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1. During the day, a vessel picking up a submarine cable shall carry_.


2. Which vessel must exhibit forward and after white masthead lights when making way?


3. An anchored vessel is servicing an aid to navigation and is restricted in her ability to maneuver. Which lights will she show?


4. If a towing vessel and her tow are severely restricted in their ability to deviate from their course, they may show lights in addition to their towing identification lights. These additional lights may be shown if the tow is_.


5. Which statement is TRUE regarding equipment for sound signals?


6. Which statement is TRUE concerning the light used with whistle signals?


7. While underway and in sight of another vessel, less than one half mile away, you put your engines on astern propulsion. Which statement concerning whistle signals is TRUE?


8. While underway in a fog you hear a signal of three strokes of a bell, a rapid ringing of the bell, and three more strokes of the bell. This signal is made by a vessel_.


9. You are proceeding under sail with the auxiliary engine running and the propeller engaged. Which statement is TRUE?


10. You are in charge of a power-driven vessel making way in dense fog. You observe what appears to be another vessel on radar half a mile distant on your port bow and closing. You must take which of the following actions?


11. While underway in fog you hear the rapid ringing of a bell. What does this signal indicate?


12. Your vessel is aground in fog. In addition to the regular anchor signals, you will be sounding_.


13. Which vessel would sound a fog signal consisting of the ringing of a bell for 5 seconds?


14. You are underway in fog when you hear the rapid ringing of a bell for five seconds followed by the sounding of a gong for five seconds. This signal indicates a vessel_.


15. A vessel 50 meters in length at anchor must sound which fog signal?


16. When relieving the helm, the new helmsman should know the __________.


17. The prohibition against displaying lights which may be confused with required navigation lights applies __________.


18. When the pilot is embarked he or she __________.


19. While on watch at sea you must maintain a proper lookout at all times. On a 700-foot cargo vessel being hand-steered during daylight hours in good visibility and clear of any navigational hazards, the lookout may be __________.


20. A sailing vessel with the wind coming from 050° relative would be __________.


21. A sailing vessel with the wind coming from 090° relative would be __________.


22. A sailing vessel with the wind coming from 260° relative would be __________.


23. A sailing vessel with the wind coming from 020° relative would be __________.


24. A sailing vessel with the wind coming over the port side is said to be on a __________.


25. Which radio call-in plan is the most prudent?


26. When the gyro-pilot is used for steering, what control is adjusted to compensate for varying sea conditions?


27. The "Port-Off-Stbd" selector switch on an autopilot steering stand is used to __________.


28. When steering by hand, which of the following may be a functional input to the steering gear as a result of turning the wheel?


29. What action should the helmsman take when hearing the command "ease the rudder"?


30. A vessel is entering port and has a Pilot conning the vessel. The Master is unsure that the Pilot is taking sufficient action to prevent a collision. What should the Master do?


31. You are on watch while your vessel is entering port with a pilot conning. The pilot gives a steering command to the helmsman who fails to acknowledge it by repeating the command. You should immediately __________.


32. Who has the ultimate responsibility for the safety of a mobile offshore drilling unit while it is being towed to a new location?


33. During a move to a new location, a jack-up drilling unit with personnel on board is towed through a heavy rainstorm. What signal must be sounded by the drilling rig when visibility is restricted?


34. Which system is most likely to be subject to fading or static interference?


35. Your voyage planning indicates you will arrive at a waypoint in longitude 49°16.3'E at 0947 ZT on 3 March 1988. How should this date be entered into an AMVER report?


36. Which of the following statements relating to AMVER (Automated Mutual-assistance Vessel Rescue) is TRUE?


37. AMVER is a system which provides __________.


38. The AMVER system for vessels in the Gulf of Mexico is administered by the __________.


39. 1043. ( INTERNATIONAL ONLY The light which may be used with a vessel's whistle must be __________.


40. You are in sight of a power-driven vessel that sounds two short blasts of the whistle. This signal means that the vessel __________.


41. You are underway in fog and hear a fog signal consisting of one prolonged and two short blasts. It could be any of the following EXCEPT a vessel __________.


42. A power driven vessel when towing and the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters shall exhibit during daylight hours where they can best be seen which of the following shapes?


