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1. The solenoid valves in the fuel oil supply line to an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, are automatically closed by __________.


2. Control of the fuel oil metering valve in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is accomplished by a __________.


3. If the cooling water temperature and the lube oil temperature in a diesel engine are too high, the cause can be __________.


4. If the raw water supply pressure for a diesel engine cooling system is below normal, you should check for a __________.


5. In a closed cooling water system, which of the following problems can cause the water pressure to fluctuate?


6. A dirty diesel engine oil filter element can best be detected by __________.


7. The color of the diesel engine detergent type lube oil in an operating diesel engine is black, this indicates __________.


8. A dirty lube oil strainer can result in __________.


9. When a leak has developed in the lube oil cooler of an operating diesel engine, which of the listed operating conditions can be expected to occur?


10. Scale and dirt accumulation in the waterside of a lube oil cooler will be indicated by a gradual increase in the lube oil __________.


11. On small diesel engines, a noticeable decrease in the time interval between the replacement of the lube filter cartridge indicates __________.


12. In an operating diesel engine, pre-ignition can be caused by __________.


13. Irregular engine speed in a diesel generator can be caused by __________.


14. If fuel oil were being discharged from the waste water outlet of a fuel oil disk type centrifuge, operated as a separator, you should __________.


15. Heat damage to fuel injection nozzles can be prevented by avoiding __________.


16. One cause of diesel engine surging can be a result of __________.


17. Which of the following problems can occur if you continually fail to drain off condensate from a starting air receiver?


18. When starting air is admitted, a diesel engine turns over very slowly without firing. The cause may be __________.


19. When an additional load is applied to a diesel engine which is using an inadequately inflated air bladder clutch unit, you can expect __________.


20. Excessive mechanical and pulsating vibrations developed in a main propulsion diesel engine may be more likely to cause damage to an attached __________.


21. Before any work is done on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should always __________.


22. Before any work is to be carried out on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should always __________.


23. The starter control valve in the hydraulic system is malfunctioning. Before removing the valve, you must first __________.


24. Which of the listed items should be secured before performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated air start valve?


25. When a nozzle tester is used to check the spray pattern of a diesel fuel injection nozzle, which of the following statements is true?


26. The principal hazard to personnel when using a diesel engine fuel nozzle tester is _______.


27. An immediate repair is required if a leak occurs in the high pressure fuel piping between the injection pump and fuel nozzle because of the __________.


28. Which of the following precautions should be taken when cleaning the air filter on a diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger?


29. Following the failure of one turbocharger on a large, crosshead, main propulsion diesel engine, fitted with multiple turbochargers, which of the following actions should be taken prior to further operation of the engine?


30. The process of supplying a diesel engine cylinder with air at a pressure greater than atmospheric is called __________.


31. Forcing the exhaust gases from the cylinder of an operating two cycle diesel engine with the aid of a blower is known as __________.


32. Which of the listed types of superchargers will NOT have a volumetric capacity proportional to engine speed?


33. The relative air pressure in the inlet manifold of a turbocharged diesel engine is usually __________.


34. Why will a turbocharged diesel engine produce black smoke if excessive additional load is applied too quickly?


35. Which of the following devices will increase the power output of a diesel engine without increasing its frictional load?


36. Some diesel engines are supercharged with a __________.


37. At rated engine load and RPM, the diesel engine turbocharger is powered by __________.


38. The operating speed of a turbocharger is directly dependent upon __________.


39. What statement is true concerning the charge air system of a modern turbocharged slow- speed two-stroke cycle diesel engine?


40. What statement is true concerning the charge air system of a modern turbocharged slow- speed two-stroke cycle diesel engine?


41. On a typical turbo-charged marine diesel engine, what type of blower/compressor is used within the turbocharger?


42. Corrosion inhibitors and/or soluble oils are added to diesel engine cooling systems to __________.


43. The highest pressure in any closed diesel engine freshwater cooling system is at the __________.


44. The expansion tank in a diesel engine closed freshwater cooling system is located at __________.


45. A closed freshwater cooling system is commonly used with marine diesel engines because the __________.


46. When checking zincs in a saltwater cooled heat exchanger, you should __________.


47. An electric heater built into some smaller diesel engines is used to __________.


48. Which of the following reasons represents why the designed compression ratio of a gasoline engine is lower than that of a diesel engine?


