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1. Which of the listed conditions describes the effect on intrinsic semiconductor operation as a result of a high temperature increase?.


2. If the length of the wire is halved and cross sectional are is doubled, the resistance will be__.


3. In a simple DC circuit the resistance is hold constant while the applied voltage is halved.Current flow, therefore, will:


4. When the current flow through a copper wire increases, its _________.


5. What will happen if an induction motor were to be operated at 90% rated voltage?.


6. Which of the following conditions indicate a short circuited capacitor when checking its condition with an ohmmeter?.


7. A transformer works on the basic principle of _____________.


8. Which of the listed transformer uses a single winding to produce voltage transformer?.


9. A wattmeter is used to determine _____.


10. Capacitors can be used in electric distribution systems to improve power factor.This is accomplished by seesawing energy between the capacitor and the _____________


11. Materials than retain a large part of their magnetization, after magnetizing force is removed, are sad to have ______.


12. The total power used in a series circuit is ___________.


13. What is the purpose of external shunt when used with ammeter?.


14. A low system power factor in an alternating current electrical system signifies ______________.


15. The megohmmeter can be used to test for:.


16. On switchboard, if all these ground detection lamps remain burning at half intensity when the test buttons is depressed, which of the listed condition is indicated?.


17. To determine if the stator coil is grounded, you should used a/an?.


18. In a three-phase open delta connected transformer, the line current is equal to ___________.


19. Transformers are rated in __________.


20. When a low input voltage as imparted to a device which then delivers a high output voltage, the device is known as __________.


21. The arc resulting from the tripping of a circuit breaker is prevented from damaging the contracts by __________.


22. Upon failure of the normal power supply, the emergency generator is placed on the line by the ____________.


23. A full wave rectifier has one diode burned out in an open condition.What will be the output characteristics of the device?


24. Which of the following actions can be done in order to prevent thermal runaway in a transistor?.


25. Capacitors are used on the output of the power supply in today


26. Which of the following statements represents an application of a silicon controlled rectifier?.


27. The use of full bridge rectifier in a circuit will __________.


28. Which of the listed devices is used to measure pressure and convert it to an electrical signal?.


29. Which of the listed conditions is an advantage of a diode over vacuum tube?.


30. A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a solid state device used to change ____________.


31. The seven segment arrangement for numerical display on consoles, test meters and other applications can be either ________.


32. The schematic symbol for an operational amplifier in analog circuit is a __________.


33. USCG Reg 46 CFR require that the temporary emergency supply onboard a tanker vessel over 1600 gross tons and a coastwise voyage to be able to supply power to each:.


34. The 24 volt DC bus on the emergency switchboard is used to supply ________.


35. High vacuum diodes, gas filled diodes and germanium semiconductor diodes may all be used ad __________.


36. The type of control circuit that will not permit automatic restarting after power is restored, following a power failure is called __.


37. Which of the following types of motors is often designed for use in connecting power tube?.


38. The output voltage of a three alternator is regulated by the ________.


39. The type of feature afforded auxiliaries vital to the operation of propelling equipment, where automatic restart after voltage failure would not create a hazard, in termed ____.


40. In electronic circuitry, the abbreviation


41. The basic control action of a magnetic amplifier depends upon _________.


42. In Dc series circuit, all the conductors have the same _________.


43. What do you call a semiconductor component that can replace an entire electronic circuit?.


44. A semiconductor device in an electronic circuit ________.


45. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a semiconductor.


46. The number of holes and electrons flowing in a semiconductor material are equal when the material in use is ___________.


