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1. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperature at all times is not recommended due to the possibility of the __________.


2. Which condition indicates the air side fouling of an after cooler on a turbocharged diesel engine?


3. Which of the following problems can cause an above normal air temperature to develop in the intake manifold of a turbocharged and after cooled diesel engine?


4. An operating diesel engine that suddenly loses power, is due to a/an __________.


5. A sudden power loss from a turbocharged and after cooled diesel engine is an indication of a/an __________.


6. A thin film of oil on the lobes of a Roots-type blower indicates __________.


7. Which of the following conditions is indicated by the presence of water in the scavenging air receiver?


8. Excessive mechanical and pulsating vibrations developed in a main propulsion diesel engine may be more likely to cause damage to an attached __________.


9. One of the most common causes of reduction gear failure is gear wear caused by scoring as a result of __________.


10. In a diesel engine, a leaking exhaust valve can cause __________.


11. A dry-type exhaust silencer clogged with soot, will cause __________.


12. White smoke exhausting from a diesel engine can result from __________.


13. Black smoke exhausting from an operating diesel engine is an indication of poor combustion which may be caused by __________.


14. A diesel engine may be hard to start if the __________.


15. A main propulsion diesel engine is operating at 80% load and normal speed while the vessel is in calm seas. As the intensity of the seas increase, the engine speed governor maintains the same RPM, although the load indicator indicates an increase in load beyond its allowable limits. Which of the following actions should be taken?


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