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1. What is the minimum number of hand held, rocket propelled, parachute, red flare, distress signals required on board offshore drilling units?


2. Each buoyant work vest must be __________.


3. The person in charge of a MODU shall insure that the fuel tank of each motor propelled lifeboat is emptied, and the fuel is changed at least once every __________.


4. The person in charge shall insure that each lifeboat on a MODU is lowered to the water, launched, and operated at least once every __________.


5. Lifeboat winches on a MODU are required to be inspected and an entry made in the logbook. What should this entry include?


6. After conducting an abandonment drill, the Master or person in charge of a MODU shall log __________.


7. After conducting a boat drill on a mobile offshore drilling unit, what must the Master or person in charge enter in the in the logbook?


8. Once you have established the daily ration of drinking water in a survival situation, how should you drink it?


9. When using the rain water collection tubes on a liferaft, the first collection should be __________.


10. You are trying to rescue survivors from a wrecked vessel on fire. You should approach __________.


11. You are proceeding to a distress site and expect large numbers of people in the water. Which statement is TRUE?


12. According to the Lifesaving regulations in Subchapter W, fire and abandon ship drills must be held within 24 hours of leaving port if the percentage of the crew that has not participated in drills aboard that particular vessel in the prior month exceeds __________.


13. What shall be conducted during a fire and boat drill?


14. If passengers are on board when an abandon ship drill is carried out, they should __________.


15. All personnel on board a vessel should be familiar with the rescue boat's __________.


16. In good weather, you should deploy the sea anchor from the liferaft to __________.


17. The operating cord on an inflatable liferaft also serves as a __________.


18. In each inflatable rescue boat, what piece of equipment is provided to make quick, emergency, temporary repairs to a large hole in a raft?


19. The water pockets located on the underside of inflatable liferafts __________.


20. What is placed on the underside of an inflatable liferaft to help prevent it from being skidded by the wind or overturned?


21. Hand holds or straps on the underside of an inflatable liferaft are provided __________.


22. To turn over a liferaft that is floating upside down, you should pull on the __________.


23. The canopy of an inflatable liferaft should __________.


24. Which item of the listed survival craft equipment would be the most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


25. The knife on an inflatable liferaft will always be located __________.


26. Inflatable liferafts are provided with __________.


27. If an inflatable liferaft is to be released manually, where should the operating cord be attached before throwing the raft overboard?


28. Which operation should be done when launching an inflatable liferaft by hand?


29. When launching an inflatable liferaft, you should make sure that the operating cord is __________.


30. To launch a liferaft by hand, you should __________.


31. An inflatable liferaft should be manually released from its cradle by __________.


32. If the hydrostatic release mechanism for an inflatable liferaft is not periodically serviced and becomes inoperable, it will fail to __________.


33. Generally, what is used to inflate liferafts?


34. Which of the following steps should normally be taken first by those who have boarded a liferaft in an emergency situation?


35. If the liferaft capsizes, all personnel should leave the raft and __________


36. When a helicopter is lifting personnel from a survival craft, the other individuals in the craft should __________.


37. Your rescue craft is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. You can reduce the possibility of capsizing by __________.


38. After a liferaft is launched, the operating cord __________.


39. Puncture leaks in the lower tubes or bottom of an inflatable liferaft should FIRST be stopped by using __________.


40. After launching, an inflatable raft should be kept dry inside by __________.


41. While reading the muster list you see that "3 short blasts on the whistle and 3 short rings on the general alarm bells" is the signal for __________.


42. When you hear three short blasts on the ship's whistle and the same signal on the general alarm bells, you __________.


43. Your vessel has 3 lifeboats on each side. The aftermost boat on the starboard side is designated as boat number __________.


44. Your vessel has 3 lifeboats on each side. The middle lifeboat on the port side is designated as boat number __________.


45. Each open lifeboat carried on a vessel on an international voyage must have __________.


46. Your vessel is equipped with mechanical davits. When stowing the lifeboat after a drill while underway, you should __________.