47. The ideal in-service temperature of a running electric motor bearing is ______.


48. Before starting an electric motor after a long stoppage, the operator shall ensure that it is___.


49. The unit of electrical resistance is the ___.


50. Relative to the direction of rotation, a DC motor commulating pole has the same polarity as the ______.


51. Relative to the secondary winding or a step-up transformer, the primary winding will have__.


52. In the generator synchronizing board, circuit breakers closing operation of an incoming____.


53. Before an incoming generator is placed in parallel running with in-service generator is ____.


54. The stationery and movable parts of a drip-proof protected type generator are kept clean by a/an __________.


55. It prevents the generator windings from absorbing moisture while at standstill.It is a _____


56. The immovable part of an electric motor is called __________.


57. Fresh grease is introduced into an electric motor ball bearing through a ________.


58. The abnormal temperature rise in an electric motor ball bearings may attributed to_____.


59. All feeder circuit breakers are molded- case circuit breakers, which means ___.


60. Protection against prolonged overload periods in a molded-case circuit breaker is provided by __________.


61. The main difference between a shun wound motor and squirrel cage motor is that the shunt wound motor has _____.


62. The worst enemy of an idle electric motor aboard ship is ____________.


63. The induction motor usually used on board has two main components, the __.


64. The most commonly used electric motor on board is _________.


65. To test if the rectifier is in good or bad the forward and reverse resistance are measured.A good rectifier is _____


66. The excitation system of a generator will not produce DC voltage when the component is defections.It is a _____


67. When the insulation values of a 440 volt feeder system drops below alarm level, what component is opened to pinpoint to the operator location of the fault in the system?.


68. In a 440 volt and 220 volt or 100 volt feeder panel, this component monitors the wiring condition of the feeder.It is a/an ___________


69. The ideal frequency of an incoming generator synchroscope pointer for closing the ACB is____.


70. When the synchroscope pointer is moving slowly or stationery, this condition indicates that the governor voltage is ___________.


71. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in a fast direction (clockwise).It indicates the governor control switch of incoming generator shall be set to ___


72. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in fast direction (clockwise) it indicates that the governor frequency of incoming generator is _________.


73. To protect the fuse from getting damaged during removal from a fuse, it is detached with aid of a __________.


74. An inspection which is in regular intervals is called a/an ___________.


75. In a standard main switch board, what equipment is fitted in the bus bar determine if there is trouble in the system?.


76. When the non essential load has been removed from the feeder system but the service generator remains overload, this device automatically activates the ____.


77. In order to protect the generator in service from overload, the none of these choices essential load is isolated from the system by the _________.


78. When the feeder system has no ground fault, what does the pointer of the insulation resistance indicator show?.


79. The most common source of excitation for synchronous motors is a/an ______.


80. Ammeters and voltmeters used in sinusoidal AC power system indicate which of the following values of wave forms measured?.


81. Which of the following statements best described the material known as varnish cambric?.


82. An electrical device which employs a stationery armature and a rotating electromagnetic field is used aboard ship as a __________.


83. Which type of AC single phase motor will also operate on direct current?.


84. An across the line starter is typically used for which of the following application?.


85. What is the maximum allowable primary current of a 2 KVA step down transformer with a four to one ratio if connected across a 440 volt line?.


86. The RMS value of a since wave current may also be expressed as the ____.


87. Which of the solid wire size mentioned below has the smallest physical cross sectional area?.


88. A load with an impedance of 440 volts is connected across the secondary of the device.If the input voltage is 110 volts AC the step-up ratio is 10 to 1, what will be the primary current?


89. Across the line starters are used with AC motors provide ________.


90. A variable shunt connected across the series filed coils of a DC compound wound generator to permit adjustment of the degree of compounding is called:.


91. When using a megohmmeter to test insulation, good insulation will be indicated by ______.


92. Shading coils are installed on AC full voltage starters to ___________.


93. The rotor slots of a repulsion type motor are generally skewed (placed non-parallel to the rotor axis) to _________.


94. When the megohmmeter is used to test the insulation, the gradual rise of the pointer reading as a result of continued cranking is caused by the __________.


95. Most conducting materials such as copper, aluminum, iron, nickel and tungsten _________.


96. The function of a rectifier is similar to that of a /an __________.


97. A resistor placed in parallel to the output of a power supply _________.


98. If the steering stand selector switch is allowed to remain in the


99. Which of the following procedures should be used to determine the load of three-phase, delta wound, AC generator?.


100. Operational amplifiers, used primarily in analog circuits, are characterized by:.


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