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1. A power-driven vessel towing another vessel astern (tow less than 200 meters) shall show_.


2. What day-shape must be shown by a vessel over 20 meters fishing which has gear extending more than 150 meters horizontally outward from it?


3. The stern light shall be positioned such that it will show from dead astern to how many degrees on each side of the stern of the vessel?


4. Which vessel must exhibit a conical shape, apex downwards?


5. A power-driven vessel exhibits the same lights as a_.


6. Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel under oars?


7. You are towing two barges astern. The length of the tow from the stern of the tug to the stern of the last barge is 150 meters. How many white towing identification lights should be displayed on the tugboat at night?


8. Which power-driven vessel is NOT required to carry a light in the position of the after masthead light?


9. Two barges are being pushed ahead by a tugboat. Which statement is TRUE concerning lights on the barges?


10. Which statement is TRUE concerning lights and shapes for towing vessels?


11. At night, a barge being towed astern must display_.


12. A 20-meter sailing vessel underway must exhibit a_.


13. Which statement is TRUE concerning a partly submerged vessel being towed?


14. A vessel towed astern shall show_.


15. A 20-meter vessel is towing another vessel astern. The length of the tow from the stern of the towing vessel to the stern of the tow is 75 meters. How many white towing masthead lights shall the towing vessel show at night?


16. A towing vessel 35 meters in length, with a tow 100 meters astern, must show a minimum of how many masthead lights?


17. What lights must be shown on a barge being towed astern at night?


18. A 30-meter tug is underway and NOT towing. At night, this vessel must show sidelights and_.


19. Which day-shape should a vessel being towed exhibit if the tow EXCEEDS 200 meters?


20. Which vessel must show a masthead light abaft of and higher than her identifying lights?


21. A vessel not under command making way at night would show_.


22. A power-driven vessel "not under command" at night must show her sidelights when_.


23. At night, which lights are required to be shown by a dredge on the side of the dredge which another vessel may pass?


24. During the day, a dredge will indicate the side on which it is safe to pass by displaying_.


25. By night, you sight the lights of a vessel engaged in underwater operations. If an obstruction exists on the port side of the vessel, it will be marked by_.


26. At night, a vessel shall indicate that she is restricted in her ability to maneuver by showing in a vertical line two_.


27. A vessel transferring provisions or cargo at sea shall display during the day_.


28. Which display indicates a vessel conducting mine clearance operations?


29. The duration of a prolonged blast of the whistle is


30. The duration of each blast of the whistle signals used in meeting and crossing situations is_.


31. A "short blast" on the whistle has a duration of


32. Each prolonged blast on whistle signals used by a power-driven vessel in fog, whether making way or underway but not making way, is_.


33. What is the minimum sound signaling equipment required aboard a vessel 10 meters in length?


34. Which vessel must have a gong, or other equipment which will make the sound of a gong?


35. You are underway in a narrow channel and are being overtaken by a vessel astern. The overtaking vessel sounds a signal indicating her intention to pass you on your starboard side. If such an action appears dangerous, you should sound


36. Which signal may be used by a vessel that is in doubt as to whether sufficient action is being taken by another vessel to avoid collision?


37. Five or more short blasts on a vessel's whistle indicates that she is_.


38. In a crossing situation, which vessel may sound the danger signal?


39. You are on a vessel nearing a bend in the channel where, because of the height of the bank, you cannot see a vessel approaching from the opposite direction. You should sound_.


40. In a meeting situation, which vessel may sound the danger signal?


41. A vessel nearing a bend where other vessels may be obscured shall sound_.


42. Your vessel is 25 meters long and anchored in restricted visibility. You are required to sound the proper fog signal at intervals of not more than


43. In restricted visibility, a vessel being towed, if manned, shall sound a signal of_.


44. A 200-meter vessel is aground in restricted visibility. Which signal is optional?


45. All fog signals shall be sounded every two minutes with the exception of a vessel_.


46. If your vessel is underway in fog and you hear one prolonged and three short blasts, this is a_.


47. You are underway in a fog when you hear a whistle signal of one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts. This signal could indicate all of the following EXCEPT a vessel_.


