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1. White stack smoke from a main propulsion boiler could indicate __________.


2. In a closed steam and water cycle, which of the conditions listed could prevent main condenser vacuum from reaching the desired level?


3. The property of a fuel oil which is a measurement of its available energy, is known as its __________.


4. Fine metallic particles, which may originate from wear or failure of the lube oil service pump internal parts, are prevented from contaminating the bearings served by the lube oil system by __________.


5. Fuel oil is transferred from storage tanks to the settling tanks to allow for __________.


6. Fuel oil accumulation in a boiler double front is generally caused by __________.


7. In order to operate the main engine with only the high pressure turbine in service, the unit should be arranged __________.


8. You are standing a sea watch in the engine room of a steam vessel. To operate at maximum efficiency, adjustments to the boiler combustion control system should be made by setting the __________.


9. In a double reduction gear, the function of a quill shaft is to provide flexibility between the second reduction pinion and the __________.


10. The labyrinth packing ring in an inter-stage diaphragm of an impulse turbine is prevented from rotating by __________.


11. Boiler refractories previously baked out and fired are most sensitive to __________.


12. Boiler water samples should be circulated through a cooling coil prior to analysis because __________.


13. Which system should be used when required to raise the water level in an idle boiler?


14. Which statement is true concerning two-stage air ejector assemblies?


15. Auxiliary steam at full operating pressure is supplied from the boiler directly to the __________.


16. The primary function of the contaminated drain inspection tank is to __________.


17. One of the most effective methods of improving purification in tubular and disk type centrifugal purifiers is to __________.


18. The internal feed pipe of a power boiler distributes the feed water into the __________.


19. Cooling water to the vent condenser in a DC heater is supplied by the __________.


20. Ferrous sulfate tends to go into solution in boiler water when the value of the hydrogen ion concentration increases. Consequently, the water in a 900 psi boiler should be __________.


21. In a boiler furnace, incomplete combustion due to insufficient air yields an excess amount of __________.


22. Which of the following actions should be taken first when the boiler fires begin to sputter due to water in the fuel oil?


23. While making engine room rounds at sea, you observe excessive steam leaking from the forward gland on the high pressure turbine. This may indicate that the __________.


24. Which of the devices listed is used to convert thermal energy to useful mechanical work?


25. Carbon ring packing segments are secured in a shaft gland assembly of a steam turbo generator by means of __________.


26. Labyrinth packing rings are installed on turbine diaphragms to minimize __________.


27. Steam passing through a multistage impulse turbine does not impart any appreciable axial thrust to the rotor. This is primarily due to the __________.


28. Of the many impurities commonly found in marine lubricating oil, which of the following cannot be removed by a centrifugal purifier at normal operating speeds and temperatures?


29. The factor which determines the minimum amount of steam superheat required at the steam chest inlet of a main propulsion turbine is the __________.


30. When preparing to get underway and the jacking gear has been disengaged, the main turbine rotor should not be allowed to remain stationary for more than 3 minutes because __________.


31. A rotor position micrometer on a main propulsion reaction turbine measures rotor __________.


32. Which of the following statements defines the term 'axial float' in reference to reduction gears?


33. Which of the devices listed is commonly used to compensate for the expansion and minor misalignments occurring between the main turbine rotor and the reduction gear?


34. Regarding main propulsion boilers, what condition would normally be indicated if the bridge reported that white smoke was observed coming from the stack?


35. Which of the following is used to hold the poppet valves closed in a turbo generators nozzle control speed regulator?


36. The safety device provided on a turbo generator which closes the throttle automatically when the cooling water to the condenser is insufficient is called a/an __________.


37. When starting a turbo generator in an automated plant, you must provide external lube oil pressure to the unit for the purpose of _________.


38. The three-wing device used in the tubular bowl purifier, is held in place and forced to rotate at bowl speed by the __________.


39. The over-speed tripping device installed on an auxiliary turbine is automatically actuated by __________.


40. The absence of carbon monoxide in the flue gas of a boiler indicates __________.


41. A centrifugal oil purifier should be shut down if the __________.


42. When preparing to cut a boiler in on the line, you determine that the steam pressure of the incoming boiler is about 5 psig above line pressure. Which of the following steps should you take next?


43. The greatest heat loss in an oil fired boiler is from __________.


44. If one fuel strainer of a duplex strainer unit becomes clogged while your vessel is underway, you should first __________.


45. In a multistage reaction turbine, the dummy piston and cylinder function to __________.


46. The term ”separation” as used in oil purification refers to the removal of __________.


47. The valve opening sequence for bar-lift nozzle control valves in a marine steam turbine is determined by __________.


48. The proper way to quickly reduce high water level in a steaming boiler is to use the __________.


49. Upon assuming the watch on a steam ship while cargo operations are in progress with the main engine and reduction gear secured, you notice a very large increase in the reduction gear lube oil sump level from previous log book entries. What would be the most probable cause of this large increase in sump level?


