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1. No lube oil appearing in the sight glass (bull's eye) of a gravity type system is a positive indication of __________.


2. Which of the conditions listed could cause an oil flow sight glass, of a main turbine bearing, to be completely filled with oil?


3. When a sudden increase in pressure occurs in a forced lubrication system, you should check for a __________.


4. To determine the extent of lube oil system contamination you would __________.


5. Water retained in the lube oil system of a main propulsion turbine installation is undesirable because it __________.


6. A cloudy or milky appearing lube oil sample, taken from the main lubricating oil system could be caused by __________.


7. Which of the following would contribute to the formation of an oil and water emulsion, in addition to acid formation?


8. Which of the following conditions may exist if you detect an excessive amount of metal particles on a main engine lube oil strainer magnet?


9. Which of the following types of bearings are used as line shaft bearings?


10. Babbitt is a metal alloy commonly used for lining __________.


11. The splits located in the halves of main reduction gear bearings are aligned at an angle to the horizontal in order to resist __________.


12. Most main propulsion reduction gear bearings are __________.


13. Which of the devices listed is commonly used to compensate for the expansion and minor misalignments occurring between the main turbine rotor and the reduction gear?


14. The purpose of the main reduction gears is to __________.


15. What is the significance of pinion deflection in the operation of reduction gears?


16. Regarding main reduction gears, when high speed first reduction pinions and gears are connected to low speed pinions and gears, each contained in a sequential portion of the gear housing, the reduction gear unit is known as __________.


17. As found in a reduction gear drive system, thrust bearings serve to __________.


18. A Kingsbury, or pivot shoe type thrust bearing, can bear much greater loads per square inch of working surface than can parallel surface bearings because provisions are made in the Kingsbury bearing __________.


19. Which of the following operational practices is helpful in avoiding the accumulation of condensate in the main reduction gear casing?


20. The most practical method of determining the condition of a shaft bearing while the shaft is in operation is to __________.


21. Which of the listed operational checks should be made "continuously" on the main propulsion reduction gears?


22. Which immediate action should you take when the temperature of one line shaft bearing increases above its normal operating temperature?


23. Which of the following would cause the dowel or locking lip of a split-type, precision insert, main bearing to shear and allow the bearing to rotate with the journal?


24. If a line shaft bearing begins to overheat, the shaft speed should be reduced. If overheating persists, you should then __________.


25. While a vessel is underway the low pressure turbine high-speed pinion is damaged. The pinion is then removed from the gear train. Under these circumstances, the main unit is capable of which speed and direction?


26. What is the FIRST thing that will happen if both the main and standby lube oil pumps fail on a geared main propulsion turbine operating at full sea speed?


27. The main propulsion turbine can be damaged by __________.


28. An unusual vibration in the main propulsion turbine unit, accompanied by a rumbling sound in the reduction gear, could be caused by __________.


29. An overheated bearing in the main propulsion unit is indicated by __________.


30. When a turbine bearing shows signs of overheating, you should __________.


31. The turbine of a turbo-electric drive should be secured by __________.


32. An auxiliary turbine boiler feed pump should normally be stopped by __________.


33. The over speed tripping device installed on an auxiliary turbine is automatically actuated by __________.


34. Most auxiliary turbine feed pumps do not require an external source of gland sealing steam because they __________.


35. Packing rings installed on auxiliary turbines are generally lubricated by __________.


36. Which of the following statements describes how the main propulsion turbine over speed relay initiates closing of the throttle valve?


37. When starting a turbo generator, you must provide lube oil pressure to the governor power piston by means of __________.


38. A back pressure trip on a ship's service turbo-generator functions to trip the turbine under what circumstance?


39. A pilot valve and servomotor are utilized in mechanical-hydraulic governing systems on a turbo generator unit in order to __________.


40. Which of the listed parts illustrated in the turbo generator governing system, provides the follow-up to prevent the nozzle valves from cycling between the fully open and fully closed positions, with each variation in turbine speed? Illustration SE-0009


41. Which of the listed actions will occur when there is an increase in load on a ship service generator equipped with a centrifugal type hydraulic governor? Illustration SE-0009


42. An excess pressure governor would normally be used on a __________.


43. The constant pressure governor of a turbine-driven feed pump maintains which of the following pressures at a constant value for all capacities?


44. A sequential lift, nozzle valve control bar on a turbo generator, utilizes which of the following operating principles?


45. Which of the following statements represents the significance of the differential pressure existing between the nozzle block and steam chest of a turbo generator equipped with a lifting beam mechanism?


46. Which of the following is used to hold the poppet valves closed in a turbo generators nozzle control speed regulator?


47. A motor driven synchronizing device, figure "D" shown in the illustration, operated from the generator switchboard, initiates fine adjustments to the steam turbine speed by directly __________. Illustration SE-0009


48. One function of the disks, in a disk-type centrifugal purifier, is to divide the bowl space into many separate passages to __________.


49. The size of the discharge ring used for the efficient operation of a disk type purifier is dependent upon the __________.


50. In a disk type centrifugal purifier, the contaminated oil enters the centrifuge __________.


51. Oil supply pressure to the main lube oil header of a gravity feed lube oil system is __________.


52. Which of the following statements about gravity type lube oil systems is correct?


53. After starting the main lube oil pump in a gravity-type lube oil system, you should verify that the gravity tanks are full by __________.


54. In a steam turbine and reduction gear main propulsion plant, the alarm sensor for low turbine oil pressure is usually installed __________.


55. The maximum lube oil temperature leaving the lube oil cooler of a main steam turbine propulsion system should __________.


56. The maximum lube oil temperature leaving a large, main propulsion steam turbine bearing should ___


57. When the flow of oil admitted to a disk-type centrifugal purifier is in excess of its designed capacity, which of the following conditions will usually occur?


58. When an oil purification centrifuge loses a portion of its seal, the oil can then be discharged through the heavy phase discharge port. This is partly a result of greater __________.


59. Which of the following problems will occur if a manually cleaned disk-type centrifugal lube oil purifier contains insufficient sealing water prior to admitting oil flow to the bowl?


60. If a lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure, the cause could be the


61. If a tube should leak in an operating main steam turbine lube oil cooler, the water will not immediately contaminate the oil because the __________.


62. While a vessel is underway, which of the conditions listed would indicate a leak in the lube oil cooler?


63. While making your rounds, you notice the main lube oil temperature to be higher than normal. To remedy this situation, you should _____.


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