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1. Who are qualified to conduct ultrasonic gauging of the vessels?.


2. An indication caused by weight loaded or shifted on board:.


3. A boxed shape lighter has a draft of 1.6 m water of density 1024 kg/m3. What should be her draftin a density of 1008 kg/m3?


4. Why should the actual bending moment of the vessel be less than the allowable bending moment?.


5. A fouled propeller can reduced the efficiency of the vessel by how many percent?.


6. The angle between the horizontal and the launch rail of the lifeboat when it first enters the water is known as/a __________.


7. The greatest distance measured from the still water surface to the lowest point on the lifeboat when the lifeboat is in the launch configuration and the ship is in its lightest seagoing condition is known as/a __________.


8. A personal life-saving appliances which has an outer diameter of not more than 800 mm and an inner diameter of not less than 400 mm is the specification of a/an __________.


9. Lifebuoy has a mass of not less than __________.


10. Lifebuoy is capable of supporting not less than 14.5 kg of iron in fresh water for a period of __________.


11. Lifebuoy self-activating smoke signals emit smoke of a highly visible color at a uniform rate for a period of at least __________.


12. Lifebuoy self-activating smoke signals continue to emit smoke when fully submerged in water for a period of at least __________.


13. Buoyant lifelines have a breaking strength of not less than __________.


14. The diameter of the buoyant lifelines shall not be less than __________.


15. On general requirements of lifejacket, a lifejacket shall not sustain burning or continue melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of __________.


16. An adult lifejacket shall be constructed that at least 75 % of persons who are completely unfamiliar with the lifejacket can correctly don it without assistance, guidance or prior demonstration within a period of __________.


17. An adult lifejacket shall have sufficient buoyancy and stability in calm fresh water to lift the mouth of an exhausted or unconscious person not less than 120 mm clear of the water with the body inclined backwards from the vertical position at an angle of not less than __________.


18. An adult lifejacket shall have sufficient buoyancy and stability in calm fresh water to turn the body of unconscious person in the water from any position to one where the mouth is clear of the water in not more than __________.


19. A lifejacket shall have the buoyancy which will not reduced by more than __________.


20. Lifejacket lights shall have a source of energy capable of providing a luminous intensity of 0.75 cd for a period of at least __________.


21. The requirements of donning of emersion suits without assistance must be within __________.


22. The thermal performance requirements for immersion suits when it is worn for a period of one hour in calm circulating water at a temperature of 5 degree Celsius, the wearer’s body core temperature does not fall more than __________.


23. Rocket parachute flares have a burning period of not less than __________.


24. Rocket parachute flares have a rate of descent of not more than __________.


25. Rocket parachute flares when fired vertically, reach an altitude of not less than __________.


26. Hand flares continue to burn after having immersed in water at a depth of 100 mm for a period of __________.


27. Hand flares have a burning period of not less than __________.


28. Buoyant smoke signals emit smoke of a highly visible color at a uniform rate when floating in calm water for a period of not less than __________.


29. Life-raft are constructed as to be capable of withstanding exposure in all sea conditions for __________.


30. The floating life-raft shall be capable of withstanding repeated jumps onto it from a height of at least 4.5 meters above its floors both with and without the __________.


31. All lifeboats except free-fall lifeboat shall be provided with at least one drain valve fitted near the lowest point in the hull which shall automatically open to drain water from the hull when the lifeboat is not waterborne and shall __________.


32. Every lifeboat shall be fitted with a device to secure a painter near its bow and the device shall be such that the lifeboat does not exhibit unsafe or unstable characteristics when being towed by the ship making headway at a speed up to __________.


33. Every lifeboat shall be powered by a compression-ignition engine but no lifeboat engine shall used fuel with a flashpoint of __________.


34. The speed of a lifeboat when proceeding ahead in calm water, when loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment and with all engine-powered auxiliary equipment in operation shall be at least __________.


