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1. How many fireman's outfits are required on a MODU?


2. A fire in a ballast pumproom can be brought under control with minimal impact on stability by __________.


3. Smoking in bed on a MODU is prohibited __________.


4. The primary danger in helicopter fires on a MODU is __________.


5. Which information MUST be entered on the muster list?


6. On offshore drilling units fitted with fixed CO2 systems, the system must discharge at least 85 percent of the required amount of CO2 within __________.


7. Your fireman's outfit includes a(n) __________.


8. Each ventilation system for an enclosed classified location on a MODU must provide a complete change of air every __________.


9. The signal for fire alarm on a MODU must be indicated __________.


10. On offshore drilling units, the minimum number of persons required to be trained in the use of fireman's outfits is __________.


11. All portable fire extinguishers must be capable of being __________.


12. All fire hoses on mobile offshore drilling units must be tested to a pressure of at least __________.


13. At the required fire drill conducted aboard a MODU, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform the duties assigned to them __________.


14. The minimum number of portable C-II fire extinguishers required on the drill floor of a MODU is __________.


15. An extinguisher with 15 lbs. of CO2 or 10 lbs. of dry chemical is a size __________.


16. A fire pump may be used for other purposes if __________.


17. The locker or space containing the self-contained breathing apparatus must be __________.


18. Fire extinguishers of sizes III, IV, and V are designated as __________.


19. A fire main system must have enough fire hydrants so that each accessible space may be sprayed with __________.


20. Due to the hazards involved with Halon extinguishers on a MODU, the size II extinguisher may only be used __________.


21. On offshore drilling units, a fire drill must be conducted at least once a __________.


22. On a MODU, an extinguisher with 15 lbs. of CO2 or 10 lbs. of dry chemical is a size __________.


23. On offshore drilling units, each fire station is required to be fitted with a hose which has a nominal length of __________.


24. On offshore drilling units fitted with fixed CO2 systems, the system must withstand a bursting pressure of at least __________.


25. A fixed CO2 system on a MODU with a capacity of over 300 lbs (136 kilograms) CO2 which protects spaces other than tanks must have __________.


26. Where foam extinguishing systems are provided on a MODU, each machinery flat in the protected space must have a(n) __________.


27. If a mobile offshore drilling rig has four hand portable fire extinguishers that can be recharged by personnel on the unit, how many spare charges must be carried?


28. How many people on board a MODU must be trained in the use of the fireman's outfit?


29. What must be entered in the unofficial logbook by the Master or person in charge of a mobile offshore drilling unit after conducting a fire drill?


30. During a fire drill on a MODU, what action is required?


31. The inspection of portable extinguishers on a MODU must be __________.


32. On a MODU, where MUST the fire control plan be posted?


33. When fighting fires in spaces containing bottles of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), you should __________.


34. When fighting an oil or gasoline fire in the bilge, which of the following should NOT be used?


35. What is the MOST important consideration when determining how to fight an electrical fire?


36. When should a fire be ventilated?


37. Overhauling a fire in the living quarters on a vessel must include __________.


38. If you are fighting a fire below the main deck of your vessel, which action is most important concerning the stability of the vessel?


39. After extinguishing a paint locker fire using the fixed CO2 system, the next action is to have the space __________.


40. You detect an odor of burning cotton fabric and then see smoke coming from the top of an open laundry room doorway. After activating the fire alarm, you might do any of the following next, EXCEPT __________.


41. You hear the general alarm and ship's whistle sound for over 10 seconds. Traditionally, this is the signal for __________.


42. Traditionally, the signal for fire aboard ship is __________.


43. Fires are grouped into what categories?


44. Accumulations of oily rags should be __________.


45. The spread of fire is NOT prevented by __________.


46. The explosive range of petroleum vapors mixed with air is __________.


47. The lowest temperature required to cause self-sustained combustion of a substance independent of any outside source of ignition is called __________.