48. You are underway in fog and hear one short, one prolonged, and one short blast in succession. What is the meaning of this signal?


49. A vessel engaged in fishing underway sounds the same fog signal as a_.


50. A vessel underway and making way in fog shall sound every two minutes_.


51. A power-driven vessel is underway in fog but is stopped and making no way through the water. What is the required fog signal?


52. A vessel anchored in fog may warn an approaching vessel by sounding_.


53. While underway and towing, your vessel enters fog. Which fog signal should you sound?


54. While underway in fog you hear a whistle signal consisting of one prolonged blast followed immediately by two short blasts. This signal is sounded in fog by_.


55. Which vessel sounds the same fog signal when underway or at anchor?


56. A tug is towing three manned barges in line in fog. The first vessel of the tow should sound_.


57. What is the identity signal which may be sounded by a vessel engaged on pilotage duty in fog?


58. A pilot vessel may continue to sound an identity signal if she is_.


59. Which of the following is TRUE of a distress signal?


60. What does an orange flag showing a black circle and square indicate?


61. You are underway and hear a vessel continuously sounding her fog whistle. What is this vessel indicating?


62. Two prolonged blasts followed by one short blast on the whistle is a signal which could be sounded by a __________ .


63. A vessel must proceed at a safe speed


64. which situation would risk of collision definitely exist?


65. Which factor is listed in the Rules as one which must be taken into account when determining safe speed?


66. You are crossing a narrow channel in a small motorboat. You sight a tankship off your port bow coming up the channel. Which statement is TRUE?


67. In determining "safe speed", all of the following must be taken into account EXCEPT the_.


68. Which statement is TRUE concerning fog signals?


69. While underway in fog, you hear a vessel ahead sound two prolonged blasts on the whistle. You should __________ .


70. As defined in the Rules, a towing light is a yellow light having the same characteristics as a(n) __________ .


71. A vessel may exhibit lights other than those prescribed by the Rules as long as the additional lights __________ .


72. What is a light signal authorized by the Secretary of the Navy as an additional navigational light for a ship of war?


73. A power-driven vessel "not under command" at night must show which lights in a vertical line?A power-driven vessel "not under command" at night must show which lights in a vertical line?


74. A vessel being towed will show_.


75. A lantern combining the two sidelights and stern light may be shown on a_.


76. Your 18-meter vessel is under sail at night displaying sidelights, stern light, and a red light over a green light at the masthead. If you start the auxiliary engine and engage the propeller, you must_______ .


77. Fog signals, required under the Rules for vessels underway, shall be sounded_.


78. A vessel nearing a bend or an area of a channel or fairway where other vessels may be obscured by an intervening obstruction shall sound


79. A towing vessel pushing a barge ahead and rigidly connected in a composite unit shall show the lights of_.


80. According to the Navigation Rules, you may depart from the Rules when_.


81. Which statement is TRUE concerning a "vessel engaged in fishing"?


82. What determines if a vessel is "restricted in her ability to maneuver"?


83. Which statement is TRUE concerning the danger signal?


84. A rigid replica of the International Code flag "A" may be shown by a vessel_.


85. A vessel engaged in trawling will show identification lights of_.


86. A vessel which is unable to maneuver due to some exceptional circumstance, shall show two red lights in a vertical line and_.


87. All of the following vessels are "restricted in their ability to maneuver" EXCEPT a vessel_.


88. A vessel being towed at night must show


89. For the purpose of the Rules, except where otherwise required, the term_.


90. Which vessel must show an after masthead light, if over 50 meters in length?


91. Which vessel shall NOT show her sidelights?


92. An anchored vessel on pilotage duty must show which light(s) at night?


93. What lights, if any, would you exhibit at night if your vessel were broken down and being towed by another vessel?


94. What day-shape is to be shown by a vessel aground?


95. Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel of 150 meters in length, at anchor?


96. A towing vessel 30 meters in length is pushing barges ahead. How many white masthead lights is the vessel REQUIRED to show at night?


97. When anchoring a 20-meter vessel at night, you must show_.


98. Working lights shall be used to illuminate the decks of a vessel_.


99. A vessel at anchor will show a_.


100. What is the minimum length of vessels required to show two anchor lights?


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