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1. On every vessel, where must distress signals be stowed?


2. After the boat is at the top of the davit heads, the davit arms begin moving up the tracks and are stopped by the __________.


3. What could be a result of insufficient lubrication of lifeboat winches and davits?


4. According to the SOLAS regulations, lifeboat falls must be renewed at intervals of how many years?


5. Aluminum lifeboats are subject to damage by electrolytic corrosion (the aluminum being eaten away). In working around boats of aluminum you must be very careful __________.


6. The tops of the thwarts, side benches, and the footings of a lifeboat are painted which color?


7. In painting a lifeboat following its overhaul, which parts must be painted bright red?


8. In order for the automatic lifeboat drain to operate properly __________.


9. A person referring to the stern sheets of a lifeboat is speaking of __________.


10. Which represents the appropriate time for setting off distress flares and rockets?


11. When you are firing a pyrotechnic distress signal, it should be aimed at __________.


12. When the survival craft is supplied with bottles of compressed air they are used for __________.


13. The air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be refilled with __________.


14. With the sprinkler system and air system on and all hatches shut, the survival craft will provide protection from a __________.


15. Aboard a survival craft, ether can be used to __________.


16. If the engine of a survival craft does not start, check to see __________.


17. What is NOT a function of the air supply of a covered lifeboat?


18. When operating the air supply system in a covered lifeboat the __________.


19. When lowering a boat with gravity davits, it will be pulled into the embarkation deck by the __________.


20. Upon hearing the abandon ship signal, you put on your life jacket and report to your station. After the cover is removed you board your open lifeboat. The FIRST thing to do is to __________.


21. When picking up a lifeboat at sea with way on the ship, the sea painter should be secured __________.


22. Which item is of the most use in getting a lifeboat away from a moving ship?


23. The sea painter of a lifeboat should be led __________.


24. An "on-load" release system on a survival craft means the cable can be released __________.


25. When in command of a lifeboat under oars, the command "Backwater" means to __________.


26. If the steersman of your lifeboat gives the command "Way enough", you should __________.


27. A sweep oar is an oar that is __________.


28. You are in a lifeboat in a heavy sea. Your boat is dead in the water and unable to make way. To prevent broaching, you should __________.


29. Steering a motor lifeboat broadside to the sea could cause it to __________.


30. Before hydraulic starting of an engine on a covered lifeboat, what need NOT be checked?


31. Line throwing equipment should NOT be operated __________.


32. You are testing the external inflation bladder on an immersion suit and find it has a very slow leak. Which action should be taken?


33. An immersion suit must be equipped with a/an __________


34. You are testing the external flotation bladder of an immersion suit and find it has a very slow leak. Which action should be taken?


35. Kapok life jackets should NOT be __________.


36. Motor-propelled lifeboats are required to have sufficient fuel to operate continuously at 6 knots for how many hours?


37. Winch drums for lifeboat falls shall have a diameter at the base of the groove equal to at least __________.


38. Each distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or, from the date of manufacture, not later than __________.


39. The lifeline of a life float or buoyant apparatus shall __________.


40. A rigid lifesaving device designed to support survivors in the water is a __________.


41. What is the required minimum length of the painter for a lifeboat in ocean service?


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