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1. In the beam which says the tensile stress is set up in:


2. A body at rest or in uniform motion will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless some external force is applied to it. This is Newton _________________.


3. It is added to reduce melting time if starting from cold:


4. There are two moments of the reaction of the beam to calculate such as:


5. The reason for consulting the pipe is:


6. A large change in momentum in a long time requires:


7. Pitching is an angular motion of the vessel about what axis?


8. Which of the following is the most common type of valving element used in hydraulic system directional control valve?


9. Exhaust valve temperature is about:


10. Stalling of the blade of axial compressor is:


11. Sticking valve is:


12. What work is done in dragging a sled 50 ft. horizontally when the force of 60 lbs. Is transmitted by a rope making an angle of 30 degrees with the ground?


13. Eutectoid steel, the percentage of carbon is:


14. It is the failure of a material due to a repeatedly applied stress:


15. The hydraulic oil breakdown both of servomotor and other equipment is chiefly due to:


16. Tensile stress is a result of two forces acting in:


17. A device that enables the two rotating shafts to be coupled and uncoupled:


18. Where the three gear trains, high pressure first reduction, low pressure first reduction, and both second reductions are each obtained in separate, sequential portion of the gear housing, design is known as:


19. When a ship travels at sea, which of the effect is more dangerous?


20. It is the very earliest lubricant in the early age:


21. The lube oil additives that will increase the total number (TAN) is:


22. Atmospheric air contains how many percent of oxygen in volume basis?


23. A body having identical properties all over is called?


24. This consists of a glass U-tube containing either water or mercury, depending upon the range to be measured:


25. The same equations that hold for sliding friction also holds, the only differences is being that:


26. Starting from the rest, a particle falling in gas or a liquid increase in velocity until the retarding force of sliding becomes as great as the downward force of gravity. When this condition is reached, the body is in equilibrium and fall with a constant velocity called:


27. It is the time taken to make one complete acceleration that is to move completely across from one end to other end back again:


28. A lower grade of about 30% iron which is mined in rock form is called:


29. What force is required to pull an iron weighing 60 lbs. Across a smooth oak floor? (Coefficient of sliding friction for metals on oak is 0.55):


30. The deformation resulting from an external force applied to material or structural member is called:


31. A ball bearing will overheat if ____________.


32. It is the maximum displacement to either side of its mid-travel:


33. Using mixed sizes of sprayer plates in the same boiler will cause:


34. If you have fuel oil meters to and from the burners in a return flow system, you measure the fuel oil consumption by:


35. From a stand point of efficiency, it is desirable to have all of the fuel burned in the boiler:


36. The oil burners on straight mechanical fuel oil systems should be cleaned at least:


37. Which of the following give the widest firing range?


38. Condensate from fuel oil burner heaters returns to:


39. The burner assembly is frequently referred to as a/the:


40. A fuel oil meter placed between the fuel oil service pumps, and the fuel oil heaters would be a:


41. In a fuel oil burner having a standard mechanical atomizer, the fuel and air are mixed as the fuel leaves the:


42. Too high a fuel oil temperature will cause:


43. What would happen if you put a burner sprayer plate backwards?


44. The amount of oil atomization by a straight mechanical oil burner depends on the sprayer plate size and the:


45. If the trap on the steam return from the fuel oil heater sticks open, the fuel temperature will:


46. A quick closing valve would be located as a possible to:


47. Fuel oil heaters leaks will be indicated by:


48. A common cause of cracking of the babbit lining in a turbine journal bearing is:


49. A dented race in an antifriction bearing could be caused by:


50. Journal bearing used in modern turbine rotors is manufactured in two halves in order to:


51. Most main propulsion unit reduction gear bearing are:


52. The amount of wear on a split-type is accurately determined by using a:


53. Antifriction bearings should not be excessively lubricated because:


54. In a segmental, pivoted-shoe thrust, the thrust load among the shoes is equalized by the:


55. Which construction method would apply to babbit lined split-type reduction gearing bearings?


56. The element of kingburry thrust bearing which transmit the thrust from the shaft to the oil film and shoes is the:


57. The maximum temperature rise of oil passing through any reduction gear should not exceed:


58. The best indication that a bearing is being properly lubricated is the:


59. If a line shaft bearing comments to overheat, you should slow down the shaft. If over heating persists, what would you do next?


