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1. The entity authorized to select and approve the electrode to be used in specific metal.


2. Survey conducted in addition to the regular survey done after any damage that affects ship


3. Purpose of using active flux in oxy-acetylene welding?.


4. Minimum metacentric height in centimeters of a fully loaded log carrier to have a safe voyage.


5. During ship construction these are the kinds of distortion during or after arc welding.I- Expansion II- Diffusion III- Contraction


6. Who among the entities is authorized o lay down the specification of metals to be used in theconstruction of the ships?.


7. These are the methods of arc welding manually being done during ship building. I- Tack II-Fillet III- Butt.


8. These are to be tested of metal before use in ship building.I- Tenstile II- Pneumatic III- Bend


9. Metal welding effective in jointing triangular sections.


10. Measure of ability o transmit load and intensity of load in material is called_________.


11. Kind of metal not recommended in cargo tanks carrying low temperature LPG.


12. Causes of brittle fracture on meals during ship building.I- Tenstile II- Sharp notches III- Cold temperature


13. What do you call the condition of a ship, which bore a whole in cargo hold and that water can flowin and out freely.


14. Machineries or parts of the vessel necessary to examined during docking survey.I- Anchor chain II- Main engine III- Bottom plating


15. A uniform rectangular barge 35 long meters breadth has a draft of 4.45 meters. What will be itsdraft if a full tank at the middle 11.5 meters length will be emptied?


16. Effective methods of clearing the metal surfaces before painting during drydocking.I- Manual chipping II- Shot blasting III- Sand blasting


17. What part of a 5-holds cargo vessel that prevents flooding other loads if one hold bore hole onshell plate below water line?.


18. Values necessary to know in computing loadable cargo to attain maximum summer draft.I- Volume of cargo II- Weight of fuel III-Water density


19. How many centimeters will be decreased in the draft of a 12,000 tons displacement ship thatloaded in water density of 1.000 when it navigate in water density of 1.025 if its tons per centimeter immersion is 17 tons?


20. How many millimeters is the fresh water allowance of a vessel with displacement of 20,000 tons ifis tons per centimeter immersion is 45 tons.


21. What causes the vessel to list during loading or unloading on buoy.


22. A box shape craft float in water density of 1.20 has a draft of 2.1 meters. What will be its draft if itfloat on water density of 1.025?


23. What are the conditions of a ship if grounded in an off center situation? I-GM II-Heel III-Trim.


24. Ship has a mean draft of 7.23 if water density is 1.23. What draft if gets inside river with waterdensity of 1.000?


25. Lowest typical metacentric height if navigate a fully loaded draft.


26. What will be the minimum metacentric height in centimeters to be maintained o a fully loaded logcarrier?.


27. Medical advice should be sought and given in plane language whenever it is possible, but if language difficulties arises, the _____ should be used.


28. An emergency life-saving procedure that consists of recognizing and correcting failure of therespiratory or cardiovascular system is called _____.


29. If the cause of a sudden severe list or trim is negative initial stability, counterflooding into emptytanks may _____.


30. Which of the following value of mass density of fresh water is used for purposes of calculatingship


31. A vessel that has a concentration of weight toward the top of the vessel is said to be____.


32. Which of the following is not a basic requirement for a tug design?.


33. Cracks may be prevented from developing at the corners of welded plating inserts by ______.


34. Bilge keels on vessels are designed primarily to _____.


35. The total international volume of the ship in units of 100 cu, Ft is called_____.


36. It is part that supports the beams and supply the rigidity to the deck:.


37. A flat block placed under the end of a shore for the purpose of distributing pressure is referred toas a ______.


38. What clearance readings should be taken and recorded in drydock?.


39. The body plan of a vessel is a_______.


40. When a patient has an electric burn, it is important to _____?.


41. The ratio of the difference between the speed of the propeller and speed of the ship over theground in still water to the speed of propeller is termed the ______.


42. It is the maximum length of a compartment which can be flooded so as to bring a damaged ship tofloat at water line tangential to the margin line:.


43. An involuntary and dangerous change in heading produced by a severe following or quartering seais called _____.


44. Medical advice should be sought and given in plane language whenever it is possible, but iflanguage difficulties arises, the _____.


