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1. Minimum GRT for tanker to carry SOPEP.


2. Whose signature regarding entries made in the oil record book is acceptable in court.


3. The good effects obtained in applying anti fouling paint specially if under water level.I- Prevent excessive scale growth II- Prevent marine vegetable growth III- Prevents marine animal growth


4. Years maximum validity of yellow fever.


5. Kind of resin obtained by polymerization anti fouling paint specially if under water level.


6. Kinds of chemical resistant paint vehicles effective in paint manufacture.I- Chlorinated rubber II- Polyurethane III- Epoxy resins resins


7. How are deep tank bulkhead constructed compared to cargo hold bulkheads.I- More stiffeners II- Girders are fitted III- Larger scanting


8. Kind of paint vehicle that incorporates natural resin into drying oils to have a faster paint.


9. Part inside tanker wing tank that connect vertical web at ship and longitudinal bulkhead.


10. Effective components of paints in controlling scale formations on metal materials.I- Vehicle II- Pigment III- Solvent


11. Reasons why cross ties are constructed with tankers.I- Prevent bucking II- Prevent distortion III- Prevent pressure


12. What to be done on metals coming from stock yard before using in ship building.I - Straightening II - Blasting III - Painting


13. How many degrees inclination should watertight doors be opened effectively?


14. It is a black scale of magnetic oxide formed on iron when heated used in forgng.


15. How many week/s interval should watertight doors mechanism be tested.


16. What do you call the metal surface destruction caused by abrasive action of gas?.


17. Important parts of power operated bulkhead sliding door.I -Indicators II - Oil III - Valves


18. The effect taking place in some metal that weaken them through oxidizing process.


19. The distance measured from the base line to summer loadline at midships section of ship.


20. Kind of paint be used effectively on bare metal outside and below water line.


21. Weight in tons of cargoes, stores fresh water ballast including luggage of crew.


22. Kinds of paints very effective as coating on bare metal at open deck.I - Anti fouling II - Chlorinated water III - Epoxy resin


23. Instruments or documents that can be used effectively in finding movement of change of trim.I - Deadweight scale II - Hydrostatic curve III - Calibration table


24. Effective paints as primers on bare metal of the super structure in preventing corrosion.I- Read lead II- Zinc chromate III- Alkyd resin


25. These are the draft that will affect its trim.I - Mean II - Aft III - Forward


26. Position or condition of vessel that greatly affects the length of its righting level.


27. Kind of cargo that can severely affect cargo hold or tank due I creates pitting.


28. Kinds of paints effective o use as primers on metal surfaces on weather decks.I - Vinyl resin II - Alkyd resin III - Polyurethane


29. What are to be paid of ship owner if vessel is under time charter.I- Fuel oils II- Lube oils III- Provisions


30. A ship 120M long 18M beam and coefficient of fitness of water plane, 788 its tons per centimeterimmersion on sea water 1.025 density is:


31. What will happen to the vessel navigated on sea water when it enters a river w/ fresh water?.


32. The measure of the enclosed internal volume of the vessel whose equivalent is 100 feet per ton.


33. What kind of flame in oxy-acetylene welding operation.


34. The tank which fully loaded will increase the metacentric height of the vessel.


35. Kind of paint vehicle that provides the best resistance to weather exposure.


36. Reason why porosity happen during oxy-acetylene welding operation.


37. Tank when fully loaded decrease the metacentric height for a better stability.


38. Effective methods of finding faults after welding operations.I- Visual examination II- Ultra sonic III- Radiographic


39. Reasons why vessels are surveyed and class by the administration.I - Machinery conditions II - Insurance premium III - Ship


40. Kinds of welds defects during or after an arc welding.I- Porosity II- Undercut III- Overlap


41. Methods being used in arc welding to eliminate or reduce distortion.I- Crossing II- Back step III- Wandering


42. What kind of alloy contained in metal is the best and most effective to use in build shipping?.


43. Kinds of arc welding passes during ship building.I - Single II - Back III - Multi


44. Necessary preparations before an arc electric welding operation.I - Soften edges II - align plates III - Bevel edges


45. Which of the ship part where high tensile material should be used?.


46. Metal welding plates are in the same plane considered the strongest.


47. What are the properties to be tested before welding during ship building.I - Hardness II - Ductility IIII - Corrosiveness


48. Property of metal where brittle fracture occur during ship building.


49. Deformation in metal if subjected to a heavy load.


50. What do you call the amount of sea water that can get inside a cargo hold after it has been bilged.


51. If a uniform rectangular barge has a length 35 meters breadth 12 meters mean draft 3 meters,what will be its final draft if an empty space at the middle 11.5 meters long will be filled withwater?


