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1. Vessels in ocean service shall carry sufficient life floats for __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


2. What is the minimum length of a life floats paddle on a small passenger vessel?


3. By regulation, life preservers aboard an uninspected towing vessel must be which of the following?


4. On a commercial fishing vessel, a wearable personal flotation device must be marked with the name of the __________.


5. You are on a commercial fishing vessel 78 feet long. At least one of your ring buoys or throwable flotation devices must have a line of what minimum length attached?


6. Every fishing vessel required to have a general alarm system must test it __________.


7. You are in charge of a fishing vessel with 18 individuals on board. You are required to conduct drills and give safety instruction at least once __________.


8. Which document will describe lifesaving equipment located aboard your vessel?


9. Clean air standards referred to as "Grade D" apply to compressed air for use in __________.


10. Each EPIRB required on a MODU shall be stowed in a manner which will permit __________.


11. The immersion suit requirements for MODU's apply to units operating in the Atlantic Ocean above __________.


12. Prior to boarding from a MODU, a davit-launched liferaft should be well ventilated of excess __________.


13. An offshore drilling unit must have enough inflatable liferafts to accommodate at least what percentage of the persons allowed?


14. On offshore drilling units each inflatable liferaft that is not intended for davit launching must be stowed so as to float free or be __________.


15. On a MODU, when may a work vest be substituted for a required life preserver?


16. Each liferaft, which does not have an indicated maximum stowage height indicated on the liferaft, must be __________.


17. What information must be entered on the MODU's muster list?


18. When may a work vest be substituted for a required life preserver?


19. On a MODU with lifeboats stowed in two different locations, if all the lifeboats are lost in one location then the remaining lifeboats must accommodate what percentage of the persons permitted on board?


20. How many adult life jackets are required on board a MODU?


21. The Muster List ("Station Bill") of a MODU must be signed by the __________.


22. Who is responsible for insuring that each survival craft on a mobile offshore drilling unit is cleaned and inspected once a year?


23. If you must swim through an oil fire, you should NOT __________.


24. In the first 24 hours after abandoning a vessel, water should be given only to personnel who are __________.


25. When collecting condensation for drinking water, __________.


26. If you have to abandon ship, and enter a liferaft, your main course of action should be to __________.


27. When transferring survivors from a survival craft to a rescue vessel, personnel on board the craft should __________.


28. For the purpose of training and drills, if reasonable and practicable, how frequently should rescue boats be launched with their assigned crew?


29. Lifesaving regulations in Subchapter W require that a fire drill include __________.


30. What is placed on the underside of an inflatable liferaft to help prevent it from being skidded by the wind or overturned?


31. The bosun has thrown the liferaft into the water before abandoning the vessel. The operating cord __________.


32. In accordance with SOLAS, the batteries that power interior lighting in inflatable liferafts can be made to last longer by __________.


33. The lights on the outside of the canopy of an inflatable liferaft operate __________.


34. The jackknife stored on an inflatable liferaft will always be located __________.


35. In each inflatable liferaft, what equipment is provided to make quick, emergency, temporary repairs to large holes in the raft?


36. Which of the devices listed will prevent an inflated liferaft from being pulled under by a vessel which sinks in water over 100 feet deep?


37. The float free link attached to a sea painter on an inflatable liferaft has a breaking strength of __________.


38. A lifeline must be connected to the liferaft __________.


39. A life line must be connected to the liferaft __________.


40. A feature of an inflatable raft which helps keep people stationary in rough weather is __________.


41. Signaling devices which are required on inflatable liferafts include __________.


42. Which statement is TRUE concerning distress signals in a survival craft?


43. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require inflatable liferafts to be equipped with __________.


