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1. Which of the devices listed are used to rigidly mount reduction gear bearings in their housings?


2. The most likely result of water slugging in the steam supply to a ship service turbo generator is __________.


3. Which of the conditions listed occurs when glassy slag, formed by the burning of fuel oil contaminated with salt water, melts and runs over the furnace wall?


4. The splits located in the halves of main reduction gear bearings are aligned at an angle to the horizontal in order to resist __________.


5. To properly sound a reserve feed water tank, you should use a/an __________.


6. Using a dry uncoated sounding rod or tape to measure the depth of water in a reserve feed water tank will __________.


7. Which possible condition has occurred if a vacuum is present at the atmospheric drain tank vent while the vessel is underway?


8. The level of the drain inspection tank continually decreases after steam is admitted to a double bottom tank fuel oil heating coil. You can expect __________.


9. Which of the following statements describes the function of a ship's propulsion plant main reduction gear thrust bearing?


10. Turbine lube oil suction strainer baskets have __________.


11. Which of the following operational practices is helpful in avoiding the accumulation of condensate in the main reduction gear casing?


12. Which of the bearings listed is used in some turbines to limit axial movement?


13. The Kingsbury bearing is equipped with pivoted shoes in order to __________.


14. Which of the features listed, regarding the Kingsbury thrust bearing, prevents the base ring from turning and secures it to its housing?


15. In a reduction gear train, a quill shaft of high torsional flexibility provides __________.


16. When water washing a boiler, the proper sequence for washing the sections should be the _________.


17. If an operating propulsion unit requires excessive quantities of gland sealing steam, you should suspect a __________.


18. To stop the rotor of a main turbine while underway at sea you should __________.


19. Circulation in a water-tube boiler is caused by the difference in the __________.


20. To prevent a small plastic refractory wall patch repair from falling into the furnace of a D-type boiler, you should __________.


21. After patching refractory with plastic firebrick, holes are poked in the patch on 1-1/2 inch centers in order to __________.


22. The terms 'swell' and 'shrink' relate to a change in boiler water level which __________.


23. Which of the listed actions should be carried out with the super heater vent valve during the time steam is being raised in a boiler?


24. An indication of excessive soot accumulation on boiler water tubes and economizer surfaces is -_________.


25. Boiler firesides must be kept free of soot accumulations because __________.


26. Excessive soot accumulations on boiler generating tube surfaces can result in __________.


27. The steam drum in a D-type marine boiler mainly __________.


28. Which of the flexible coupling types listed is used in most turbine reduction gear installations?


29. When two or more boilers provide steam flow to a common main steam line, each boiler main steam line shall be fitted with a main steam stop valve and a/an __________.


30. Which of the following factors determines the type of construction used for gear hubs in shipboard reduction gear units?


31. Which of the conditions listed could cause steam formation in the economizer?


32. The phenomenon called 'shrink' causes an apparent drop in the water level of a steaming boiler. This phenomenon is caused by a/an __________.


33. Fresh water accumulating in the reduction gear sump may be directly attributed to a/an __________.


34. Before using a boiler compressed air soot blower system, you should __________.


35. The pinion gears used in main propulsion reduction gear mechanisms are generally constructed of __________.


36. Which of the listed conditions causes shrinkage in boiler water levels?


37. In main propulsion systems, which metal is used in the construction of the shafts for a main reduction gear unit?


38. The effects of shrink and swell on boiler water levels can be minimized by __________.


39. Why are the gear teeth of large reduction gears usually cut in a temperature controlled room?


40. The super heater vents should always be open when __________.


41. The scavenging air for soot blowers is supplied by the __________.


42. Which of the following represents one of the designed functions of reduction gears?


43. In a gravity lube oil system, a sight glass is installed in a line near the operating platform. This line connects the __________.


44. A Kingsbury, or pivot shoe type thrust bearing can bear much greater loads per square inch of working surface than can parallel surface bearings because provisions are made in the Kingsbury bearing __________.


45. If saltwater leaks into and contaminates the main lubricating oil system, which of the following remedial actions should be taken?


46. Which of the following statements represents the principle of operation of the Kingsbury type thrust bearing?


47. Which of the following statements represents the function of the center groove machined on a double helical gear?


48. As the rate of combustion is increased in a boiler, more steam is generated because the __________.


49. By which of the following means can rotating parts of the main reduction gear be examined?


50. When raising steam on a boiler, the super heater drains should __________.


51. The maintenance of reduction gear units is principally concerned with attention to keeping the _________.


52. After steam has been raised and a boiler is being placed on the line, the super heater vent can be closed when __________.


