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1. A vessel loads 100 tons of glass jars. The mate on watch discovers that some of the cartons have been damaged and has an exception made on the Bill of Lading. What is this document called?


2. The type of carrier required to file a copy of freight tariffs would be the __________.


3. A seaman lost his continuous discharge book during the voyage. Upon discharge from Articles, he should be issued a __________.


4. The shear rams of a MODU blowout preventer stack are used in emergency well control to __________.


5. A vessel has a charter party for one voyage to carry a full load of manganese from Durban, South Africa, to Baltimore, Maryland, at a stipulated rate per ton. Which type of contract is involved?


6. A vessel has completed loading cargo in the port of San Francisco. What document is signed by the Master stating the terms that goods were delivered and received by the ship?


7. The object of plugging holes below the waterline on a MODU should be to __________.


8. The dangerous cargo manifest does NOT indicate __________


9. A seaman deserts the vessel in a foreign port. What should the Master do with any of the deserter's personal effects remaining on board?


10. The shipping papers for the products being carried in your tankship are NOT required to contain the __________.


11. Particular average is __________.


12. What is a pinion in a jacking system?


13. The S.S. Slip Knot has been chartered to the Longline Steamship Company. The Longline Steamship Company agrees to pay all expenses and employ and pay the crew. Which type of contract is involved?


14. The objective of shoring the damaged area of a MODU is to __________.


15. The exact and complete identification of all cargo on board must be found on the __________.


16. An alien crewmember with a D-1 permit leaves the vessel in a U.S. port and fails to return. The first report you make should be to the __________.


17. After your vessel has been involved in a casualty, you are required to make your logbooks, bell books, etc., available to __________.


18. A Master should file a marine note of protest if __________.


19. In the piping systems of a MODU, what type of valve gives the least resistance to fluid flow when fully open?


20. The basic shipping paper that forms an agreement between a shipowner and a charterer is a __________.


21. The document that the Master uses to attest to the truth of the manifest of cargo is called __________.


22. A vessel has been damaged by fire. The survey shows the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the repaired vessel. This is an example of a(n) __________.


23. Which type of carrier accepts without discrimination all legal cargoes of a shipper?


24. On a voyage charter, when a vessel is ready to load cargo, the Master should render to the charterer a __________.


25. What would be prima facie evidence of unseaworthiness?


26. A fire has damaged 20 bales of cotton on a freighter loaded with general cargo. This claim would come under __________.


27. The operator of an uninspected vessel MUST assist people affected by an accident if he or she can do so without __________.


28. What is the penalty for desertion?


29. Who cannot commit the crime of barratry?


30. What is the function of an air receiver in the compressed air system on a MODU?


31. What is a major disadvantage of Di-Lok chain compared with Oil Rig Quality (stud link) chain in floating drilling rig operations?


32. Thirty-five percent of the breaking strength of an anchor cable is generally accepted as the __________.


33. What percentage of the breaking strength is the generally accepted safe operating load of an anchor cable?


34. In a wire rope mooring system, the fairlead sheave should be a minimum of __________.


35. Who is responsible for insuring that the accommodations on a mobile offshore drilling unit are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition?


36. All electrical appliances aboard a vessel should be grounded to __________.


37. What is the proper direction of flow through a globe valve when the valve is installed to be in a normally open position?


38. On what type of pump would you find an impeller?


39. What is the purpose of a vent header?


40. One method of controlling rats on vessels is by rat-proofing. Rat-proofing is accomplished by __________.


41. On a tankship, sanitary inspections of the crew's quarters are the responsibility of the __________.


42. What represents poor sanitary procedures?


43. A vessel's light displacement is 12,000 tons. Its heavy displacement is 28,000 tons. When fully loaded it carries 200 tons of fuel and 100 tons of water and stores. What is the cargo carrying capacity in tons?


