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1. The use of portable electrical equipment in the pumproom on tank barges is prohibited unless __________.


2. Which part of the inert gas system is designed to relieve sudden large overpressures that exceed the capacity of the mechanical P/V valves?


3. In order for combustion to occur inside a piping system such as a vapor collection header in a marine emission control system, there must be __________.


4. Static electricity may be built up by the __________.


5. What is acceptable flame screening?


6. Which statement about entering into a tank which has been sealed for a long time is TRUE?


7. When loading a tanker, you should perform which of the following functions to ensure a safe operation?


8. Why is a warning sign displayed at the gangway or access point of a barge during cargo transfer?


9. If a repair team is to enter a confined space for repair work, what minimum level of oxygen should be present?


10. When is it acceptable to use power-driven or manually-operated spark producing devices in the pump room, where grades A, B, C, and D liquid cargoes are involved?


11. The intakes for an air compressor on a tank vessel carrying grade A cargo may be located in which of the following areas?


12. Which of the following choices does not depict the tank inerting process on a tank vessel?


13. What are the primary concern(s) for safely transporting and handling Liquefied Gas?


14. The normal equipment of every rescue boat shall include __________.


15. To prevent damage by and to storage batteries aboard small passenger vessels they should be located __________.


16. The painter on a life float or buoyant apparatus shall __________.


17. The rescue boat on an OSV is not required to carry a __________.


18. The immersion suit requirements for OSV apply to units operating in the Atlantic Ocean __________.


19. What should you inspect to be sure that it is safe to go aloft in a bosun's chair?


20. What equipment is customarily used when seamen are working on a stage rigged over the side of a vessel?


21. For what purpose may gasoline be used on small passenger vessels?


22. Backfire flame arrestors are installed on __________.


23. Spaces containing batteries require good ventilation because __________.


24. On board small passenger vessels, storage batteries containing an electrolyte must be set in trays constructed of __________.


25. Safety goggles or glasses are NOT normally worn when __________.


26. When working on a tow, a good safety precaution is to __________.


27. What is the minimum concentration of H2S that will cause death with short-term exposure?


28. What is the minimum concentration of H2S which can cause death if a person is exposed for even an instant?


29. The airborne concentrations of substances (such as H2S) under which nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed without adverse effects defines which of the following phrases?


30. When hanging off drill pipe in emergency situations aboard a MODU, the preferred location of the drill bit is __________.


31. How wide must the safety net be that is required on the unprotected perimeter of the helicopter landing deck on a MODU?


32. The helicopter deck on an offshore drilling unit is required to be fitted with perimeter lights in alternating colors of __________.


33. On offshore drilling units where natural ventilation is provided, each porthole or window must be fitted with __________.


34. The person responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary conditions in the accommodation spaces of a MODU is the __________.


35. Prior to burning or welding on a fuel tank on a MODU, regulations require that an inspection be made. An entry in the unofficial logbook is required if this inspection is made by __________.


36. On a MODU, watertight doors should be operated __________.


37. You are testing a tank that contained gasoline by using a combustible gas indicator. Under testing, the tank sample caused the needle to move rapidly to 100 on the dial then fall to zero. What is the concentration of flammable gas?


38. A combustible gas indicator meter is calibrated to read the percentage of __________.


39. Combustible gas indicators measure the presence of combustible gas as a percentage of the __________.


40. Which statement is TRUE concerning the oxygen indicator?


41. What can be used to measure the percentage of oxygen inside a chain locker?


42. Ambient air, which you normally breathe, contains what percent of oxygen?


43. After each reading of an oxygen indicator, the instrument should be purged with __________.


44. What is used to test a tank for oxygen content?


45. Combustible gas indicators operate by drawing an air sample into the instrument __________.


46. Before entering the chain locker, you should __________.


47. All personnel boarding a davit-launched liferaft from a MODU should be checked. Which of the following items is of the highest importance to ensure that they are not in possession of or wearing?


48. If you have to jump in the water when abandoning a MODU, what position should you maintain your legs?


49. The American Consul has asked the Master of a vessel bound for a port in the U.S. to transport a destitute seaman back to the U.S. Which action may the Master take?


50. What additional precautions should be taken when making temporary repairs to a MODU that is operating when hydrogen sulfide is present?


51. Why can a person's sense of smell not be depended upon to detect H2S?


52. The MODU has suffered a casualty which requires an orderly evacuation of the unit using the lifeboats and liferafts. Among the items to accomplish in preparing to evacuate the unit is __________.


53. On a MODU, an obvious indicator of lost circulation of drilling fluid is __________.


54. In the case of a casualty involving a MODU, the Master, owner, agent or person in charge shall make the records required by regulation available upon request to __________.


55. A The requirements for special welding procedures on a MODU must be contained in the __________.


56. What must the Master or person in charge of a MODU enter in the logbook after conducting an abandonment drill?


57. On offshore drilling units all sleeping areas, mess areas, recreational and hospital areas that are adjacent to or immediately above a storage area or machinery space, paint locker, washroom, or toilet space must be made __________.


58. To enable tying down a helicopter on the landing area of a MODU, the landing deck must be fitted with __________.


59. ( When using the combustible gas indicator, a special filter for filtering the incoming sample must be used if the atmosphere being tested contains vapors of __________.


60. When using the oxygen indicator, which reaction from the needle should you expect as a sample is drawn into the instrument?


61. You are using an oxygen indicator. How long should you wait after the sample is drawn into the instrument before reading the meter?


62. If the meter needle of the oxygen indicator cannot be set to zero, what should be done?


63. Deficient oxygen content inside a chain locker can be detected with __________.


64. Normally Which chemical is used to treat water in order to ensure its safety for drinking?


65. Normally It is desirable to have screens on the vents of potable water tanks to __________.


66. Electric cargo winches have an overload safety device which normally cuts the current to the winch motor __________.


67. When can a work vest be substituted for a lifejacket in the total count of the required lifesaving gear?


68. The last 1.0 meter (3.3 feet) of vapor piping before the vessel vapor connection must be painted __________.


69. A tank vessel transferring non-flammable hazardous cargo in bulk must display warning signs. These signs must __________.


70. When loading a tanker, you should do which of the following?


71. Before welding is permitted on a fuel tank, it must be certified or declared as which of the following?


72. Which step is NOT generally taken when gas-freeing a tank?


73. A device fitted over the discharge opening on a relief valve consisting of one or two woven wire fabrics is called a flame __________.


74. What is NOT a requirement for storage batteries on tank barges?


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