35. Lifeboat must have sufficient fuel suitable for use throughout the temperature range expected in the area in which the ship operates at full load for a period of not less than __________.


36. The normal rocket parachute flares carried by every lifeboat is __________.


37. The normal hand flares carried by every lifeboat is __________.


38. The normal buoyant smoke signal carried by every lifeboat is __________.


39. Rescue boat shall be capable of maneuvering at a speed of 6 knots and maintaining that speed for a period of at least __________.


40. Lifeboat and rescue boat engines shall be run for a total period of not less than three minutes every __________.


41. If weather and sea condition permit, lifeboat, except free-fall lifeboat, on cargo ships shall be moved from their stowed position without __________.


42. The uppermost deck up to which the transverse watertight bulkheads are carried is known as/a __________.


43. A divisions constructed of approved non-combustible material and combustible veneers are permitted provided they meet the requirement is known as/a __________.


44. A public space within a single main vertical zone spanning three or more open deck is called __________.


45. Watertight subdivision bulkhead whether transverse or longitudinal shall be constructed having a __________.


46. No doors, manhole, access opening, ventilation ducts or any other opening shall be fitted in the collision bulkhead below the __________.


47. Watertight doors shall be power-operated sliding doors capable of being closed simultaneously from the central operating console at the navigational bridge in not more than __________.


48. Lead or other heat sensitive materials shall not be used in systems which penetrate watertight bulkhead where deterioration of such system in the event of fire would impair the __________.


49. Power-operated sliding watertight doors shall have a __________.


50. Power-operated sliding watertight doors is also equipped with manual hand gear and the time necessary for the complete closure of the door using operating hand gear shall not exceed __________.


51. The main steering gear and rudder stock shall be capable of putting the rudder over from 35º on one side to 35º on the other side with the ship at its deepest seagoing draught and running ahead at maximum ahead service speed and under the same condition, from 35º on either side to 30º on the other side in __________.


52. Which of the following is provided with controls for opening and closing the doors by power from both sides of the door and also for closing the door by power from the central operating console at the navigational bridge?


53. Power-operated sliding watertight doors must have an approximate uniform rate of closure under power and the closure time from the time the door begin to move to the time it reaches the completely closed position shall in no case be less than __________.


54. In the event of failure of either main or emergency source of electrical power, power-operated sliding water doors shall be operated according to SOLAS regulations with the use of __________.


55. Where the emergency source of electrical power is generator, transitional source of emergency electrical power shall be provided in case of emergency generator failure and this transitional source of emergency electrical power shall consist of an accumulator battery suitably located for use in an emergency which shall operate without recharging while maintaining the voltage of the battery throughout the discharge period for at least __________.


56. Exposed metal parts of electrical machines or equipments which are not intended to be lived but which are liable under fault condition to become live shall be __________.


57. Accumulator batteries shall be suitably housed and compartments used primarily for their accommodation shall be properly constructed and __________.


58. For fire precautions in boiler air supply casing and exhaust uptakes, and in scavenging air belts of propulsion machinery, means shall be provided to __________.


59. For periodically unattended internal combustion engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300 mm bore shall be provided with crankcase __________.


60. Every passenger ships and on every cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and upward shall be provided with at least __________.


61. A liquid cargo with a flash point of less than 60 ºC for which a regular foam fire fighting system complying with the fire safety system is not effective, is considered to be __________.


62. For liquid cargo with flashpoint of less than 60 ºC for which a regular foam fire fighting system is not effective, additional measures are required that __________.


63. A liquid cargo considered to be cargo introducing additional fire hazard has a vapor pressure and temperature of __________.


64. To prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion; reduce the risk to life caused by fire; reduce the risk of damage caused by fire to the ship, its cargo and environment; contain, control and suppress fire and explosion in the compartment of origin; and provide adequate and readily accessible means of escape for passengers and crew were known as __________.


65. One of the functional requirements of fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction in order to achieve the fire safety objectives is __________.