45. It is the length of a space that can be flooded without causing the ship to founder.


46. Which procedure should be followed when individuals are rescued in cold climates and suffer fromhypothermia?.


47. For a ship to be in stable equilibrium the transverse metacenter must be ______.


48. In moving machinery and on wire rope, what would be the best method to prevent deterioration?.


49. It is generally not advisable to drive a wedge into a crack occurring in the hull because wedges______.


50. A patient is given cathartics in order to ______.


51. The ratio of the volume of displacement to the volume of a cylinder having length and a crosssection equal in area to that of the maximum section at the designed waterline.


52. A man has suffered a burn on the arm.There is extensive damage to the skin with charringpresentHow is this injury classified using standard medical terminology?


53. Progressive flooding on a MODU is controlled by securing watertight boundaries and _____.


54. When height of the metacenter is less than the height of the center of gravity, a vessel has whattype of stability?.


55. After an emergency shoring installation has been completed, the ______.


56. During counterflooding to correct a severe list or trim aggravated by an off center load, a MODUsuddenly takes a list or trim to the opposite side.You should _____


57. The two forces that will cause a longitudinal bending of the ship are shearing forces and _______.


58. The stability existing after the unintentional flooding of a compartment on a MODU is called_____.


59. Members used to support loads and transmit them do downward where they are distributed overa large area are called _____.


60. If a MODU takes a sudden severe list or trim from an unknown cause, you should first _______.


61. The lengthening of a crack formed in the shell plating of a ship may be prevented by ______.


62. In modern ship construction, high tensile steel (HTS) maybe permitted in ____?.


63. While loading containers, the most important factor to be considered because of the arrangementof cell guides is the _____.


64. Which danger exist to people when CO2 is discharged into a small enclosed space?.


65. What is the most recommended coatings on bilges and tank top?.


66. The best information on the location of the blocks when dry-docking a vessel is contained in the______.


67. If fuel tank levels are found to have increased after a grounding, you should suspect ___.


68. The authority in implementing ISM Code on board vessel is the _____.


69. If the mass hang freely from a port of a ship its center of gravity.


70. When administering chest compression during CPR, at what part of the victim


71. When there is no movement of the rams on an electro hydraulic steering gear, the tilting box of the running pump is ______.


72. When applying chest compressions on an adult victim during CPR, the sternum should bedepressed about _____.


73. If some of the officers and crew complained about food preparation, what should the master do?.


74. When administering artificial respiration to an adult, the breathing cycle should be repeated about:.


75. Changing rescuers while carrying out artificial respiration should be done _____.


76. The measurement used in conversation of wooden or steel ship _______.


77. In case a patient has to be moved after basic life support has been started, interruption timeshould not exceed ______?.


78. A crack in the deck plating of a vessel may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by______.


79. A crew member is unconscious and the face is flushed.You should _______?


80. When a vessel inclined due to an external force, such as the action of seas in which no cargo shift,the tendency of the vessel to return to its original position is caused by the:.


81. The major cause of shock in burn pulse victims is the ______.


82. A person suffering from possible broken bones and internal injuries should:.


83. The horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called ____.


84. Vertical distance at the ship side measuring from the summer Load line to the lowest point of keel.


85. The cargo carrying capacity of a vessel equivalent 1 cubic meter per ton.


86. What will happen to a vessel that loaded in fresh water when it navigates in sea water?.


87. Tons meter is the moment to change trim by one centimeter of a ship 120 meters longdisplacement 3618 tons and metacentric height 80 centimeters.


88. What is the reason why additional draft is observed of a vessel that navigated on sea water when itenters a river with water density of 1.000?


89. The instrument that can be used effectively in finding position of the center of flotation.


90. If a vessel of a ship floats on a water plane area of 1520 M2, what will be its tons per centimeterimmersion in water density of 1.000?


91. The kind of subdivision of liquid tank so the breadth of free surface will be reduced..


92. A ship mean draft in meters 5.42 on water density 1.7. Its mean draft on sea water density 1.025 if its fresh water allowance millimeters.


93. The horizontal distance between vertical forces acting through the center of buoyancy and centerof gravity.


94. What do you call the force of gravity of an object acts vertically downward of the ship?.


95. How many years maximum interval between special surveys onboard?.


96. The vertical distance from upper deck to lowest point of keel measuring at the side of the vessel.


97. Cause why there is there lack of fusion in an arc electric welding operation.


98. Tank when fully loaded will not affect much metacentric height but only add draft.


99. Major causes why faults happen during arc welding operations.I- Wrong design II- Wrong procedure III- Wrong material


100. Authorized to approved any alteration on the structure of the vessel after it has been previously surveyed and certificated.


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