43. A fog signal of one short, one prolonged, and one short blast may be sounded by a_.


44. A sailing vessel is NOT allowed to show the all- round red over green lights on the mast if_.


45. A vessel is being propelled both by sail and by engines. Under the Rules, the vessel is __________ .


46. According to the Navigation Rules, all of the following are engaged in fishing EXCEPT a vessel __________ .


47. Which situation would be a "special circumstance" under the Rules?


48. A vessel being towed astern shall show at night


49. A vessel that is not equipped with towing lights should show that it has a vessel in tow by __________ .


50. The white masthead light required for a power- driven vessel under the Rules is visible over how many degrees of the horizon?


51. You see a red sidelight bearing NW (315°). That vessel may be heading_.


52. A vessel not under command, underway but not making way, would show_.


53. A 15-meter sailing vessel would be required to show_.


54. You are the stand-on vessel in a crossing situation. If you think the give-way vessel is NOT taking sufficient action to avoid collision, you should sound_.


55. You are on watch in fog. Which vessel is "in sight"?


56. The arc of visibility for sidelights is from right ahead


57. Which statement is true concerning a towing light when a towing vessel is towing astern?


58. A vessel transferring cargo while underway is classified by the Rules as a vessel_.


59. You are approaching another vessel on crossing courses. She is approximately half a mile distant and is presently on your starboard bow. You believe she will cross ahead of you. She then sounds a whistle signal of five short blasts. You should


60. The word "vessel", in the Rules, includes


61. You are approaching a bend in a channel. You cannot see around the bend because of the height of the bank. You should_.


62. According to the Rules, which vessel is NOT "restricted in her ability to maneuver"?


63. Which lights would be shown at night by a vessel which is restricted in her ability to deviate from her course?


64. The minimum length of a power-driven vessel that must show forward and after masthead lights is_.


65. A vessel is "engaged in fishing" when


66. Which vessel is "underway" according to the Rules?


67. In addition to sidelights what light should a vessel being towed astern show?


68. If you are approaching a bend, and hear a whistle signal of one prolonged blast from around the bend, you should answer with a signal of


69. Which vessel is a "vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver" under the Rules?


70. The term "restricted visibility" as used in the Rules refers_.


71. At night you sight a vessel displaying a single green light. This is a_.


72. A vessel is "in sight" of another vessel when she_.


73. Which vessel must show a towing light above the stern light?


74. You are approaching a bend in a river where, due to the bank, you cannot see around the other side. A vessel on the other side of the bend sounds one prolonged blast. You should_.


75. You see a vessel's green sidelight bearing due east from you. The vessel might be heading_.


76. Which vessel would exhibit sidelights when underway and not making way?


77. An all-round flashing yellow light may be exhibited by a(n)_.


78. When must the lights required by the Rules be shown ?


79. A vessel which is fishing is required to show sidelights and a stern light only when_.


80. Which vessels shall turn off their sidelights?


81. Signals required for vessels aground include


82. What day-shape would a vessel at anchor show during daylight?


83. While underway at night you are coming up on a vessel from astern. What lights would you expect to see?


84. While underway at night you are coming up on a vessel from astern. Which light(s) would you expect to see?


85. A towing light, according to the Rules, is a


86. A 45-meter vessel is pulling a 210-meter tow. She may exhibit_.


87. A power-driven vessel, when towing astern, shall show_.


88. Lighting requirements in inland waters are different from those for international waters for_.


89. You are overtaking a vessel at night and you see a yellow light showing above the stern light of the overtaken vessel. The overtaken vessel is


90. A 50-meter vessel is towing astern and the length of the tow is 100 meters. In addition to sidelights, which lights may she show to fully comply with the Rules?


91. At night, a broken down vessel being towed would show the same lights as_.


92. A vessel towing is showing three forward white masthead lights in a vertical line. This means that the length of the_.


93. Which statement is TRUE of a 30-meter sailing vessel underway?


94. At night you sight a vessel displaying one green light. What is indicated by this light configuration?


95. A sailing vessel of over 20 meters in length underway must show a_.


96. Which vessel, when anchored at night, is not required to show anchor lights?


97. A vessel engaged in fishing must display a light in the direction of any gear that extends outward more than 150 meters. The color of this light is


98. A vessel engaged in fishing during the day would show_.


99. What type of vessel or operation is indicated by a vessel showing two cones with the apexes together?


100. Two all-round red lights displayed in a vertical line are shown by a vessel_.


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