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1. A block and tackle is "rove to advantage". This means that the __________.


2. Instead of whipping an end of a line, a temporary means of preventing the line from unraveling is to tie a __________.


3. An example of a messenger is a __________.


4. "White Line" is made from __________.


5. Which knot is suitable for hoisting an unconscious person?


6. The rope which is the lightest is __________


7. Which is a method used to make an eye in a bight of line where it cannot be spliced?


8. Which type of line is best able to withstand sudden shock loads?


9. The "rolling hitch" could be used to __________.


10. What is a "sheepshank" used for?


11. Using a safety factor of 6, determine the safe working load of a line with a breaking strain of 30,000 pounds.


12. You would properly secure a gantline to a bosun's chair with a __________.


13. You have been pulled aloft in a bosun's chair rigged to a mast that you intend to paint. You are now supporting your weight by seizing the hauling part and the standing part of the gantline in one hand. Your next procedure in securing the bosun's chair is to __________


14. The normal and safest way for a sailor to be lowered in a bosun's chair when descending vertically is __________.


15. A stage should only be rigged __________.


16. A nylon line is rated at 15,000 lbs. breaking strain. Using a safety factor of 5, what is the safe working load (SWL)?


17. The metal, teardrop-shaped object sometimes used within an eyesplice is a __________.


18. What is a "square knot" used for?


19. Which statement about splices is TRUE?


20. Which splice is used to connect two separate lines together?


21. What can a rolling hitch be used for?


22. Which knot is used to attach two different sized lines together?


23. Which statement concerning a short splice is TRUE?


24. Which tool is used to open the strands of fiber lines when making an eye splice?


25. A smooth, tapered pin, usually of wood, used to open up the strands of a rope for splicing is called a(n) __________.


26. When using natural-fiber rope, you should NEVER __________.


27. Which term describes a part of a natural fiber line?


28. A new coil of nylon line should be opened by __________.


29. Placing a lashing across a hook to prevent a fitting from slipping out of the hook is called __________.


30. You should keep clear of __________.


31. Coiling new rope against the lay, bringing the lower end up through the center of the coil, then coiling with the lay, in order to remove the kinks, is known as __________.


32. Laying out a line in successive circles flat on deck with the bitter end in the center is known as __________.


33. To coil a left-hand laid rope, you should coil the line in __________


34. In order to pay out or slack a mooring line which is under strain, you should __________.


35. You want to double the strength of a mooring line by using two lines. To accomplish this, the second line must __________.


36. What is the stress on the hauling part when lifting a 4,200 lbs. weight using a threefold purchase rove to advantage? (Allow 10 percent of the weight per sheave for friction.)


37. To facilitate passing the end of a large rope through a block, you could use a __________.


38. To reeve a right-angle threefold purchase start with the __________.


39. You are ordering a new block to use with a 3-inch circumference manila line. Which represents a proper size block for this line?


40. Which tackle arrangement has the LEAST mechanical advantage?


41. A snatch block would most likely be used as a __________.


42. A bench hook is used for __________.


43. Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE concerning wire rope?


44. Wire rope should be renewed when the __________.


45. Which of the following should you do when using wire rope clips to form a temporary eye in a wire rope?


46. What is an advantage of having wire rope with a fiber core over that of a wire rope of the same size with a wire core?


47. What is the main reason to slush a wire rope?


48. When cutting wire rope, seizings are put on each side of the cut. The seizings prevent the wire from unlaying and also __________.


49. Galvanizing would not be suitable for protecting wire rope which is used for __________.


50. A wire rope that has been overstrained will show __________.


51. After splicing an eye in a piece of wire rope, the splice should be parceled and served to __________.


52. In the manufacture of wire rope, if the wires are shaped to conform to the curvature of the finished rope before they are laid up, the rope is called __________.


53. Serving is __________.


54. The size of wire rope is determined by the __________.


55. A common class of wire rope is the 6X37 class. What does the 37 represent?


56. Nylon rope is often used in the makeup of a towline because it __________.


57. A tanker is loaded with 12,000 barrels of #2 fuel oil. The temperature of the product is 88°F. API gravity is 39°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .0005. The net amount of cargo in gallons, loaded is _________


58. The purpose of the deck seal in an inert gas system is to prevent __________.


59. Your tow contains a barge carrying carbon tetrachloride. What is NOT required?


60. On a barge carrying grade A cargo, who determines where smoking may be permitted during a loading operation?


61. What should you look at to determine the pressure and temperature limitations under which LFG is required to be transported on a barge?


