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1. When the non-essential load has been removed from the feeder system but the service generator remains overloaded, this device automatically activates the ___________.


2. Choose from the equipment below that is not fitted to the generator trouble detecting system.


3. An inspection which is conducted in a regular intervals is called a/an _____.


4. To protect the fuse from getting damage during removal from a fuse holder it is detached with the aid of a _______.


5. The stationery and movable parts of a drip-proof, protected type generator are kept clean by installing a/an ________.


6. The total power used up in a series circuit is __________.


7. Before an incoming generator is placed in a parallel running with in-service generator it shall have __________.


8. in the generator synchronizing board, circuit breaker


9. The excitation system of a generator will not produce voltage when the component below is faulty.


10. To test if the rectifier is good or bad, its forward and reverse resistance are measured.A good rectifier has a resistance reading of below 10 Ohm in the forward direction has a resistance reading of ___________


11. Protection against prolonged overload periods in a molded case is provided by.


12. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in fast direction (clockwise) it indicates that the governor frequency of incoming generator is _________.


13. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in fast direction (clockwise) it indicates that the governor control switch of incoming generator shall be set to ___.


14. In a 440v and 110v feeder panel, this component monitors the condition of the feedback system __________.


15. When the insulation values of a 440v and 220v feeder system drops below alarm level, this component is opened to pinpoint to the operator location of the fault in the system.


16. Which type of AC single-phase motor will also operate direct current?.


17. Which of the following components are used to convert AC produced in the generator windings to the direct current.


18. The process of reversing the current through individual armature coils and then conducting the direct current to the external circuit during the brief interval of time each commutator segment is passing under a brush, is called __________.


19. Commutators and brushes are used on DC generators to _________.


20. The purpose of DC generator brushes is to _________.


21. The brushes in a generator must be positioned in the neutral plane to avoid sparking between the brushes and the:.


22. An important factor in reducing DC motor commutator wear is __________.


23. The mica used in the commutators of DC machinery is _________.


24. A circuit is protected from overheating by a/an ____________.


25. USCG Regulation 46 CFR require the emergency diesel generator on a cargo vessel of over 1600 gross tons sailing across the seas to be able to supply power to __________.


26. USG Regulation 46 CFR require that emergency lighting and power system.


27. One horsepower is equal to __________.


28. Relative to the direction of rotation, ADC motor commulating pole has the same polarity as the ___________.


29. What is the unit of electrical resistance?.


30. In a three phase circuit, the phase voltages are ________.


31. What is the maximum allowable primary of a 2KVA step-down transformer with a four ratio if connected across a 440 volt line?.


32. The unit of apparent power in a purely inductive circuits is called _______.


33. An across the line starter is typically used for which of this following.


34. The combined effect of inductive reactance, capacitive reactance and resistance in an AC series circuit is known as __________.


35. When using a megohmmeter to test insulation, good insulation will be indicated by __________.


36. Before sailing an electric motor after a long stoppage, the operator shall ensure that it is ___________.


37. The ideal in service temperature of a running electric motor bearing is___________.


38. In a running electric motor one uses a sound listening bar to detect fault in:.


39. The immovable part of an electric motor is called __________.


40. The main movable part of an electronic motor is called __________.


41. In a self ventilated type generator, the cooling fan fitted to the rotor is installed at the generators ________.


42. To prevent the generator windings from absorbing moisture while at the standstill the generator is called ___.


43. When the diode temperature increases forward voltage ___________.


44. To ensure that diodes are not operated beyond design limits, they are manufactured to specific reverse voltage is called __.


45. A forward biased diode acts like a switch that is ______________.


46. The most often used component to filter the pulsating DC current into pure DD is called __.


47. As temperature increases, the reverse current in a diode ___________.


48. If you combine a transformer, a rectifier diode and a filter will become a circuit called ___.


49. In most applications where size and weight must be reduced to an absolute minimum, this device can make a significant contribution __________.


50. The most apparent advantage of an IC over other electronic components is its ___________.


51. Which of the following built in components has a standard integrated circuit?.


52. It was the fabrication of this component that finally made it possible to construct extremely small but highly efficient electronic circuits.


53. When a diode is used to convert AC into DC it is called a ___________.


54. The reverse voltage that causes that reverse current in a diode to suddenly increase is called ____________.


55. Since the integrated circuit is so small I only consumes small amount of ___________.


56. Integrated circuits are so small but they are used to increased the circuits _________.


57. Integrated circuits are so small that they are used to conserves ___________.


58. As load is added to an AC generator provided with constant field excitation, the prime mover slow down with the effect of ___.


59. Integrated circuits cannot be repaired because their internal components are _____.


60. The method of describing or quantifying light is called ___________.


61. Many monolithic ice are simultaneously formed on __________.


62. When compared to other component in an electronic circuit, he IC is __________.


63. This device is widely used in the amplification and regulation of an electronic circuit.


64. These devices are mostly used in digital computers and portable electronic calculators to perform various arithmetic and decision making functions.


65. By constructing ICs in thin film techniques, it is possible to produce an extremely accurate __________.


66. As many as 300 ICs can be simultaneously formed on a circular semiconductor ____.


67. Two of the most common light-sensitive materials are the __________.


68. Any photometric light measuring device must respond the same as ___________.


69. The method of measuring both visible and non-visible light is called ___________.


70. Quantum theory acknowledges that the light has wave-like characteristics and these tiny particles represents a packet of energy called ___.


71. The entire visible region of the light spectrum is from 300 GHZ to 300 million GHZ.Below this region light waves cannot be seen


72. The entire visible region of the light spectrum is from 300 GHZ to 300 million GHZ.Above this region light waves cannot be seen


73. Light emitting devices are components which when they are subjected to an electrical current or voltage produce ___________.


74. A photo voltaic cell converts light into ___________.


75. The resistance of a photoconductive cell increases as the light intensity ___________.


76. A photovoltaic cell is commonly referred to a ___________.


77. A device that directly converts light energy into electrical energy is called___________.


78. LEDS made with gallium arsenide emit light in __________.


79. LEDs made of gallium phospide produce a visible ____________.


80. LEDs that are arranged in a pattern so that they will create a number is called ___________.


81. The resistance of a photoconductive cell will be extremely high when ____________.


82. Light is composed of many tiny particles or bundles of energy called _________.


83. When we compare the LED with incandescent lamp we find that the LED __________.


84. The purpose of a short circuit forcing module (short time trip) installed in a branch line is to provide ___________.


85. Non- adjustable molded case breakers are classified by frame size, ampere rating, and interruption capacity.The frame size is expressed in ___________


86. Protection against sustained overloads occurring in a molded-case circuit breakers is provided by ____________.


87. A device in an electrical circuit to change alternating current to direct current is known as __________.


88. Which of the listed transformer uses a single winding to produce voltage transformation?.


89. The apparent power in a purely inductive circuit is also known as ____________.


90. Sparking of DC motor brushes can be caused by ____________.


91. A shaded pole motor is a ___________.


92. Universal motors will operate on AC or DC current and are generally found in:.


93. The synchronous speed of an induction motor is the ___________.


94. The most practical method of controlling the RPM of a step-speed AC motor is to ______.


95. The speed of the squirrel cage induction motor is determined by the ______.


96. The most common source of excitation for synchronous motors is in a ____.


97. What is the another term for feeder circuit breaker?.


98. To test the feeder system for grounding, the three earth lamps will be deactivated when this switch is manipulated.


99. When the feeder system has no ground fault, the pointer of the insulation resistance indicator shows ______.


100. In order to protect the generator in service from overload, the non-essential load is isolated from the system by this device __________.


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