53. Which immediate action should you take when the temperature of one line shaft bearing increases above its normal operating temperature?


54. When a boiler is up to pressure and is being placed on the line, you should secure the __________.


55. Sludge tanks are used in an oil lubricating system to receive __________.


56. On a boiler equipped with an uncontrolled inter-deck super-heater, reducing the feed water temperature to the steam drum will cause the super-heater outlet temperature to __________.


57. A cloudy or milky appearing lube oil sample, taken from the main lubricating oil system could be caused by __________.


58. Reduction gears on main propulsion turbines are double helical cut to __________.


59. In a disk type lubricating oil centrifuge __________.


60. Under otherwise normal steaming conditions, an abnormally high temperature at the super-heater outlet of a single furnace boiler would indicate __________.


61. When answering a full astern bell from half ahead, the super-heater outlet temperature on a single furnace boiler will __________.


62. Lube oil temperature leaving the lube oil coolers is regulated by throttling the __________.


63. In an automatically fired boiler, increasing the temperature of the feed water entering the steam drum will ultimately result in a/an __________.


64. The purpose of the main reduction gears is to __________.


65. If a tube should leak in an operating main steam turbine lube oil cooler, the water will not immediately contaminate the oil because the __________.


66. An air vent is installed on some reduction gear casings to __________.


67. During high speed operation of the main turbine propulsion unit, the heat absorbed by the lubricating oil is removed by the __________.


68. Which of the following bearings is designed to take loads applied to the axis of the shaft?


69. In some lube oil systems, the temperature of the lube oil downstream from the lube oil cooler is directly regulated by __________.


70. When the temperature of the main turbine lubricating oil is lowered, an increase will occur in the __________.


71. Thrust bearings are installed in main propulsion turbines to __________.


72. To test an automatic low lube oil pressure trip on an idling turbo generator and at the same time prevent the chance of bearing damage, you should __________.


73. In a steadily steaming boiler, carryover is indicated by a/an __________.


74. Which of the following methods provides for axial movement in a gear type flexible coupling?


75. A rapid fluctuation of the super-heater outlet temperature on a steady steaming boiler could indicate __________.


76. At a given pressure, erosion of steam piping and machinery will be minimized by utilizing __________.


77. A heavy accumulation of soot on the fireside of the super-heater can cause a __________.


78. Which of the listed operational checks should be made "continuously" on the main propulsion reduction gears?


79. After the housing has been bolted down, the final check of reduction gear tooth contact is usually made by __________.


80. Boiler super-heaters are designed to __________.


81. Excessive thrust bearing wear in a main propulsion turbine rotor should first become apparent by __________.


82. Increasing the amount of excess air to a boiler equipped with an uncontrolled inter-deck super heater will cause the steam temperature at the super heater outlet to __________.


83. Oil flowing through the sight glass in the line between the lube oil gravity tank and main sump indicates the __________.


84. An excessively high super heater temperature could be the result of __________.


85. Which of the following conditions is indicated by oil flowing through a lube oil gravity tank overflow bulls eye?


86. If a pressure drop does not exist across the super heater in a steaming boiler __________.


87. Super heaters of the convection type are heated __________.


88. You would not see a flow through the bull's-eye of the lube oil gravity tank overflow line when the __________.


89. Which statement is true concerning operational factors affecting the degree of superheat in a single furnace boiler?


90. Rapid fluctuation in the super-heater temperature of a steady steaming boiler indicates __________.


91. Rapid fluctuation of the super-heater outlet temperature can be caused by __________.


92. The purpose of oil deflector rings for turbine shafts include __________.


93. The primary purpose of the refractory in a marine boiler is to __________.


94. The purpose of the refractory lining of a water-tube boiler furnace is to __________.


95. A secondary function of the refractory installed in a marine boiler is to __________.


96. The adjustable spherically seated self-aligning bearing housings used in main turbines are provided with oil deflector rings. The function of these rings is to __________.


97. Which of the listed components is used to protect the boiler super heater against the radiant heat of the furnace?


98. In a modern main propulsion turbine installations, lube oil system strainers are usually located in the __________.


99. In steam turbine main engine installations, how are the main reduction gear bearings identical to other radial bearings?


100. Which of the following types of bearings are used as line shaft bearings?


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