44. What prevents an inflated liferaft from being pulled under by a vessel which sinks in water over 100 feet in depth?


45. A hydrostatic release mechanism for a liferaft __________.


46. An emergency sea anchor may be constructed by using __________.


47. Which statement is TRUE concerning an inflatable liferaft?


48. Puncture leaks in the lower tubes or bottom of an inflatable liferaft should FIRST be stopped by using __________.


49. Inflatable liferafts are less maneuverable than lifeboats due to their __________.


50. One of the first actions to be taken by survivors when they have boarded an inflatable liferaft is to __________.


51. You have abandoned ship in tropical waters. Which procedure should be used during a prolonged period in a liferaft?


52. When a rescue vessel approaches a survival craft in heavy seas, the person in charge of the survival craft should __________.


53. Who should inspect and test an inflatable liferaft?


54. While reading the muster list you see that "3 short blasts on the whistle and three short rings on the general alarm" is the signal for __________.


55. What is required to launch a boat stowed in a crescent davit?


56. A mechanical davit is designed to automatically __________.


57. Which davit type may be operated by one person?


58. In launching a lifeboat, when should the tricing pendants be released?


59. In launching a covered lifeboat, what would safely lower the lifeboat from inside the lifeboat cabin?


60. When landing a lifeboat through heavy surf with a strong current running parallel to the beach (from right to left when facing from seaward) the recommended procedure is to __________.


61. During an abandonment or drill, the first person to arrive at the survival craft should __________.


62. The steering oar in a lifeboat is usually referred to as the __________.


63. What should be used to steer an open lifeboat if the rudder becomes lost or damaged?


64. Spreading oil on the open sea has the effect of __________.


65. In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the motor lifeboat __________.


66. When backing a motor propelled lifeboat (right-hand propeller) with the rudder amidships, the stern will back __________.


67. If water is rising in the bilge of a survival craft, you should first __________.


68. In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the survival craft __________.


69. During the towing of a survival craft, a lookout should be on station to __________.


70. Why are lifeboats usually double-enders?


71. Which precaution should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?


72. Which precaution should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?


73. Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?


74. Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?


75. The external inflation bladder on an immersion suit should be inflated __________.


76. Which statement is TRUE concerning life jackets which are severely damaged?


77. Which statement is TRUE concerning life jackets?


78. By regulation, orange smoke distress signals will expire not more than how many months from the date of manufacture?


79. What is the maximum length of time that distress flares are approved for?


80. The quantity of fuel required to be carried in a motor lifeboat is __________.


81. A motor lifeboat shall carry sufficient fuel to operate continuously for a period of __________.


82. Line throwing apparatus aboard ship must contain __________.


83. Hand held red flares expire 42 months from the date of manufacture. Floating orange smoke distress signals expire after how many months?


84. The service use of pyrotechnic distress signals measured from the date of manufacture shall be limited to a period of __________.


85. Each EPIRB and SART for lifeboats shall be tested __________.


86. Which distress signal is required for a liferaft in ocean service and could be effectively used to attract the attention of aircraft at night?


87. Up to two thirds of a survival crafts required drinking water may be produced by a manually-powered reverse osmosis desalinator if it can be done in __________.


88. The required amount of water for each person in a lifeboat on an oceangoing vessel, on an international voyage, is __________.


89. How many liters of water per person must be carried in lifeboats on a tankship sailing a coastwise route?


90. The searchlight on a survival craft must be capable of operating 3 hours continuously or 6 hours intermittently if operated in cycles of __________.


91. Life preservers must be marked with the __________.


92. Immersion suits must be stowed __________.


93. Distress flares and smoke signals for small passenger vessels __________.


94. The number of approved adult life jackets that shall be carried is equal to __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


95. On small passenger vessels if an item of lifesaving equipment is carried but not required __________.


96. A vessel carrying passengers for hire shall have on board an approved life jacket __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


97. Painters on life floats shall be not less than __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


98. What equipment must be on a life float? (small passenger vessel regulations)


99. Life floats and buoyant apparatus shall be marked __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


100. Survival craft required on a steel small passenger vessel operating in cold water must __________.


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