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1. A pilot valve and servomotor in a governor are used to ________.


2. Rotating flyweights acting against a spring force will provide a simple type of ______.


3. When will a back pressure trip occur in a cargo pump turbine?


4. Most of the switchboards main bare parts inserted with _____.


5. Automatic voltage regulators provided on switchboards has function to ____.


6. One factor that determines the frequency of an alternator is the ________.


7. The cycle per second developed by the alternator aboard ship depends on the ____.


8. To raise the frequency of an AC generator in service, the operator should ______.


9. When securing an AC generator, you are obliged to ________.


10. When paralleling two AC generators, the frequency of the incoming generator prior to closing its breaker should be ______.


11. Attempting to parallel an AC generato that is out of phase with the bus wil result in:


12. What physical effect will a two parallel wires and with the same direction of current flowing over them?


13. What law in electronics where an induced current will be in such a direction that its own magnetic field will oppose the magnetic field that produce the same?


14. What term in electronics is used to express how fast an energy is consumed?


15. The definite discrete amount of energy required to move an electron from a lower shell to a higher shell.


16. Which of the following refers to a characteristics of a magnetic line of force?


17. What is the law whereby the force of attraction or repulsion between poles is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them?


18. The new and preferred term for conductance or ohms is ___________.


19. Which of the following refers to the point where the intensity of magnetic line of force is maximum?


20. Calculate the equivalent power in watt of a 100 joules per second?


21. Materials with permeabilities less than of free space are referred to as.


22. What is the another name for a varactor diode?


23. It is anything that has weight had occupies space. It may be solid, liquid or gas.


24. The total number of magnetic lines of force leaving or entering the pole of a magnet is known as _________


25. The lightest kind of atom or element is __________.


26. In order to have good conductor material, such material shall have more than ten


27. Electric powers refers to ____________.


28. What is the air space between the poles of magnet?


29. Who is the person responsible for the safe, efficient operation and maintenance of the vessel?


30. Which of the following statements is correct when you get in contact with a live wire having a 2 amps and above current?


31. Goggles and welding masks are worn to protect the welder from _______.


32. Which of the following is NOT considered part of shipboard safety equipment?


33. Before insulation testing is to be done on equipment in hazardous location, the area concerned must be certified as __.


34. To ensure that the emergency generator is always ready for immediate use, its associated component below shall be kept fully charged at all times:


35. When passing through restricted waters, such as Panama Canal, Suez canal or rivers, or in condition of heavy weather it is prudent to use ______.


36. Equipment with temporary wiring arrangements in cabins, engine rooms, and other locations on board is called _.


37. The part of the new electrical system that controls the power distribution to the branch circuit is called _______.


38. A switchboard for an AC electrical system requires the use of which device?


39. The purpose of the reverse power relay is to trip the circuit in case of ______.


40. The purpose of a main switchboard reverse power trip is to _________.


41. Before starting an electric motor after a long stoppage, the operator shall ensure that it is _____.


42. The ability of the governor to prevent fluctuations in engine speed is called ______.


43. In a diesel engine governor, a mechanical or hydraulic action preventing the over- correction of the fuel supply is called ___.


44. The main throttle valve on a turbine admits steam directly into the _______.


45. The portion of engine speed control has manual positioning but with automatic indexing can be found in a __________.


46. If two generators with the same no load speed setting are operated in parallel, the unit that has lesser speed drop will _.


47. The steady frequency of an alternator attached to a generator engine is maintained by


48. The governors of turbo generator maintains constant speed by oil flow pressure and directly change the position of governor.


49. The overspeed tripping device installed on an auxiliary turbine is automatically actuated by ______.


50. The cargo pump turbine of generator turbine governor overspeed relay initiates closing of the throttle valve when an excessive centrifugal force or speed causes:


51. The three most common semiconductor devices are _____.


52. The resistance if a semiconductor material compared to the resistance of ceramic or glass material is _____.


53. An electron has a __________.


54. At extremely low temperatures, a semiconductor is basically an _____.


55. In a NABCO type bridge control system, the speed control of the main engine is not executable from the bridge control console when the electric signal to this device is not normal.