50. If the rated distillate production of a submerged tube type evaporator cannot be maintained with the supplied maximum steam pressure, the evaporator __________.


51. Moisture erosion in the last stages of the low pressure turbine will result from __________.


52. Water carryover in the steam entering a turbine could result in __________.


53. An auxiliary turbine boiler feed pump should normally be stopped by __________.


54. One method of securing shroud bands to the ends of the turbine blades is to __________.


55. The general method of fastening shroud bands to turbine blades would be to use __________.


56. The general method of reducing turbine reaction blade vibration is by the use of __________.


57. What is generally found at the end of the low pressure turbine rotor of a cross-compound turbine arrangement?


58. Why do double flow reaction turbines produce very little axial thrust?


59. Which of the following lube oil system lines generally includes an illuminated sight glass (bull's-eye)?


60. If a spring bearing begins to run at an abnormally high temperature, you should __________.


61. The automatic re-circulating valve in the main condensate re-circulating line is controlled by a temperature sensor which is located at the __________.


62. Automatic fuel shutoff to the burners of a main propulsion boiler could result from __________.


63. A gravity type lube oil system for a steam vessel will have a remote pressure sensing device installed on the main lube oil header of the main turbine unit to enable the watch engineer to __________. I. determine if there is a normal level of lube oil in the gravity tank II. be certain that the bearings are being adequately lubricated


64. What type of strainer is used in a turbine lube oil system to remove metallic particles?


65. A turbo-generator governing system maintains constant turbine speed by using a flyweight-actuated pilot valve to control hydraulic oil flow to a lifting beam operating cylinder, which in turn, __________.


66. While standing watch underway at sea, you notice salinity carryover in the low pressure distilling plant. This can be a result of __________.


67. The most serious fireside burning of the boiler super heater tubes can be indirectly attributed to __________.


68. High pressure and low pressure drain systems are part of the __________.


69. Which of the operating principles listed would apply to a single-element, thermo-hydraulic, feed water regulator?


70. The function of a quill shaft used on a double reduction gear main propulsion unit is to __________.


71. The labyrinth seals used on rotating steam turbine shafts reduces external leakage by causing __________.


72. According to 46 CFR Part 56, which of the following statements is true concerning the main steam stop valves on multiple boiler installations incorporating uncontrolled super-heaters?


73. To prevent damage to the turning gear mechanism, which of the following procedures must be carried out before the turning gear is engaged?


74. If two turbo-generators with the same no-load speed settings are operating in parallel, the unit whose governor has the lesser speed droop will __________.


75. Which of the devices listed is generally used to engage the main engine turning gear to the high pressure turbine high-speed pinion?


76. Main steam turbine lubricating oil systems are fitted with __________.


77. In which type of turbine does the steam pass through reversing chambers machined on the inner surface of the casing, causing the steam to be redirected back to the turbine wheel rim?


78. The proportion of down-comers installed in relation to riser tubes in a vertical tube type of boiler, is dependent upon the __________.


79. A steam driven 750 KW turbo generator has a rated speed of 1200 RPM. The over-speed setting for this unit must not exceed __________.


80. Which of the following precautions should be taken prior to lighting off a boiler?


81. Constant speed governors are normally employed with __________.


82. The steady frequency required from a ship service generator for electrical power is maintained by means of a __________.


83. On main turbine propulsion units, gear type flexible couplings are generally used between the __________.


84. The primary purpose of screen tubes installed in a marine boiler is to __________.


85. Which of the following problems can occur when an excessive number of water screen tubes are plugged?


86. If a line shaft bearing begins to overheat, the shaft speed should be reduced. If overheating persists, you should then __________.


87. Which of the following types of bearings is designed to limit end movement and carry loads applied in the same direction as the shaft axis?


88. How are line shaft bearings usually lubricated?


89. High boiler water level can cause carryover and __________.


90. When preparing to light off a cold boiler, the fuel oil should be re-circulated until it is __________.


91. A sample of boiler water can be chemically tested for alkalinity by initially adding a few drops of phenolphthalein and then slowly titrating the water sample until the __________.


92. High pressure steam drains from systems operating at above 150 psi are normally collected in the __________.


93. Under normal operating conditions of constant load and combustion rates, which of the following will occur when the amount of excess air to the furnace is increased?


94. Where reaction turbine blading is fitted with shrouding of "end tightened" design, which of the following conditions will be the most critical to efficient turbine operation?


95. Before placing the jacking gear in operation on a main turbine unit, you must always insure that _________.


96. On an fully automated vessel steaming at sea speed, which of the following engine room responses will automatically be actuated when the bridge throttle control is changed from full ahead to slow ahead?


97. Which condition would cause a high level in the deaerating feed water tank (DC heater)?


98. After properly lining up the main propulsion turbine for warm up, steam should first be admitted to the rotor through the __________.


99. Which combustible element in fuel oil is considered a significant and major source of air pollution?


100. Improper fuel oil burner atomization can be generally attributed to __________.


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