44. While in dry dock your vessel will be belt-gauged. This process involves __________.


45. A Kort nozzle is a(n) __________.


46. A chock __________.


47. Aboard ship, vertical flat plates running transversely and connecting the vertical keel to the margin plates are called __________.


48. The deck beam brackets of a transversely framed vessel resist __________.


49. A partial deck in a hold is called a(n) __________.


50. Regulations define the bulkhead deck as __________. (subdivision and stability regulations)


51. The terms "ceiling" and "margin plate" are associated with the __________.


52. In ship construction, frame spacing is __________.


53. Lighter longitudinal stiffening frames on the vessel's side plating are called __________.


54. The garboard strake is the __________.


55. Another name for the garboard strake is the __________.


56. Owing to the greater girth of a ship amidships than at the ends, certain strakes are dropped as they approach the bow and stern to reduce the amount of plating at the ends. These strakes are called __________.


57. Which arrangement of shell plating is used most in modern shipbuilding?


58. Which is NOT an advantage of the flush method of welded shell plating?


59. Shell plating that has curvature in two directions and must be heated and hammered to shape over specially prepared forms is called __________.


60. Bilge keels are more effective at dampening rolls as the __________.


61. To rigidly fasten together the peak frames, the stem, and the outside framing, a horizontal plate is fitted across the forepeak of a vessel. This plate is known as a(n) __________.


62. What descriptive term indicates that the dimension is measured from the inner face of the shell or deck plating?


63. Which term indicates the rise in height of the bottom plating from the plane of the base line?


64. By definition, a "spar deck" is the __________.


65. The purpose of a bilge well is to __________


66. Molded depth is measured from the __________.


67. The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.


68. The half-breadth plan is __________.


69. Gross tonnage indicates the vessel's __________.


70. Tonnage openings must be closed by means of __________.


71. What welding pattern is NOT used to permanently attach a stiffener to a plate?


72. The welds used to join shell plates in flush construction are known as __________


73. Signs of racking stresses generally appear at the __________.


74. Dacron sails, when not in use, may be damaged if __________.


75. Canvas sails, when not in use, may be damaged if __________.


76. Which line would be used to hoist a sail?


77. A deep keel on a sailing vessel increases the __________.


78. What is the proper method to fix running rigging to a cleat?


79. A sloop is a sailing vessel with __________.


80. What standing rigging supports the mast in the fore-and-aft and athwartships directions?


81. What is the purpose of a centerboard when sailing on a tack?


82. To determine the weight capacity of a deck in a cargo hold, you would refer to the __________.


83. Cargo securing for Ro-Ro is based on the concept of __________.


84. The valve on the discharge side of a cargo pump on a tank vessel will usually be a __________.


85. What must cargo pumps in tank vessels carrying grade D liquid cargo be isolated from sources of vapor ignition by?


86. What is an advantage of the spherical type containment system?


87. The system of valves and cargo lines in the bottom piping network of a tank vessel that connects one section of cargo tanks to another section is called a __________.


88. The piping that routes an oil cargo from the manifold directly to a cargo tank and serves only one tank is known as a __________.


89. What is the most commonly used material for valve construction in LNG cargo piping?


90. Which of the following is the pipe used to connect two separate piping systems on a tank vessel?


91. What is a cofferdam?


92. On tankers with manually operated tank valves, which of the following is the type of valve most commonly used?


93. Which type of ventilation is required for enclosed spaces containing gasoline, machinery, or fuel tanks? (small passenger vessel regulations)


94. A "skiff hook" is a device used to do which of the following?


95. A "T-Boat" accident resulting in loss of life, serious injury or more than $25,000 property damage must be reported to __________.


96. A device used to tighten up remaining slack in wire rope when you are making up to a tow in inland waters is a __________.


97. What equipment is NOT used to protect a towing hawser?


98. Which type of shackle is used for most towing connections?


99. Which structural members improve a towing vessel's chance of surviving punctured shell plating?


100. A disk with a horizontal line through its center, equivalent to the summer load line, is called the __________.


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