49. Which of the following is an example of a solid bearing?


50. The proper location for journal bearing oil grooves is __________.


51. The linear motion of a diesel engine piston is converted into the rotary motion required to drive gears, propeller shafts, and generators by the __________.


52. Connecting rods in a diesel engine are used to connect the __________.


53. Before starting a diesel engine, you should always __________.


54. Before starting a diesel engine that has an engine driven lube oil pump, you should __________.


55. When attempting to restart a warm high-speed engine, which of the following reactions can you expect?


56. A normally operating diesel engine is shutdown by __________.


57. As found in a reduction gear drive system, thrust bearings serve to __________.


58. Babbitt is a metal alloy commonly used for lining __________.


59. Which of the following methods is used to securely fasten the Babbitt lining of a reduction gear bearing to its shell?


60. Which of the following types of bearings are used as line shaft bearings?


61. Hydraulic couplings will transmit torque equal to the input torque by means of energy changes in a rotating vortex of liquid. For the vortices to form there must be __________.


62. One advantage of electromagnetic slip couplings is __________.


63. What type of reduction gear would most commonly be used with twin medium-speed propulsion diesel engines driving a single shaft?


64. Which of the statements represents a characteristic of the thrust collar in a Kingsbury thrust bearing?


65. What is the function of the main thrust bearing?


66. Kingsbury thrust bearings are lubricated by __________.


67. On a large diesel engine installation, crankshaft axial alignment is maintained by the __________.


68. Fuel is admitted to a diesel engine cylinder through the __________.


69. Movement of the pump control rack in a fuel injection system using individual plunger- type pumps __________.


70. Fuel oil discharged into the diesel engine cylinder is atomized at the __________.


71. The main advantage of unit injectors over other fuel injection systems is __________.


72. Fuel injection pumps using the port and helix metering principle requires the use of a __________.


73. Which of the fuel injection systems listed uses a spring loaded differential spray needle valve and an individual pump for each cylinder?


74. The amount of fuel delivered by a helical plunger fuel injection pump is controlled by __________.


75. A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine uses sea water to directly cool the __________.


76. Lube oil cannot be efficiently filtered if it’s __________.


77. The possibility of a diesel engine crankcase explosion will be increased by operating an engine __________.


78. If a diesel engine has been stopped because of piston seizure due to severe overheating, the crankcase __________.


79. Which of the following methods is normally used to lubricate bearings in a small high- speed diesel engine?


80. In an auxiliary diesel engine "by-pass type" lubricating oil system, the main lube oil pump forces __________.


81. Lubrication for the main reduction gears used with diesel engines is usually supplied by __________.


82. For a diesel engine, approximately how long can an electric starter motor be operated continuously before damage may begin to occur due to overheating?


83. Diesel engine electric starting motors generally require heavier duty motors and operate at higher voltages than comparable starting motors for gasoline engines due to __________.


84. The pinion of an auxiliary diesel electric starting motor normally engages the flywheel ring gear by means of a/an __________.


85. Starting systems for large, direct reversing, main propulsion diesel engines are usually __________.


86. Auxiliary boilers are divided into several classifications, one of which is __________.


87. In a coil-type forced circulation auxiliary water-tube boiler, __________.


88. Which of the following statements concerning fire-tube boilers is correct?


89. Bottom blow valves are installed on auxiliary water-tube boilers to __________.


90. The purpose of try-cocks used on an auxiliary boiler is to __________.


91. An exhaust gas bypass is installed on a waste heat boiler in order to __________.


92. The maximum pressure developed by a waste heat boiler is determined by the main engine exhaust __________.


93. Casing drains may be required on a waste heat boiler gas passage side to __________.


94. The tube sheets installed in a fire-tube auxiliary boiler are normally connected by __________.


95. Fusible plugs are installed in fire-tube boilers to __________.


96. Constant capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel burners designed to meet a wide variation in steaming loads on an auxiliary boiler, are __________.


97. The primary function of a flame safeguard system, as used on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, is to prevent __________.


98. A photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler burner management system __________.


99. The pressuretrol which is installed on an auxiliary boiler senses steam pressure changes and __________.


100. A variable capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel oil burner functions to __________.


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