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1. Test which is carried out on boiler plate materials and consist of bending a straight specimens through 180 degrees?


2. After installing a new hydraulic pump in a system, what special attention should be given to the hydraulic system?


3. New piping and tubing to be installed in a hydraulic system can be safety decreased by using:


4. The BTU content of the fuel oil is determined by a/an:


5. What kind of material is used in the mechanical seal of most centrifugal pump?


6. What fractions of its space cavity of a roller bearing should normally be filled with grease?


7. A measure of the rate of motion or speed of a body at any instant is called:


8. A slow speed, two stroke diesel engine which is designed to operate on light and heavy fuel oil. What type of exhaust gas will be exhibited when a slow speed, two stroke diesel engine which a designed to operate on light and heavy fuel oil is operated on insufficiently preheated heavy fuel oil?


9. If a mixture of 45% cetane and 55% alpha-methyl-napthalene is found to have the same ignition delay as a sample of diesel oil, that diesel oil can be described as having a/an:


10. Why is a covering applied to a welding electrode, rather than using a bare electrode?


11. What is the result of oftenly overheating hydraulic fluid in an electro-hydraulic anchor windlass?


12. In a gravity feed lube oil system what is the engineers first warning that the lube oil pump has stopped?


13. The calorific or heat value of an oil is determined by the use of a/an:


14. What kind of energy resists the motion of either of two bodies when in contract with each other?


15. It is defined as the capacity for doing work?


16. It is designed as anything which tends to oppose an acting force?


17. What is the measure of the rate of motion or speed of a body at any instant?


18. What is the property of a body which causes it to tend to remain in a existing state?


19. The difference between the pressure at the point being measured and that of a perfect vacuum is the:


20. What is result of overheating of the hydraulic fluid in an electro-hydraulic anchor windlass?


21. What affects the rate of heat transfer from a hot region to cold region?


22. What is the other name of moment of inertia of an area?


23. Another name of moment of inertia of an area is called:


24. What is the harmful effect of sulfur in a fuel oil?


25. Cracks developing at the corners of welded plating inserts may be prevented by:


26. In ship construction structural hull members installed are:


27. What is the ability of a metal to be hammered or rolled out?


28. What is the internal force of a material which tends to resist deformation when subjected to external forces?


29. What process is involved in shaping the m,etal when it is hot but not molten?


30. What class of crude oil that is dark brown in color with a slightly reddish tinge?


31. What class of crude oil varies in color from reddish brown to jet black, which are used principally for fuel and road oil?


32. Crude oil, or in really, crude petroleum consist largely of:


33. Crude petroleum usually contains:


34. The usual unit for moment of inertia of an area is millimeter is:


35. It is use in the calculation of stresses in beams and columns and is often referred to simply as:


36. What method is used in the calculation of stresses in beams and columns?


37. The effect of the cross-sectional shape of a beam on the beams resistance to a bending moment is measured by:


38. What measures the effect of the cross-sectional shape of a beam on the beans resistance to bending moment?


39. Molded depth is measured from the:


40. What is the chemical symbol for fuel pentane?


41. In a common two-part journal bearing:


42. What is considered in mechanics as that factor which tends to produce, modify or retarded motion?


43. Cavitation erosion in the cooling water system of as diesel engine usually occurs at the pump impeller and on the waterside of the:


44. An electrical heater built into the cylinder water jacket would be used to:


45. In an operating engine, pre-ignition can be caused by:


46. Which engine component increase air density and helps improve engine operating efficiency?


47. Prolonged operation of a diesel engine closed cooling system with temperature lower than designed normal could:


48. A cracked cylinder head in an operation engine would be indicated by:


49. A crack in a cylinder liner can be caused by:


50. The process of supplying the intake of a diesel engine with air at a pressure greater than atmosphere is called;


51. The exhaust system for a turbocharged diesel engine, a supercharged diesel has:


52. Compared to a naturally aspirated engine, a supercharged diesel has:


53. A device which will function to bring an engine to a full stop in order to protect it from damage due to excessively high speed is known as a/an:


54. Which of the following is not an alloying element of brass?


55. It is a number of cycles or oscillations made in unit time:


56. A centrifuge will satisfactorily remove a substance from lube oil, which is:


57. The period or motion of a pendulum is inversely proportional to the square root of:


58. Percentage contraction of area of a mild steel boiler plates is:


59. Demulsibility of a lube oil is defined as:


60. The crumbling of metal surface is known as:


61. Which of the following toxic is a product of incompetence combustion and is often present when fire burns in a closed compartment?


62. A combination of strength and ability to absorb energy or deform plasticity is called:


63. Coast Guard regulations require steel tubing connections and fittings used with diesel fuel oil systems to be either flared or __________


64. A hydraulic accumulator used aboard MODU is designed to __________


65. It is an internal force produced with a piece of material which resists an eternal force that is trying to deform or distort the materials is called:


66. A part of the refining process for crude oil:


67. Which of the pipe material listed demonstrate the best resistance to in internal and external corrosion?


68. The resistance to sliding particles of oil adhering to one metal surface with its high and low sports in relating to their particles of oil adhering to the other metal surface is termed as:


69. Lube oil is preheated before centrifuging in order to __________


70. A crude petroleum classification in which the residue after distillation contains more than 5% paraffin wax is called:


71. The ability to deform permanently when load is applied is called:


72. A lube oil sample taken from the main engine lube oil system has a dark yellow opaque color. This is the result of:


73. Non-metallic materials that are being used in fabrication of types in hydraulic system anti-vibration mounting and joining is called:


74. The torque on an engine shaft is found to be 329 km when it is rotating at 110 rev/min. Determine the shaft power of the engine


75. A piece of mild steel against an emery wheel will give all:


76. What is the effect on the natural frequency of a two-mass system if there is an increase or reduction in the shaft diameter?


77. It is the force exerted by the governor sleeve on the mechanism controlling the fuel pumps when a change of engine load and in turn a change of engine speed occurs:


78. A filler commonly mixed with grease, such as graphite acts ________


79. Percentage contraction of area of nickel steel is:


80. The ability of lubricating oils to resists viscosity changes during temperature changes during temperature changes is indicated by the:


81. It is the property of a body which results in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line:


82. It is a form of oscillating movement of a point or body which takes place between defined limits or points:


83. The maximum temperature at which an oil gives off flammable vapor:


84. Brass is essentially an alloy of:


85. Combustible gas indicators are used to detect flammable gases or vapors in the atmospheric; As a safety features they are equipped with:


86. Which of the following are the properties of metal?


87. The tendency of a flammable liquid to vaporize is indicated by its _________


88. In engineering terms, it is performed only when a force is made to all through a certain distance?


89. Which influence the choice of materials used for the manufacture of the various parts of a diesel engine?


90. A piston with the diameter of 20 cms. With maximum stroke of 60 cm, if 5 kg/cms2 pressure is applied. How much work is developed for stroke?


91. As heat is applied to the liquid change of state continues without change of temperature. The heat required to effect this change of stet is known as the:


92. How can you determine the date when the pressure vessels on your ships will require a hydrostatic test or internal inspection?


93. The graphite in a bearing lubricant compound of graphite grease, acts as a:


94. It is the speed of the engine in RPM at which the resonant condition occurs:


95. A method of surfacing hardening steels by the use of electrical energy:


96. The dirty oil inlet on centrifugal lube oil purifier is located at the:


97. Of the impurities commonly found in lubricating oil which of the following cannot be removed by a centrifugal purifier at normal operating temperatures?


98. Which method is normally used to lubricate bearings in a small high speed diesel engine?


99. A lube oil sample taken from the main engine lube oil system has a dark yellow, opaque color. This is the result of:


100. An iron which contains a considerable amount of carbon ( 4-4.5%) and is too brittle for working is called:


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