47. Frapping lines are fitted to lifeboat davits to __________.


48. The most common type of davit found on merchant vessels today is the __________.


49. On which type davit does the davit head stay at the same height?


50. What is the purpose of the limit switch on gravity davits?


51. Limit switches __________.


52. According to the regulations for lifeboat falls, which action must be taken at 30-month intervals?


53. At a speed of 6 knots the fuel aboard a survival craft should last __________.


54. The purpose of air tanks in a lifeboat is to __________.


55. The tricing pendants should be released __________.


56. On open lifeboats, the purpose of the wire stretched between the davit heads is to __________.


57. Lines passed around the falls to hold the boat while passengers are boarding are __________.


58. Which item of lifeboat equipment would be most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


59. The engine in a covered lifeboat is fueled with __________.


60. With the air supply on, the air pressure in an enclosed lifeboat will be __________.


61. The sprinkler system of an enclosed lifeboat is used to __________.


62. On a rigid liferaft (SOLAS B pack) which is equipped with all of the required equipment you may NOT find a __________


63. The capacity of any liferaft on board a vessel can be determined by __________.


64. If your vessel is equipped with inflatable liferafts, how should they be maintained?


65. The knife on an inflatable liferaft will always be located __________.


66. If a lifeboat is stowed 40 feet above the light water draft and 200 feet from the bow, how long must the sea painter be?


67. Lifejackets should be stowed in __________.


68. Great Lakes cargo vessels, having a liferaft stowed more than 100 meters from the bow or stern, must have at least how many liferafts?


69. Where should life jackets be stowed? (Small Passenger Vessel Regulations)


70. Which equipment is not required for a life float? (small passenger vessel regulations)


71. Small passenger vessels on rivers routes in cold water must be provided with life floats of an aggregate capacity to accommodate __________.


72. With certain exceptions a suitable rescue boat is required __________.


73. Buoyant apparatus are required to be fitted or equipped with all of the following equipment EXCEPT __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


74. Which of the following responsibilities should you assume once you have agreed to assist a disabled vessel?


75. Which of the following best describes the requirement of the emergency pump control when used as the emergency shutdown on tank vessels?


76. What does the minimum amount of lifesaving equipment required aboard an 85-foot uninspected towing vessel consists of?


77. The hydrostatic release on the inflatable liferafts on a fishing vessel must be __________.


78. The survival craft carried aboard a commercial fishing vessel must safely accommodate __________.


79. Each life preserver must be readily accessible to the person for whom it is intended while he or she is __________.


80. Category 1 EPIRBs are required to be carried on board __________.


81. A documented vessel operating over 50 miles offshore must carry an inflatable liferaft with a __________.


82. The davit aboard a MODU is used to __________.


83. The number of certificated lifeboatmen required for a vessel is found on the __________.


84. At the required fire drill, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform the duties assigned to them __________.


85. Offshore drilling units must have at least two ring buoys with water lights that, when released from the mounting rack, activate a __________


86. What is the primary advantage of a davit-launched liferaft in comparison to an inflatable liferaft?


87. Each buoyant work vest on a MODU must be __________.


88. The instructions for launching lifeboats and liferafts on a MODU must be approved by the __________.


89. On offshore drilling units, each EPIRB or SART must be tested once every __________.


90. On a MODU, each EPIRB or SART must be tested at least once __________.


91. Each EPIRB required on a MODU shall be tested using the integrated test circuit and output indicator every __________.


92. A life preserver or buoyant work vest is required to be worn on a MODU when a person is __________.


93. On offshore drilling units, the EPIRB on board is required to be tested __________.


94. Semi-portable extinguishers used on MODU's are sizes __________.


95. Each emergency light on a MODU must be marked with __________.


96. What must the Master or person in charge of a MODU enter in the logbook after conducting a boat drill?


97. What is the minimum number of lifeboats which MUST be carried on a mobile offshore drilling unit that is allowed to carry more than 30 persons?


98. A qualified person must be assigned as the second in command of a lifeboat on a MODU if the lifeboat has a capacity of more than __________.


99. An offshore drilling unit must be equipped with a first aid kit approved by the __________.


100. Of the required ring life buoys for a MODU, how many must be equipped with a water light?


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