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1. If oil is observed in the steam drains from a fuel oil heater, you should __________.


2. The control desuperheater of most boilers functions to control __________.


3. One function of the desuperheater installed in a boiler steam drum is to __________.


4. Boyle's law can best be defined as __________.


5. What will occur if the fuel oil heater condensate returns are not opened or are partially plugged?


6. A common cause of the Babbitt linings cracking in a turbine journal bearing is from __________.


7. If the fuel oil temperature flowing to the burners is too low, the __________.


8. If the main propulsion turbine begins to vibrate severely while you are increasing speed, you should __________.


9. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that alarm systems be provided for superheaters whose operating outlet temperature is capable of exceeding __________.


10. What causes carbon to adhere to the inside surfaces of a fuel oil heater?


11. Vibration in main propulsion turbines could be caused by __________.


12. Desuperheated steam from the control desuperheater is returned to the main superheater to control the outlet temperature by the action of __________.


13. Carbon deposits in a fuel oil heater are caused by __________.


14. Which of the conditions listed is the most common source of torsional vibration in a geared turbine drive?


15. The main function of a desuperheater is to __________.


16. Carbonization of the conductive surfaces of a fuel oil heater results in reduced heating capacity because __________.


17. What should you do if you detect an abnormal vibration in the operating main propulsion turbine?


18. One purpose of a desuperheater installed in a boiler steam drum is to __________.


19. The overheating of fuel oil in the fuel oil heaters may result in __________.


20. The slight wavy appearance of the tips of reduction gear teeth is a result of __________.


21. A boiler fitting used to protect the superheater and to provide reduced temperature steam for use by auxiliaries is the __________.


22. If the fuel oil temperature in the fuel oil heater attains an excessive temperature, what will happen?


23. A pressure drop occurs across both the moving and fixed blades of a reaction turbine as a result of the __________.


24. Water-tube boilers having integral uncontrolled superheaters are equipped with internal desuperheaters to __________.


25. An internal leak in a fuel oil heater can result in __________.


26. The pressure drop existing across the diaphragm of a pressure compounded impulse turbine necessitates __________.


27. Under steady steaming conditions, the superheater outlet temperature is regulated by the __________.


28. The contaminated steam system is secured for repairs. Live steam is supplied to the fuel oil heating system and its returns are directed to the drain tank. Considering these circumstances, an undetected leak in an idle fuel oil heater could eventually lead to _________.


29. Steam leaving the desuperheater is used to __________.


30. While making your rounds, you notice the main lube oil temperature to be higher than normal. To remedy this situation, you should __________.


31. Shrouding, with regards to steam turbines, is rolled to the curvature of the blade ends and fitted to the blade __________.


32. Overheating of the generating tubes will occur when a boiler reaches its end point of __________.


33. Which turbine blade is best suited for high pressure installations?


34. Reaching which


35. Which of the following statements about boilers is correct?


36. The rate of fouling on the oil side of a fuel oil heater is inversely related to the __________.


37. When increasing the firing rate of a boiler, which of the following should be carried out first?


38. Which of the items listed is required by Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 54) to be stamped on a pressure vessel?


39. Which of the conditions listed would indicate a dirty fuel oil strainer?


40. Guardian valves are installed on main propulsion turbines to __________.


41. To safely increase the firing rate of a boiler, you should always increase the forced draft pressure __________.


42. If one fuel oil strainer of a duplex unit becomes clogged while the vessel is steaming at sea, the first action should be to __________.


43. To safely decrease the boiler firing rate, you should always reduce the fuel pressure __________.


44. According to 46 CFR, which of the following statements is true concerning main boiler safety valve escape piping?


45. If you noted a large difference in the pressures indicated by a duplex pressure gage to the fuel oil system strainer, you should __________.


46. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), all vessels having oil fired main propulsion boiler(s) must be equipped with the following, except __________.


47. If a fuel oil solenoid valve fails to secure the fuel oil supply to the starboard boiler upon loss of the forced draft air supply, you should immediately __________.


48. While maneuvering out of port, you answer a stop bell. You notice a lot of steam coming out of the gland exhaust condenser vent, in addition to the main condenser hot well level being low. For this condition you should __________.


49. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that quickclosing valves on a fuel oil service system should be installed as close as is practicable to the __________.


50. When raising steam on a cold boiler under normal conditions, you should always __________.


51. With vacuum up and the main propulsion turbine standing by while awaiting engine orders, it is necessary to roll the unit alternately ahead and astern every five minutes to __________.


