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1. Motor controllers are seldom troubled by grounds because ___.


2. If the bearings of an electrical generator are falling more frequently than expected and the lubricating oil is sludging then you should __


3. Undervoltage trips are frequently installed on switchboard circuit breakers to ___.


4. On a vessel with turbo-electric drive, which of the following conditions would indicate that the propulsion motor had cut-out from synchronization with the propulsion generator?


5. Silicon diodes which are designed for a specific reverse breakdown voltage, and are most often used in electronic power supply voltage regulators, are called________.


6. Heat sinks are most frequently used with___


7. If the field current of a paralleled AC generator is increased above normal, what will be the net result to the VAR’s and power factor?


8. The function of a step-down potential transformer is to reduce the load __


9. A hydrometer is used to measure the ____.


10. Which of the following devices are protected from being motorized by a reverse-power relay?


11. A shore power circuit breaker should be closed only ___.


12. A ‘dead front’ switchboard is one ____.


13. The use of four diodes, in a full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, will_________.


14. Part of the insulation of practically all electrical machinery is in the form of organic compounds which contain some amount of __


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