62. During cargo transfer on an unmanned tank barge, how many portable fire extinguishers are required in the cargo tank area, if the barge has no cargo pumps of her own?


63. What is LEAST likely to be used to strip a cargo tank?


64. Your ship has loaded 8,000 barrels of gasoline at a cargo temperature of 36°C (97°F). API gravity is 54°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .0006. You are bound for New Jersey from Ecuador. How many barrels would you expect to unload if the cargo temperature is 55°F at the discharge port?


65. Your ship has loaded 20,000 barrels of crude oil, departing Valdez, Alaska for San Francisco. When loaded the cargo temperature was 96°F. API was 15°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .0004. If the cargo temperature is expected to be 56°F at the discharge port, how many barrels will be offloaded?


66. The liquid-filled PV breaker has acted to relieve a vacuum in a tank. What action must be taken in regards to the PV-breaker before continuing operations?


67. What will NOT increase friction of a liquid flowing in a pipe and cause a loss of suction head?


68. What is the purpose of the relief valve of a cargo pump?


69. After the initial cleaning of flue gas in an inert gas system the gas is passed through what device for final cleaning?


70. An inert gas system on a tanker should be used to __________


71. Which statement is TRUE concerning inert gas systems on tank vessels?


72. Why is gas-freeing rarely required for LPG cargo tanks?


73. Tankers carrying cryogenic cargoes, such as LNG, are fitted with gas detector systems alarmed at 30% of the lower explosive limit. What is indicated if the gas detector alarms sounds?


74. An LNG vessel contaiment system must be cooled down prior to loading cargo. Where are the cool-down parameters and rates obtained from?


75. Which of the following describes a chemical gas?


76. Butadiene, inhibited, is labeled as a __________


77. Which of the following reacts dangerously with vinyl chloride?


78. What is the flash point of vinyl chloride?


79. Which of the following describes the relationship between the vapor pressure of a substance and temperature?


80. The terminal indicates to you that they are going to use a booster pump to assist the discharging operation. You start the discharge, and in a few minutes the pressure drops sharply. This could be a result of the __________.


81. While discharging a tanker, list can be controlled by __________.


82. Which tanker discharge pattern would be the safest and most efficient?


83. While discharging a cargo, the stripping of the tanks falls behind schedule. What does this indicate?


84. Petroleum cargo tanks should not be topped off at deck level when loading on a cold day because __________.


85. What is NOT a requirement for the safe and effective use of a crude oil washing system?


86. You have water washed your cargo tanks using the fixed machines. What should you do before using portable machines to clean areas screened from the wash of the fixed machine by structural members?


87. When stripping a tank, what is caused by excessive air in the suction line?


88. Which of the following terms best describes the amount of product in a tank measured from the tank top to the level of liquid?


89. LNG is carried at approximately what temperature


90. Which of the following describes a liquified gas?


91. Which of the following describes the depth of a product in a tank?


92. What should you do in order to reduce the accumulation of static electricity while loading petroleum products?


93. Who is responsible for the final inspection ensuring a tank barge is provided with the required equipment and has fittings in good and serviceable condition prior to loading cargo?


94. If the inert gas system was not in operation while loading crude oil on a tank vessel, what action would you take?


95. Before a tank is to be crude oil washed, what position must the oxygen content in the tank must be measured at?


96. Span gas is used for what process?


97. In special cases, the Commandant of the Coast Guard may permit cargo piping to pass through machinery spaces. This is permitted provided that the only cargo carried through such piping is(are) which of the following?


98. Your tank vessel is loaded down to her marks, and you find that she has too much trim by the stern. What action should you take to obtain an even keel and still maintain profitability?


99. Before a tank is to be crude oil washed, the oxygen content in the tank must be measured at a position __________.


100. Using a safety factor of five, determine the safe working load of a line with a breaking strain of 20,000 pounds.


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