56. The bridge control simulation safety device test can only be effected when the main engine is at this position.


57. Which of the following main engine safety device is NOT a start interlock device?


58. What color appears to warn the user that the paper needs to be renewed when the amount of thermal paper used in the logger reaches near the end?


59. The equipment that provides the monitoring and printing of transmitter positions, date and time, whenever the telegraph transmitter position is changed is called _______.


60. Main engine will automatically slow down when this condition is reached.


61. During normal engine speed (navigation full speed) condition, the fuel can be cut-off instantaneously by pressing the ________.


62. The main engine speed can be gradually reduced from navigation full speed to maneuvering speed by using the ___.


63. To avoid the main engine from being exposed to a prolonged harmful vibrations during maneuvering, a quick RPM passage device is fitted to keep the engine RPM at ___.


64. The rpm of the main engine can no longer be raised when it reached the below preset limit.


65. Every time the auto acceleration and auto deceleration device for main engine rpm are in service in a vessel fitted with engine speed control program, they are indicated in the control console by ____.

66. When engine starting is under wheel- house control, the starting air feed is halted every time engine revolution reaches _______.


67. The main engine auxiliary blower shall be in this position in order to change- over engine control from engine control room to wheelhouse control room.


68. A breakable mercury filled thermometer should not be used in a lead acid battery to measure the electrolyte temperature as an accidental breakup can cause _____.


69. One of the easiest ways to create a static charge is _________.


70. Which of the following is recommended for the rescue and care of shock victim?


71. Which of the following statements is correct when you get in contact with a live wire having a 75-300 ma current?


72. Which of the following statements is correct when you get in contact with a live wire having a 5-10 ma current?


73. Which of the following statements is correct when you get in contact with a live wire having a 1 ma current?


74. As per USCG 33 CFR 164.35, the vessel is not permitted to be operated in US waters unless it has onboard and in properly operating condition ________.


75. Periodical insulation test shall be carried out within the intervals specified in __.


76. Before shutting down the fire detection system, who shall give prior approval?


77. The fire detection system covering any space shall be kept activated except:


78. When using electric arc equipment, whenever it is necessary for additional leads to extend the range of operation only correct grade of cable shall be fitted with approved ______.


79. The cold storage room for meat shall be maintained at _______.


80. All electrical equipment in potentially hazardous atmospheres must be certified as _____.


81. To protect the radiators of emergency generator sets located external to the main machinery space from very cold weather it must be filled with ______.


82. For maintenance of non-sealed batteries, below statements are TRUE except ______.


83. All tests done on shipboard emergency components should be entered not the ______.


84. The on-load test of emergency generator/alternator must be carried out at least every _____.


85. To ensure that it is ready in case of emergency and for the efficient operation of the emergency generator the engine shall be started once every _________.


86. The grounded neutral conductor of a three-wire feeder, in a dual voltage 220/110 volt DC switchboard should be _.


87. In order to comply with the class regulation, the main switchboard onboard modern ships shall have ___.


88. Etched or burned marks on the brushes contact surfaces could be caused by __.


89. A fuse will blow when the current flow __.


90. Battery rooms must be adequately ventilated to ________.


91. Your contact resistance to ground is substantially reduced when you step on a _.


92. The insulation resistance of an electric motor is measured by ______.


93. A change in engine speed is required before a governor is able to make corrective movement of fuel rack. This accept of governing is commonly expressed as a percent and is known as _____.


94. What device used to limit engine torque at various engine speed?


95. When a vessel encounters rough seas but the main propulsion diesel engine is still set to run at normal load, the operator shall immediately take this action:


96. A large, low speed main propulsion diesel engine is operating at rated load and speed with the vessel is in a calm sea. As the sea waves increases, the engine governor maintains the same RPM but the load indicator will show ________.


97. Irregular engine speed of a diesel generator engine can be caused by:


98. The fuel injection pumps on a diesel engine are controlled by a linkage system attached to the _____.


99. In any governor, there is a small range in which no corrective action occurs. This range is called the governor dead band and is caused by ______.


100. A constant speed governor is usually installed on a ______.


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