60. Which of the following types of bearing is designed to limit and movement and to carry loads applied in the same direction as the shaft axis?


61. Which type of bearing lubrication scheme can carry the highest unit loading?


62. After cooling of a turbocharged diesel engine, will result in:


63. Performance of a turbocharged engine can be improved by:


64. Getting fresh air into the cylinder of a diesel engine and the exhaust gases out requires power. The combustion of this power is referred to as:


65. Cold water starting of a diesel engine may be made easier by:


66. Improper cooling of a cylinder liner due to scale deposits may cause:


67. Reducing the clearance between a valve stem and rocker arm will result in the valve __________.


68. Which of the listed conditions can cause lacquer to be deposited on a piston skirt?


69. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) regarding internal combustion engine exhaust manifold installations, which of the following statements is true?


70. Which operating condition of a diesel engine is indicated by excessive firing pressures?


71. In a diesel engine, after ignition of the fuel occurs, but before the piston reaches TDC, there is little change in the cylinder __________.


72. Coast Guard regulations (46 CFR) require a horizontal dry exhaust pipe from a diesel engine must __________.


73. If you were inspecting the valve springs on an auxiliary diesel engine, your best indication of impending spring failure would be __________.


74. Which of the conditions listed could cause the cylinder relief valves on a large, low-speed, propulsion diesel engine to lift?


75. The exhaust system of a diesel engine is usually designed to remove exhaust gases and to __________.


76. Worn cylinder head valve seats in a diesel engine will cause __________.


77. Fuel oil solenoid valves at the burner fronts should be of the manual reset type to __________.


78. If a ship has to be laid up for indefinite period of time, the seawater side of the main condenser should be__________.


79. If the water level in a steaming boiler is rapidly dropping and cannot be controlled at its normal level using the standard practices, you should __________.


80. In order to combat galvanic corrosion, condensers utilizing copper-nickel water boxes are usually fitted with __________.


81. When doing or conducting a routine hydrostatic test on a water-tube boiler, you should _________.


82. Downcomers are installed between the boiler inner and outer casing in order to __________.


83. The over speed trip installed in some diesel engines is automatically actuated by:


84. The principal characteristics of an isochronous governor is that, it will:


85. The hydraulic oil both of the servomotor and of other equipment deteriorates over times so it is not advisable to used it without checking for:


86. A proper characteristics concerning lubricating oil for main propulsion turbines is:


87. The process of killing an effective bacteria from the water so as to make it safe for use is called:


88. Plastic usually for military patrol boats, must be stronger than glass reinforced plastic is called:


89. A non-metallic materials with greatly resistant to erosion insert, chemically and galvanically which is used in sea water pump as seal is called:


90. A type of friction which exists when there is motion between two surfaces separated by a lubricant film is called:


91. The engineer on watch notes zero oil pressure for the operating main turbine, what shall be done?


92. A 50 lbs. metal is hoisted on the top of the building, 1800 inches high, how much its potential energy is increased?


93. The proper oil inlet temperature for centrifugal lube oil should be:


94. A feed water regulator consist of a generator and a regulator valve:


95. Which of the following is not an alloying element of brass?


96. In a pumping installation the suction line is 4 meters long and suction pipe diameter is 100 mm. If the suction pipe is replaced by a pipe combination consisting of a 2 meters and 100 mm diameter pipe connected with 2 meters of 150 diameter pipe, the suction will become:


97. An engine driven, root-blower supplies scavenging air to the cylinder for removal of exhaust gases. This type of scavenging system ensure a:


98. A special additive to lube oil to maintain oil film under most severe load condition is called:


99. An attempt on the part of the force to turn a body is called:


100. How is ignition quantity of oil determined?


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