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1. Control of fire on a MODU should be addressed __________.


2. On a MODU, a CO2 extinguisher is checked by __________.


3. Each fire hydrant serving machinery spaces containing oil fired boilers, internal combustion machinery, or oil fuel units must be equipped with a __________.


4. On offshore drilling units, each fire station is required to be fitted with at least one spanner and at least one __________.


5. Automatic mechanical ventilation shutdown is required for CO2 systems protecting the __________.


6. What must be provided on a MODU helicopter deck that is equipped with fueling facilities?


7. The signal to man emergency stations on MODU's is __________.


8. The stamped full weight of a 100 lb. CO2 bottle is 314 lbs. What is the minimum weight of the bottle before it has to be recharged?


9. A branch line valve of a fire extinguishing system on a MODU must be marked with the __________.


10. How long must the records of tests and inspections of fire fighting equipment on board a MODU be retained on board?


11. Size III, IV, and V extinguishers are considered __________.


12. Fire extinguishers on inspected vessels are numbered by size I through V, with I being __________.


13. On a MODU, hand portable extinguishers are size(s) __________.


14. Fire axes required on MODU's must be stored in the enclosure for fire hoses with the location marked "________".


15. A CO2 extinguisher on a MODU which has lost 10% of its charge must be __________.


16. On a MODU, CO2 extinguishers must be weighed __________.


17. An important step in fighting any electrical fire is to __________.


18. There is a fire in the crew's quarters of your vessel. You should __________.


19. Fires of which class would most likely occur in the engine room of a vessel?


20. A fire starts in a switchboard due to a short circuit. This is which class of fire?


21. A fire in a transformer terminal would be classified as class __________.


22. Fires which occur in energized electrical equipment, such as switchboard insulation, are class __________.


23. A fire in the radio transmitter would be of what class?


24. Which type of portable fire extinguisher is best suited for putting out a Class D fire?


25. CO2 cylinders equipped with pressure actuated discharge heads will discharge automatically when __________.


26. Spaces protected by a fixed CO2 system must be equipped with an alarm which sounds __________.


27. The gross weight of a fully charged CO2 bottle in a fixed CO2 system is 220 lbs. When the bottle is empty it weighs 120 lbs. What is the minimum acceptable gross weight of the CO2 bottle before it should be recharged by the manufacturer?


28. The gross weight of a fully charged CO2 cylinder is 80 lbs. When the bottle is empty it weighs 60 lbs. What is the minimum acceptable gross weight of the CO2 bottle before it should be recharged by the manufacturer?


29. CO2 cylinders forming part of a fixed fire extinguishing system must be pressure tested at least every __________.


30. Fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, for machinery spaces that are normally manned, are actuated by one control to open the stop valve in the line leading to the space, and __________


31. What would be a major consequence of the refrigeration system for a low-pressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system remaining inoperable?


32. The space containing carbon dioxide cylinders shall be properly ventilated and designed to prevent an ambient temperature in excess of __________.


33. Why should foam be banked off a bulkhead when extinguishing an oil fire?


34. The BEST method of applying foam to a fire is to __________.


35. A portable foam (stored-pressure type) fire extinguisher would be most useful in combating a fire in __________.


36. Regular foam can be used on all but which flammable liquid?


37. Which type of fire is the foam (stored-pressure type) fire extinguisher effective on?


38. In the production of chemical foam by a continuous-type generator __________.


39. Your tankship has 40 gallons of 6% foam concentrate aboard. Approximately how much foam solution can be produced from this supply?


40. When used to fight fire, carbon dioxide __________.


41. In weighing CO2 cylinders, they must be recharged if weight loss exceeds __________.


42. CO2 mainly extinguishes a fire by which of the following?


43. A type B-III CO2 extinguisher has a rated capacity of __________.


44. Which statement is TRUE concerning carbon dioxide?


45. What is NOT a characteristic of carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing agents?


46. Which portable fire extinguisher should be used on a class C fire on board a vessel?


47. CO2 cylinders must be recharged when the weight of the charge in the cylinder is less than what percent of the stamped full weight of the charge?


48. Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE concerning the use of dry chemical extinguishers?


