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1. The diversion of load between two parallel running generators is determined by the___.


2. The kilowatt load is evenly distributed between two alternators just place in parallel by adjusting its_____:


3. Equal load factors on paralleled AC generators are maintained by an automatic____.


4. After closing the circuit breaker to place the two similar alternators in parallel, the next step is to balance the____:


5. The total voltage induced into the secondary windings of a transformer is determined mainly by the ratio of the number of turns in primary to the number of turns in the secondary and by the___.


6. When paralleling two alternators, the synchronizing lamp grows dim. This indicates that the incoming alternator is___.


7. The part of a transformer whose function is to deliver the load received is called the____.


8. Capacitance is measured in units called_____.


9. When applying the left-hand rule for generators, your thumb will point to the___.


10. Which of the following statements will affect the capacities value of a capacitor?


11. When applying the left-hand rule generators, your forefinger will point to the __.


12. This is developed whenever there is a relative motion of action between a magnetic field and a conductor. It is called___.


13. When applying the left-hand rule for generators, your middle finger will point to the____.


14. Depending in their atomic structure, different material have different quantities of free electrons. Therefore, the various conductors used in electrical applications have different value of___.


15. Assume that a 208 volt is applied to the autotransformer and there is a 10.4 resistive load connected to the secondary winding of the transformer. The output voltage of the secondary winding is 104 volts. The load current should be__.


16. In an electrical circuit, the resistance unit of measure is specified in___.


17. Which of the following electronic component can store electrical energy?


18. The direction of rotation of an induction motor is___________.


19. The number of cells in 12-volt lead acid battery is__________.


20. The part of the shipboard electrical system used to control the distribution of power to the branch circuit.


21. Handled phase sequence indicators are useful when____.


22. In a 15 horse power induction-type motor with a cage rotor. The current required at stand still to produce starting torque is approximately___.


23. The simplest methods of controlling the terminal voltage compound wound DC generators is with a _____.


24. Motor controllers or starter contacts may become pitted and welded together if the contacts is _____________.


25. As load is added to an AC generator provided with constant field excitation, the prime mover slow down with the effect of ___.


26. The governor control switch of an alternator is moved to the raise position. This action will____.


27. Which of the following will happen to the alternator frequency if the load is removed from a turbo generator whose governor has 3% speed droop?


28. When the operating handle of a molded case circuit breaker is in the mid-position, it indicated that the circuit breaker is___.


29. When the voltage remains constant and the resistance is increased in a series circuit, the flow of current___.


30. Nickel-Cadmium batteries are superior to lead-acid discharge rates because they___.


31. When power is restored after a complete power failure, a steering gear pump will__.


32. Basic electrical motor action depends on___.


33. As load is added to a shunt motor, the motor will_______.


34. When the ship board electrical distribution circuit are connected in parallel, additional parallel circuits will cause the total circuit resistance to___.


35. When the voltage and current developed in an AC circuit reach their peak value at the same time, the power factor is___.


36. What type of electric motor is commonly used to start small auxiliary diesel engines?


37. Electrostatic forces in the high voltage circuits cause indicating instrument to give ____.


38. The voltage of the battery is equal to _____________.


39. How many 1.5 volt batteries are required to supply a load of 12 volts if the batteries are connected in series?


40. Three 12 volt storage batteries connected in parallel will give a total voltage of _____.


41. On a DC generator, where is the pigtail located?


42. If the DC generator was rotated in the wrong direction, it would fail to up to voltage because the__.


43. A generator operates on the principle that___.


44. What is the overall result of increasing the load on the secondary the transformer?


45. A horseshoe magnet has___.


46. In DC circuits, power expressed as the product of____.


47. When paralleling two alternators, the synchroscope pointer approaches 0 degree position. This indicates that the alternator frequencies are ______.


48. The characteristic of an electrical circuit that opposes the starting, stopping, or changing of current flow is called a/an _


49. The following is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction


50. The heat dissipating capability of a resistor is measured in _________.


51. The open circuit voltage of a fully charged lead-acid battery cell is ____.


52. When placed in a magnetic field, which of the following materials listed will maintain the highest permeability?


53. On AC vessels, which of the following statements represents the most difficult problem involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by computer components?


54. The voltage output of an AC generator is accurately controlled by _______.


55. Frequency of an operating alternator is controlled by the _______.


56. If the specific gravity of a 12-volt battery at 80 degrees Fahrenheit is 1.225, the battery is:


57. Counter electromotive force is measured in ______.


58. Volts times amperes equals _______.


59. The unit of electrical force is the ______.


60. Electrically operated safety devices on auxiliary diesel engines function to stop the engine by ____.


61. Flame scanner is used with bailer combustion control system to monitor flame quality and to:


62. Which of the following represents a limitation to be aware of when the boiler auto combustion control is operated in?


63. An overspeed trip stops the diesel engine when the engine _________.


64. The over speed device installed in some engines is automatically activated by:


65. Another device that detects engine speed is the ____________.


66. When a fluorescent lamp has reached the end of its useful life, it should be replaced immediately since the resulting flashing may ______.


67. Current flowing only in one direction is called ________.


68. Electric motors intended for use outside the engine room and boiler rooms are frequently rated at a designed ambient temperature of 40oC. What is the equivalent in Fahrenheit?


69. Capacitance is the property of an electric circuit that resists or opposes amp charge of the _____________.


70. A circuit where a fuse has blown would be categorized as a/an ______.


71. Electric circuits are protected against overloads and short circuits by means of a/an:


72. Which of the following characteristics is most critical in determining the size of the cable to be used in a particular circuit?


73. In an impressed current cathode protection system, the anode is ____.


74. Impressed current cathodic protection is used on vessels instead of ___.


75. Under voltage trips are frequently o switchboard circuits breakers to trip ___.


76. H2SO4 means ________.


77. When two AC generators are being paralleled, the breaker should be closed with the synchroscope pointer rotating in the ___.


78. When two generators are on the line and are sharing the load equality, they are said to be operating in _____.


79. The direction of rotation of a DC motor can be reversed by _____.


80. In general, DC motor brush sparking can be caused by _____.


81. The operator of electrical motors should keep a constant check on ____.


82. If a single phase induction motor fails to start, the problem may be _________.


83. Which of the following is NOT classified as a DC generator according to their excitation methods?


84. When precise speed control and varying loads are needed, you should use a/ an


85. In general, the DOST of an AC motor as compare to DC motor is that an AC motor costs:


86. The type of AC motor employed on washing machines, refrigerator,compressors, bunch grinders and pumps is often a/ an __________.


87. When charging 100 amp hour lead-acid battery __.


88. When lead-acid batteries are charging, they always give off hydrogen gas that is _______.


89. Which of the following activities occur during the charging process of a lead-acid storage battery?


90. When a lead-acid battery begins gassing freely while receiving a normal charge, the charging current should _____


91. Due to the operating characteristics of the system, time lag fuse (or dual element fuses) is necessary for use in ______.


92. Which of the following materials is a good electrical insulator?


93. What will happen to the prime mover of AC generator if the load removed?


94. The slowing down of AC generator prime mover speed every time a load is added will be raised to original speed by the___.


95. As load is added to an AC generator the prime mover speed will____.


96. A change in field excitation of an alternator operating is parallel will bring change to its ______________.


97. If an AC generator experience voltage failure, the cause may be____


98. An alternator will fail to produce line voltage as result of_____.


99. When paralleling two AC generators, the frequency of the incoming generator prior to closing its breaker should be__.


100. The load sharing characteristics of two diesel generator engines operating in parallel are mostly dependent on their governor____.


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