52. Effective testing methods on the metal parts of the vessel during special survey.I - Dye penetrants II - Ultra sonic gauging III - Visual examination


53. How many ton per centimeter immersion of a 12,000 displacement vessel if it loaded on waterdensity 1.000 if its draft decreases 17.64 centimeters if navigates sea water density of 1.025?


54. Effective system of no-destructive testing of metal cracks during drydocking.I - Magnetic particle II - Radiographic III - Ultrasonic


55. What condition of a vessel that will happen if loaded in river with water density 1.000 when itgoes out to sea with density of 1.025?


56. Whose law or principle states that are bounded by a curve can be taken by adding the


57. What causes the vessel to heel in either port or stand board during loading and unloading.


58. Tons per centimeter immersion of a 20,000 tons displacement vessel if its fresh water.


59. What are to be met by a vessel before entering a graving dock.I - Adequate metacentric height II - Moderate stern trim III - Ship in upright position


60. A ship has a mean draft of 7.40 meters in fresh water density of 1.0. What will be its draft iftransfer to sea water density 1.023?


61. How many meters maximum height deck cargo of a fully loaded log carrier if breadth is 12meters?.


62. A box shape craft floats at even keel with water density of 1.025 has height buoyancy above the keel 0.488 meter. The height of buoyancy if it transfer to river with water density of 1.000 is___________.


63. Kind of ship having the highest metacentric height is fully loaded.


64. Metacentric height of general cargo vessel.


65. Number of months maximum derating certificate.


66. What are the conditions of the ship that will change its stability after a long voyage.I- Metacentric height II- Deadweight tons III- Tons per centimeter immersion


67. Health cards that must be valid and presented by crew arrival first port from foreign.I - Quarantine II - Yellow fever III - Cholera


68. In drydocking when entering dock, the conditions of vessel important to be met I - Positive G.M. II - Ship in upright position III - Ship must be empty


69. Controlled by authorities coming from ship to prevent spread of disease.I- Oil II- Sewage III- Refuge


70. What are to be done in correcting to unstable condition of a cargo vessel to make safe.I - Transfer cargo below center of gravity II - Fill up double bottom ballast III - Remove free surface effect in ship


71. What group to board a ship arrival first port from foreign.


72. The perpendicular distance between the center of gravity and vertical through center ofbuoyancy is.


73. The drainage from hospitals, comfort rooms and spaces of living animal cargo.


74. Considered noxious compound as per MARPOL I - Fish oil II - Allyl alcohol III - Acrylic acid.


75. Scenario that will happen to log carrier if too high cargo loaded on deck.


76. Important contents of an approved shipboard oil pollution emergency plan I - Contact persons II - Reporting procedures III - Immediate action to take.


77. After issuance of international air pollution certificate the surveys to be conducted are: I - Annual II - Initial III - Intermediate.


78. Authorized to copy entries made in the oil record book.


79. Kind of vehicle used that makes the fastest drying paint.


80. The part of the ship constructed between two liquid tanks to prevent possible mixture.


81. How many meters above deepest subdivision where hinged water light door can be installed.


82. Effective paint to use immediately after painting corrosion inhibiting below the waterline.


83. Kind of paint not recommended to ships build with aluminum superstructure.


84. For every 15 compressions, the safe quick lung inflations that must be delivered by a single rescuerto an unconscious victim without waiting for full exhalation of the victim's breath is.


85. What is the most important information to be known after loading grains?.


86. Metacentric height in meters fully loaded container vessel.


87. Months validity of cholera vaccine.


88. What do you call the interval of time between the stern post landing on the blocks and the entireship when water is about to finish pumping in dock.I- Quarantine all crew II- Control discharge of sea wage III- All crew be vaccinated


89. Necessary measures undertaken by authorities to ship arriving from effected area.


90. What condition of the ship very important to be maintained during water pumping of gravingdock.


91. How many days incubation period of plaque vaccine.


92. What are the factors that affect rolling period of cargo ship? I- Height center of gravity II- Vessel


93. Medical term used if master bring down crew to prevent spread of disease onboard.


94. What will happen to a vessel navigating with a negative metacentric height?.


95. Reason why log carrier vessel sinks on the high seas.


96. The tank used to accumulate sewage onboard.


97. The kinds of pollutants to have independent record book.I- Waste II- Oil III- Noxious compound


98. The supplement attached to the international oil pollution certificate are: I- Ship structure II- Ship owner III- Ship equipment.


99. Hours maximum before arrival master should inform authorities if loading or discharging harmfulsubstances.


100. Minimum deadweight of tanker that be provided with crude oil washing.


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