66. The temperature in degree Celsius at which a product will give off enough flammable vapors to be ignited as determined by an approved flash point apparatus is called __________.


67. The surface that adequately restricted the spread of flame, this being determined in accordance with the Fire Test Procedure Code is known as __________.


68. A section into which the hull, superstructure and deckhouses are divided by “A” class division, the mean length and width of which on any deck does not in general exceed 40 m is called __________.


69. Equipment used for the preparation of fuel delivery to oil-fired boiler, or delivery of heated oil to internal combustion engine to include oil pressure pumps, filter and heater dealing with oil pressure more than 0.18 N/mm² is called __________.


70. A hot room with temperatures normally varying 80 ºC and 120 ºC where the heat is provided by hot surface including hot spaces where electrically heated oven is located is called __________.


71. As stipulated in prevention of fire and explosion, surfaces with temperature above 220 ºC which may be impinged as a result of a fuel system failure shall be __________.


72. Precaution shall be taken to prevent any oil that may escape under pressure from any pump, filter or heater from coming into contact with __________.


73. In spaces where penetration of oil product is possible, the surface of insulation shall be __________.


74. A high temperature alarm shall be provided to fuel oil settling and service tanks fitted with heating arrangement, in order to monitor fuel oil temperature not to exceed its __________.


75. Inert gas system shall be capable of inerting, purging and gas freeing empty tanks and maintaining the atmosphere in cargo tanks with the required __________.


76. Tanker ships fitted with fixed inert gas system shall be provided with a/an __________.


77. Tanker ships shall be provided and equipped with gas measuring instrument for measuring flammable vapor concentration together with a sufficient set of spares as well as suitable means for the calibration of such instrument. The SOLAS rule requires tanker ships to carry at least __________.


78. In double hull spaces where atmosphere cannot be reliably measured using flexible hose gas sampling, such spaces shall be fitted with __________.


79. One of the requirements to protect of cargo pump room in tanker ships, lightings except emergency lighting shall be interlocked with __________.


80. In cargo ships, the diameter of fire main and water service pipes is sufficient to discharge __________.


81. Which of the following may be accepted as fire pumps provided that they are not normally used for pumping oil and that if they are subject to occasional duty for the transfer or pumping of fuel oil, they are fitted with suitable change over arrangement?


82. In passenger ships of 4,000 gross tonnage and above, they shall be provided with independently driven fire pumps of at least __________.


83. In passenger ships of less than 4,000 gross tonnage, they shall be provided with independently driven fire pumps of at least __________.


84. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers shall not be placed in __________.


85. Fire extinguishing systems using halon 1211, 1301 and 2402 and perflourocarbons is __________.


86. In boiler room, there shall be not less than one approved foam-type extinguisher with a capacity of at least __________.


87. In boiler room or at the entrance outside the boiler room, at least one portable foam applicator unit is provided and complying with the provisions of the __________.


88. Except for passenger ships, cargo ships are provided to carry fire fighter’s outfits of at least __________.


89. If fuel levels are found to have increased after grounding, you suspect _____.


90. In the event of a collision you may not loss water tight integrity if you:.


91. It is usually evidence of vibration from propeller design dimension excessive without of the shafttaper or unbalance of the propeller cap and is called:.


92. What is considered the maximum limits for the class surveyors above water line to be cropped out?.


93. When any tank or compartment in a ship is partially filled with liquid, the liquid is free to move asthe ship rolls, and is said to have free surface.Free surface will usually?


94. Prior repair to the sustained damages of the vessel maintaining class, who is to be notified first?.


95. The value of the height of the metacenter (KM) at any draft my be:.


96. Zinc anodes are installed in a marine, raw water, cooling system to:.


97. Kort nozzle refers to a/an __________.


98. Which type of weld testing can be used to detect internal flaws?.


99. The power taken directly by a model test of a ship.


100. The vessel is classed, the machinery was found to be damaged due to negligency of the crew.Whois liable for claims?


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