52. The time taken to raise steam on a cold boiler should always be __________.


53. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that the design pressure of an economizer integral with the boiler and connected to the boiler drum without intervening stop valves shall be at least equal to __________.


54. Any abnormal condition or emergency that occurs in the engine room must be reported immediately to the __________.


55. Water in the fuel supply to a steaming boiler can be detected by __________.


56. How many pinion gears are required in an articulated, double reduction gear set for a cross- compounded turbine?


57. Water emulsified in the fuel oil when supplied to a boiler is indicated by the following, except __________.


58. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) concerning lubricating oil systems for main propulsion turbines, require __________.


59. In a regenerative air heater, air is bypassed around the heater while __________.


60. If the fires in a boiler furnace begin sputtering or hissing, you should suspect __________.


61. Which of the following statements represents the reason why the Babbitt of a turbine journal bearing is relieved at the point of oil entry along the horizontal joint?


62. Stack type air heaters are bypassed when a vessel is in port in order to prevent __________.


63. When boiler fires begin sputtering, indicating water in the fuel oil settling tank, you should __________.


64. The following information was recorded after a recent L.P. turbine bearing installation. The bearing temperature was logged at the indicated time intervals as: 1200-110


65. As steam first enters the main propulsion turbine, which of the following energy conversions takes place?


66. Most auxiliary turbine feed pumps do not require an external source of gland sealing steam because they __________.


67. According to 46 CFR's, steam piping subject to main boiler pressure must be hydrostatically tested at specified intervals. Therefore, which of the following statements is true?


68. Flexible couplings used between main turbine rotors and reduction gear installations are usually __________.


69. What will be the first thing to occur if both the main and standby lube oil pumps failed to operate on a geared main propulsion steam turbine operating at full sea speed?


70. After the main engine has reached full sea speed, which of the following conditions could cause the water level in the boiler steam drum to keep falling?


71. If the pressure becomes excessive in the auxiliary exhaust system of a steam propulsion plant, the excess steam will normally be dumped to the __________.


72. Which of the following conditions must exist before the superheating of saturated steam can occur in a steam propulsion boiler?


73. The useful life of furnace refractory is affected most by __________.


74. When heated, brickwork in a boiler is kept from buckling by the installation of __________.


75. From which of the areas listed are condensate drains normally collected and returned to the atmospheric pressure drain system?


76. Which of the following statements represents the significance of the differential pressure existing between the nozzle block and steam chest of a turbo generator equipped with a lifting beam mechanism?


77. If a line shaft bearing begins to overheat, the shaft speed should be reduced. If overheating persists, you should then __________.


78. Which of the following types of bearings is designed to limit end movement and carry loads applied in the same direction as the shaft axis?


79. How are line shaft bearings usually lubricated?


80. High boiler water level can cause carryover and __________.


81. When preparing to light off a cold boiler, the fuel oil should be re-circulated until it is __________.


82. A sample of boiler water can be chemically tested for alkalinity by initially adding a few drops of phenolphthalein and then slowly titrating the water sample until the __________.


83. High pressure steam drains from systems operating at above 150 psi are normally collected in the __________.


84. Under normal operating conditions of constant load and combustion rates, which of the following will occur when the amount of excess air to the furnace is increased?


85. Where reaction turbine blading is fitted with shrouding of "end tightened" design, which of the following conditions will be the most critical to efficient turbine operation?


86. A leaking boiler de-super heater may be indicated by a/an __________. I. gradual, but continual rise in phosphate readings in only one boiler II. inability to maintain normal working pressure in the auxiliary steam system


87. Air leaks through the inner or outer casing of a boiler could result in the following, except __________.


88. Prior to relieving the watch you should first check the fire room status by verifying the boiler water level and __________.


89. To properly clean a burner tip, you should use __________.


90. Prior to relieving the watch you should first check the fire room status by verifying the fuel oil pressure to the burners and __________.


91. When relieving the watch in the fire room, you should first check the __________.


92. Which of the conditions listed would indicate water carryover to a turbine?


93. De-superheated steam can be found at the __________.


94. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), the studs and bolts on marine boiler mountings must be removed for examination at least every __________.


95. An unusual vibration in the main propulsion turbine unit, accompanied by a rumbling sound in the reduction gear, could be caused by __________.


96. Spray attemperators are commonly used to __________.


97. During each two and one-half year inspection, which test or examination of a cargo vessel water tube boiler is required by Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR)?


98. To properly remove the burner tip nut from the burner barrel, the barrel should be __________.


99. The main propulsion turbine can be damaged by __________.


100. The primary purpose of a control desuperheater installed in the steam drum of a boiler is to __________.


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