48. Which statement describes the relationship between flash point and auto-ignition temperature?


49. The explosive range of Bunker C mixed with air is __________.


50. The flash point of a liquid means the temperature __________.


51. Which statement is TRUE concerning the "flash point" of a substance?


52. Spontaneous combustion is most likely to occur in __________.


53. What is LEAST likely to cause ignition of fuel vapors?


54. It is necessary to secure the forced ventilation to a compartment where there is a fire to __________.


55. The best method of extinguishing a class A fire is to __________.


56. The main advantage of a steady stream of water on a class "A" fire is that it __________.


57. A class B fire is most successfully fought by __________.


58. The class of fire on which a blanketing effect is essential is class __________.


59. An oil fire is classified as class __________.


60. A galley grease fire would be classified as which class of fire?


61. Foam is effective in combating which class(es) of fire?


62. Which types of portable fire extinguishers are designed for putting out electrical fires?


63. Which extinguishing agent is best for use on a magnesium fire?


64. The CO2 flooding system is actuated by a sequence of steps which are __________


65. Which statement concerning carbon dioxide is FALSE?


66. While you are working in a space, the fixed CO2 system is accidentally activated. You should __________.


67. Large volumes of carbon dioxide are safe and effective for fighting fires in enclosed spaces, such as in a pumproom, provided that the __________.


68. In a fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing system for a machinery space, designed WITH a stop valve in the line leading to the protected space, the flow of CO2 is established by actuating __________.


69. A fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing system for a machinery space, designed WITHOUT a stop valve in the line leading to the protected space, is actuated by __________.


70. When pilot cylinder pressure is used as a means to release the CO2 from a fixed fire extinguishing system consisting of four storage cylinders, the number of pilot cylinders shall be at least __________.


71. In a fixed CO2 extinguishing system where provision is made for the release of CO2 by operation of a remote control, provision shall also be made for releasing the CO2 __________.


72. A crew member reports that the high-pressure alarm light of a low-pressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system is illuminated. The most probable cause of this condition would be that __________.


73. The normal designed CO2 storage tank temperature and pressure associated with a ship's low-pressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system is approximately __________.


74. Actuating the CO2 fixed system causes the shutdown of the __________.


75. Foam extinguishes a fire mainly by __________.


76. Compared to the amount of concentrated foam liquid used, the amount of low expansion mechanical foam produced is __________.


77. When compared to a high-expansion foam, a low-expansion foam will __________.


78. Extra chemicals for producing chemical foam should be stored __________.


79. Foam is a very effective smothering agent and __________.


80. When fighting a fire on a bulkhead using a portable carbon dioxide extinguisher, the stream should be directed at the __________.


81. Which portable fire extinguisher is normally recharged in a shore facility?


82. In continuous operation, the effective range of the 15 pound CO2 extinguisher is limited to __________.


83. Weight is considered during the periodic required inspection and servicing of __________


84. Which action is routinely performed at the annual servicing and inspection of a dry-chemical cartridge-operated portable fire extinguisher?


85. What is an advantage of a dry chemical extinguisher as compared to a carbon dioxide extinguisher?


86. Which statement describes the primary process by which fires are extinguished by dry chemical?


87. When electrical equipment is involved in a fire, the stream of dry chemicals should be __________.


88. One disadvantage of using regular dry chemical (sodium bicarbonate) in firefighting is that __________.


89. Which type of portable fire extinguishers is NOT designed for use on flammable liquid fires?


90. An extinguishing agent which effectively cools, dilutes combustible vapors, removes oxygen, and provides a heat and smoke screen is __________.


91. The primary function(s) of an automatic sprinkler system is(are) to __________.


92. A spanner is a __________.


93. What is the minimum number of people required to safely handle a 1-1/2 inch fire hose?


94. The danger of a charged hose left unattended on deck with the nozzle open is __________.


95. Under normal firefighting conditions, approximately how far could a straight stream of water reach when the hose pressure is 100 PSI?


96. The control panel of a fire detection system must have all of the following EXCEPT __________.


97. How many B-II fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175-foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 2300 brake horsepower?


98. How many B-II fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 75-foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 1200 brake horsepower?


99. How many B-II fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175-foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 2500 brake horsepower?


100. Fire fighting equipment requirements for a particular vessel may be found on the __________.


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