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1. Steam smoke will occur when __________.


2. Stormy weather is usually associated with regions of __________.


3. Superior conjunction occurs when __________.


4. Swell is the rise and fall of the ocean's surface due to __________.


5. Swells that have outrun the storm are produced in the __________.


6. Temperature and moisture characteristics are modified in a warm or cold air mass due to __________.


7. That half of the hurricane to the right hand side of its track (as you face the same direction that the storm is moving) in the Northern Hemisphere is called the __________.


8. The "head of the bend" is the __________.


9. The "horse latitudes" are regions of __________.


10. The 10-cm radar as compared to a 3- cm radar of similar specifications will __________.


11. The 3-cm radar as compared to a 10- cm radar with similar specifications will __________.


12. The abbreviation L.W.R.P. on the navigation maps means __________.


13. The accuracy of an azimuth circle can be checked by __________.


14. The agonic line on an isomagnetic chart indicates the __________.


15. The altitude at LAN may be observed by starting several minutes in advance and continuing until a maximum altitude occurs. This procedure should not be used __________.


16. The angle at the pole measured through 180°From the prime meridian to the meridian of a point is known as __________.


17. The angle measured eastward from the vernal equinox along the celestial equator often expressed in time units is the __________.


18. The angle measured from the observer's meridian, clockwise or counterclockwise up to 180°, to the vertical circle of the body is the __________.


19. The angle that is measured westward from the first point of Aries to the hour circle of the body along the celestial equator is the __________.


20. The annual change in variation for an area can be found in __________.


21. The apparent wind is zero when the true wind is __________.


22. The apparent wind's speed can be zero, but only when two conditions are present. One condition is that the true __________.


23. The appearance of nimbostratus clouds in the immediate vicinity of a ship at sea would be accompanied by which of the following conditions?


24. The approximate distance to a storm center can be determined by noting the hourly rate of fall of the barometer. If the rate of fall is 0.08 - 0.12 inches, what is the approximate distance to the storm center?


25. The approximate mean position of the axis of the Gulf Stream east of Palm Beach, FL, is __________.


26. The approximate positions of the stars are based on sidereal time, which is based upon rotation of the Earth relative to __________.


27. The arc of an hour circle between the celestial equator and a point on the celestial sphere, measured northward or southward through 90°, is the __________.


28. The area of strong westerly winds occurring between 40°S and 60°S latitude is called the __________.


29. The ARPA may swap targets when automatically tracking if two targets __________.


30. The atmosphere in the vicinity of a high pressure area is called a(n) __________.


31. The average height of the surface of the sea for all stages of the tide over a 19 year period is called __________.


32. The azimuth angle of a sun sight is always measured from the __________.


33. The barometer is an instrument for measuring the __________.


34. The Beaufort scale is used to estimate the __________.


35. The belt of light and variable winds between the westerly wind belt and the northeast trade winds is called the __________.


36. The Benguela Current flows in a __________.


37. The best estimate of the wind direction at sea level can be obtained from observing the direction of the __________.


38. The Brazil Current flows in which general direction?


39. The buoy symbol printed on your chart is leaning to the northeast. This indicates __________.


40. The celestial coordinate of a star that is relatively constant in value is the __________.


41. The center of a circle of equal altitude, plotted on the surface of the Earth, is the __________.


42. The change in the length of day becomes greater as latitude increases because of the __________.


43. The change in the length of the day becomes greater as latitude increases because of the __________.


44. The channel under a bridge is marked with aids from the lateral system. The centerline of the channel is marked on the bridge with __________.


45. The channel under a bridge is marked with lights of the lateral system. The centerline of the channel shall be marked on the bridge by __________.


46. The cThe chart of a beach area shows a very steep slope to the underwater beach bottom. Which type of breakers can be expected when trying to land a boat on this beach?


47. The class of tide that prevails in the greatest number of important harbors on the Atlantic Coast is __________.


48. The climate of the northern Gulf coast __________.


49. The Coast Guard broadcast urgent marine storm warning messages on which of the following frequencies?


50. The Coast Guard Captain of the Port has excluded all traffic from a section of a port, while a regatta is taking place. The buoys marking this exclusion area will be __________.


51. The cold ocean current which meets the warm Gulf Stream between latitudes 40° and 43°N to form the "cold wall" is called the __________.


52. The compass deviation changes as the vessel changes __________.


53. The compass error of a magnetic compass that has no deviation is __________.


54. One point of a compass is equal to how many degrees?


55. Opposition occurs when __________.


56. Other than the Sun and Moon, the brightest object in the sky is __________.


57. Perihelion is the point where the Sun __________.


58. Permanent magnetism is caused by __________.


59. Permission to enter the riverward chamber of twin locks is given by the lockmaster and consists of which sound signal?


60. Permission to leave the riverward chamber of twin locks is given by the lockmaster and consists of which sound signal?


61. Plain language is usually used on marine weather __________.


62. Planetary aberration is due, in part, to __________.


63. Port side daymarks may be __________.


64. Preferred channel buoys indicate the preferred channel to transit by __________.


65. Pressure gradient is a measure of __________.


66. Prevailing winds between 30°N and 60°N latitude are from the __________.


67. Priming of the tides occurs __________.


68. Prior to reading an aneroid barometer, you should tap the face lightly with your finger to __________.


69. Privately maintained aids to navigation included in the Light List __________.


70. Quadrantal error in a gyrocompass has its GREATEST effect __________.


71. Radar makes the most accurate determination of the __________.


72. Radiation fog __________.


73. Raster-scan chart data is __________.


74. Recurvature of a hurricane's track usually results in the forward speed __________.


75. Red lights may appear on __________.


76. Red sectors of navigation lights warn mariners of __________.


77. Relative humidity is defined as __________.


78. Relative humidity is the percentage of water vapor that is in the air as compared to the maximum amount it can hold at __________.


79. Restricted areas at locks and dams are indicated by __________.


80. Retrograde motion is the __________.


81. Right ascension is primarily used by the navigator for __________.


82. Safe water buoys may show ONLY __________.


83. Scales on aneroid barometers are usually graduated in inches of mercury in the general range of __________.


84. Set of the current is __________.


85. Severe tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons) occur in all warm-water oceans except the __________.


86. Sidereal time is NOT used __________.


87. Sidereal time is used by navigators when __________.


88. Small, visible mound-like protuberances on the bottom of cumulonimbus clouds, that are potential breeding grounds for waterspouts and tornadoes, are called __________.


89. Solid green arrows on the main body of a pilot chart indicate __________.


90. Some lights used as aids to marine navigation have a red sector to indicate a danger area. How are the limits of a colored sector of light listed in the Light List?


91. Some lights used as aids to marine navigation have a red sector to indicate a danger area. The limits of a colored sector of a light are listed in the Light List in which of the following manners?


92. Sometimes foreign charts are reproduced by NGA (NIMA). On such a chart a wire dragged (swept) area may be shown in purple or __________.


93. Sometimes foreign charts are reproduced by NGA (NIMA). On such a chart, a wire-dragged, swept area may be shown in green or __________.


94. Spoil grounds, anchorage areas, cable areas, and military exercise areas are all marked by yellow buoys. Which special mark on the buoy will indicate the specific area you are in?


95. Spring tides occur __________.


96. Spring tides occur when the __________.


97. Squall lines with an almost unbroken line of threatening dark clouds and sharp changes in wind direction, generally precede a(n) __________.


98. Static on your AM radio may be __________.


99. Steady precipitation is typical of __________.


100. Steam fog is most likely to occur on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers in __________.


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