark dredging areas are painted __________.


15. Buoys which mark isolated dangers are painted with alternating _________.


16. Buoys which only mark the left or right side of the channel will never exhibit a light with which characteristic?


17. By convention, the Earth's north magnetic pole is colored __________.


18. By convention, the Earth's south magnetic pole is colored __________.


19. By convention, the north pole of a magnet is painted __________.


20. By convention, the north seeking ends of a compass' magnets are colored __________.


21. By convention, the south pole of a magnet is painted __________.


22. By convention, the south seeking ends of a compass' magnets are colored __________.


23. Capella is found in what constellation?


24. Chart correction information is NOT disseminated through the __________.


25. Chart information details to be used in ECDIS should be the latest edition of information originated by a government-authorized hydrographic office and conform to the standards of (the) __________.


26. Chart legends printed in capital letters show that the associated landmark is __________.


27. Chart legends which indicate a conspicuous landmark are printed in __________.


28. Charted depth is the __________.


29. Charts should be corrected by using information published in the __________.


30. According to Buys Ballot's law, when an observer in the Northern Hemisphere experiences a northwest wind, the center of low pressure is located to the __________.


31. According to Buys Ballot's Law, when an observer in the Southern Hemisphere experiences a northwest wind, the center of the low pressure is located to the __________.


32. Advection fog is most commonly caused by __________.


33. After a cold front passes the barometric pressure usually __________.


34. After a cold front passes, the barometric pressure __________.


35. After the passage of a cold front the visibility __________.


36. Aids to navigation marking the intracoastal waterway can be identified by __________.


37. Air circulation is caused or affected by __________.


38. Air masses near the earth's surface __________.


39. Air temperature varies with __________.


40. All aids to navigation listed in the Mississippi River System Light List are shown as miles from a reference point and on the __________.


41. All echo-sounders can measure the __________.


42. All of the following are associated with cumulonimbus clouds EXCEPT __________.


43. All of the following can be found on a Pilot Chart EXCEPT information concerning the __________.


44. All persons or vessels within the lock area, including the lock approach channels, come under the authority of the __________.


45. All straight lines represent great circle tracks on a chart based on a(n) __________.


46. Altair is found in what constellation?


47. Altocumulus clouds are defined as __________.


48. An air mass is termed "warm" if __________.


49. An air mass that has moved down from Canada would most likely have the symbols __________.


50. An alternating light __________.


51. An anemometer on a moving vessel measures __________.


52. An aneroid barometer is an instrument __________.


53. An aneroid barometer on a boat should always be __________.


54. An automatic identification system (AIS) transponder transmits and receives information broadcasts on __________?


55. An azimuth angle for a body is measured from the __________.


56. An ECDIS is required to display which information?


57. An ECDIS is required to display which information?


58. An ECDIS is required to display which information?


59. An electronic depth finder operates on the principle that __________.


60. An Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) will drop off a target's vector is more than __________ minutes elapse between each manual plot.


61. An important lunar cycle affecting the tidal cycle is called the nodal period. How long is this cycle?


62. An indirect radar echo is caused by a reflection of the main lobe of the radar beam off the observer's vessel. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of indirect echoes?


63. An instrument designed to maintain a continuous record of atmospheric pressure is a(n) __________.


64. An instrument that indicates wind direction is known as a(n) __________.


65. An instrument that maintains a continuous record of humidity changes is called a __________.


66. An instrument useful in predicting fog is the __________.


67. An instrument which maintains a continuous record of temperature changes is called a __________.


68. An isotherm is __________.


69. An occluded front is caused by a(n) __________.


70. An occluded front on a weather map is colored __________.


71. An orange and white buoy indicating a vessel-exclusion area will be marked with what symbol?


72. An orange and white buoy marking a danger area will have what symbol on it?


73. An orange and white buoy marking an area where operating restrictions are in effect will be marked with which symbol?


74. An orange and white buoy with a rectangle on it displays __________.


75. Aneroid barometers are usually calibrated to indicate atmospheric pressure in __________.


76. Anticyclones are usually characterized by __________.


77. Aphelion is the point where the Sun __________.


78. Apparent altitude is sextant altitude corrected for __________.


79. Apparent wind speed blowing across your vessel while underway can be measured by a(n) __________.


80. As a cold front passes an observer, pressure __________.


81. As a high pressure system approaches, the barometer reading __________.


82. As a licensed Merchant Marine Officer you are expected to __________.


83. As a vessel changes course to starboard, the compass card in a magnetic compass __________.


84. As it approaches, a typical warm front will bring __________.


85. As the South Equatorial Current approaches the east coast of Africa, it divides with the main part flowing south to form the warm __________.


86. As the temperature for a given mass of air increases, the __________.


87. As the temperature of an air mass decreases, the __________.


88. As the temperature of the air reaches the dew point, __________.


89. As you enter a channel from seaward in a U.S. port, the numbers on the starboard side buoys __________.


90. As you enter a U.S. channel from seaward the numbers on the buoys __________.


91. As your vessel is heading southward along the east coast of the United States, you encounter a buoy showing a red flashing light. How should you pass this buoy?


92. Ascending and descending air masses with different temperatures is part of an important heat transmitting process in our atmosphere called __________.


93. Astronomical refraction causes a celestial body to appear __________.


94. At evening stars, the first stars that should be observed are those with an azimuth in what quadrant?


95. At evening stars, the last stars that should be observed are those with an azimuth in what quadrant?


96. At meridian transit, the diagram used by a navigator to illustrate the angles involved is based on the __________.


97. At morning stars, the first stars that should be observed are those with an azimuth in which quadrant?


98. At morning stars, the last stars that should be observed are those with an azimuth in which quadrant?


99. At the magnetic equator there is no induced magnetism in the vertical soft iron because __________.


100. At the master gyrocompass, the compass card is attached to the __________.


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