49. An advantage of an ABC dry chemical over a carbon dioxide extinguisher is __________.


50. Recharging a previously used cartridge-operated dry-chemical extinguisher is accomplished by __________.


51. Which extinguishing agent is most effective on a mattress fire?


52. The extinguishing agent most effective for combating wood fires is __________.


53. The most effective fire extinguishing agent to use on burning linen is __________.


54. Which extinguishing agent will cool down a heated bulkhead in the least amount of time?


55. Water fog from an all-purpose nozzle may be used to __________.


56. Which statement about stowing spare hose is TRUE?


57. Why is spare fire hose rolled for storage?


58. The canvas covering of fire hose is called the __________.


59. No outlet on a fire hydrant may point above the horizontal in order to __________.


60. The outlet at a fire hydrant may be positioned anywhere from horizontal to pointing __________.


61. What is the minimum number of people required to safely handle a 2-1/2 inch fire hose?


62. A fire hose has a __________.


63. A fire hose with a nozzle attached must be connected to each hydrant except when exposed to heavy weather or when the __________.


64. What does the term "head" mean when applied to a fire pump?


65. The 12-foot low-velocity fog applicator __________.


66. To get low-velocity fog from an all-purpose nozzle, you would __________.


67. The all-purpose nozzle will produce a fog spray when you __________.


68. You are in a tank wearing the self-contained breathing apparatus and you desire to return topside. How many tugs of the lifeline mean to take up the slack?


69. The spray of water produced by using the high-velocity fog position on an all-purpose nozzle will have __________.


70. When the mainline valve of a self-contained breathing apparatus is open, the bypass valve should be __________.


71. The self-contained breathing device should not be used in which situation?


72. You are tending the lifeline of a man who entered a compartment using a breathing apparatus. How many tugs on the lifeline indicate the man should back out?


73. What is the minimum period of time that the air supply for a self-contained breathing apparatus required to last?


74. In addition to the official language of the flag state, the Fire Control Plan must also be translated into English or _________.


75. Besides general arrangement plans, what other mediums may be utilized to provide fire control details to officers during fire and emergencies?


76. The symbols for fire control plans are approved by which organization?


77. Which of the following is NOT identified on the vessel's fire control plan?


78. You are in a tank wearing a breathing apparatus and you desire to return topside. How many tugs of the lifeline mean "Take up slack"?


79. Which statement is TRUE concerning spare charges for portable fire extinguishers on unmanned tank barges?


80. A B-III foam extinguisher contains __________.


81. Which space(s) on your cargo vessel must have a fire detection system?


82. The required number and type of hand portable fire extinguishers to be carried in the vicinity of the radio room exit for a tank vessel on an international voyage is one __________.


83. Aboard a cargo vessel, the carbon dioxide supply used in a fixed extinguishing system MUST at least be sufficient for what space(s)?


84. The lifeline which is part of a fireman's outfit must be __________.


85. Which item may be substituted for, in the fireman's outfit, on a cargo vessel?


86. Triethylene glycol fires may be extinguished by __________.


87. Which portable fire extinguisher is classified as a type B-III extinguisher?


88. Generally, the first action in extinguishing an LFG fire caused by escaping gas is to __________.


89. Fuel oil tank vents are fitted with a screen which will stop __________.


90. What must be present in order for combustion to occur inside a piping system such as a vapor collection header in a marine emission control system?


91. What are the flammable limits for motor gasoline?


92. Which of the following is the chief source of spontaneous combustion aboard tankers?


93. Fixed carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems shall be installed to protect enclosed machinery and fuel tank spaces of all vessels using gasoline or other fuel having a flash point of __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


94. Which type of fixed fire protection system is approved for use on board uninspected vessels?


95. On an uninspected vessel which sizes of fire extinguishers are considered to be semi-portable?


96. An uninspected 6,000 BHP, 199 GT tug operating on the Great Lakes is required to carry how many B-II extinguishers?


97. In the towing vessel fire protection regulations, all of the following are fire detection requirements, EXCEPT that __________.


98. A vessel must have at least two fireman's outfits aboard if she __________.


99. Each hand portable fire extinguisher on a MODU must be marked with __________.


100. Each part of the fire-main system located on an exposed deck must be __________.


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