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1. C8 - Little or no change in the barometric reading over a twelve hour period indicates __________.


2. C8 - On a clear, warm day, you notice the approach of a tall cumulus cloud. The cloud top has hard well defined edges and rain is falling from the dark lower edge. What follows should this cloud pass directly overhead?


3. C8 - When a warm air mass overtakes and replaces a cold air mass, the contact surface is called a(n) __________.


4. C8 - For an accurate barometer check, you would __________.


5. C8 - High clouds, composed of small white flakes or scaly globular masses, and often banded together to form a "mackerel sky", would be classified as __________.


6. C8 - If the current and wind are in the same direction, the sea surface represents a wind speed __________.


7. C8 - If you observe a rapid fall of barometric pressure you should __________.


8. C8 - In a microbarograph, the pen should be checked and the inkwell filled __________.


9. C8 - In North America the majority of the weather systems move from __________.


10. C8 - In shallow water, waves that are too steep to be stable, causing the crests to move forward faster than the rest of the wave, are called __________.


11. C8 - In the doldrums you can expect __________.


12. C8 - In the Northern Hemisphere the major ocean currents tend to flow __________.


13. C8 - In the Northern Hemisphere, gusty winds shifting clockwise, a rapid drop in temperature, thunderstorms or rain squalls in summer (frequent rain/snow squalls in winter) then a rise in pressure followed by clearing skies, indicate the passage of a(n) __________.


14. C8 - In the Northern Hemisphere, if your vessel is in a hurricane's navigable semicircle it should be positioned with the wind on the __________.


15. C8 - In the Northern Hemisphere, what type of cloud formations would you expect to see to the west of an approaching tropical wave?


16. C8 - In the Northern Hemisphere, your vessel is believed to be in the direct path of a hurricane, and plenty of sea room is available. The best course of action is to bring the wind on the __________.


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