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1. Except one of the following, the primary purpose of refractory mortar is __________.


2. Which of the following refractory materials contains a hydraulic-setting binder and develops strength without needing to be heated in a manner similar to concrete?


3. Pumps normally used for fuel oil service are __________.


4. A major difference between the two element and the three element feed water regulator control systems, is that a three element system will additionally measure and incorporate the __________.


5. Labyrinth seals used to reduce leakage around a turbine shaft are constructed of __________.


6. Which of the following refractory materials is preferred for small repairs, particularly where standard size brick or tile cannot be used?


7. The cooling water flow from an air ejector inter-condenser and after-condenser is discharged directly into the __________.


8. As a general rule, for proper results castable fireclay must be air cured for __________.


9. Which of the significant combustible elements of fuel oil is a major source of boiler corrosion?


10. Which of the pumps listed is normally used in fuel oil service systems?


11. Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator to test boiler water for __________.


12. Where are moisture shields located in a main propulsion steam turbine?


13. Boiler refractory firebrick is secured to the casing by __________.


14. Which of the listed refractory materials will develop required strength only after being heated at a temperature of 1095°C (2000°F) or higher?


15. Makeup feed water is brought into an operating closed feed system via the __________.


16. Steam condensed in the air ejector inter-condenser, drains to the __________.


17. Due to of the curing characteristics of plastic refractory, its use should be avoided in __________.


18. What is indicated by the code number 32Y20 stamped on a burner sprayer plate?


19. Phenolphthalein indicator is used in the boiler water test for __________.


20. Which of the listed refractory materials can be used as a substitute for insulating brick and insulating block in certain boiler walls construction?


21. Which of the following statements represents the function the nozzle assembly performs in an impulse turbine?


22. Boiler refractory anchor bolts are secured to the casing by __________.


23. Which of the listed conditions will always result in dissolved oxygen being carried over from the main condenser?


24. The loop seal connected to the main condenser returns the drains from the __________.


25. A desirable property of boiler fuel oil is __________.


26. Which of the following statements represents the advantage of castable insulation over either insulating brick or insulating block installations?


27. A sodium sulfite test is performed on a boiler water sample to determine if __________.


28. Which of the listed refractory materials is composed of wool fibers and clay binders?


29. Nozzle diaphragms are installed in pressure compounded impulse turbines to __________.


30. The primary purpose of insulating cement is __________.


31. Under emergency operating conditions, the proper valve positions for controlling feed water to the boiler should be the __________.


32. Which of the following refractory materials can provide a straight backing surface for insulation block where minor casing warp has occurred?


33. The presence of sulphur in fuel oil will most likely cause __________.


34. Which atomizing sprayer plate has the largest capacity?


35. Which of the listed refractory materials may be used with other machinery insulation arrangements outside of the boiler?


36. Brick bolts, tile bolts, and pennant anchors are attached to the inner casing by __________.


37. A pressure-velocity compounded impulse turbine consists of __________.


38. Which of the listed refractory materials can be used in an area directly exposed to the highest heat in the furnace?


39. Which of the following statements represents the primary function of hand-holes used on a boiler?


40. If manual control of the water level in a steaming boiler is required, the proper method of control is with the auxiliary feed __________.


41. In the condensate system, the automatic re-circulating valve can be actuated by the __________.


42. The primary source of steam to the auxiliary exhaust system is typically supplied directly from __________.


43. The most harmful slag forming compounds found in fuel oils are __________.


44. Normally a boiler water sample should be taken __________.


45. The main propulsion shaft turning gear usually connects to the free end of the high-speed high pressure pinion because the __________.


46. A boiler feed stop-valve must be mounted__________.


47. A boiler internal feed pipe is perforated to __________.


48. When the flow of oil admitted to a disk-type centrifugal purifier is in excess of its designed capacity, which of the following conditions will usually occur?


49. The gland exhaust fan draws steam and non-condensable vapors from the gland exhaust condenser and discharges to the __________.


50. The water level in a steaming boiler has risen to within 2 inches of the top of the top gage glass. Your immediate action should be to __________.


51. Insufficient combustion air supply will cause an atomizer flame to appear as a __________.


52. The purpose of the diffuser in a boiler burner assembly is to __________.


53. A nozzle in an impulse turbine functions to __________.


54. Steam baffles are used in the steam drum of a water-tube boiler to __________.


55. Which of the following chemicals is used in an Orsat apparatus to absorb carbon dioxide?


56. Any feed water testing done on a routine basis would normally include testing for __________.


57. When raising vacuum on an auxiliary condenser, which of the following steps is necessary?


58. When operating under constant load, the superheated steam temperature may rise above normal if the __________.


59. Assuming all burners are clean and the fuel oil is at the correct temperature, it is considered good practice to adjust the excess air until a light brown haze is obtained. With the aid of a chemical based flue gas analyzer, the percentage readings (not necessarily in order) should indicate __________.


60. The measured gap between the face of the burner atomizer tip nut and the diffuser plate, is determined by the setting of the __________.


61. The size of the discharge ring used in a lube oil purifier is determined by the oil's __________.


62. Combustion gases can leak into the fire room through __________.


63. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) prohibit which of the following pipe fittings from being installed in fuel oil service discharge piping?


64. Natural circulation in a marine boiler is a result of __________.


65. While vacuum is being raised on the main unit and the turbine warmed, condensate is re-circulated to the main condenser to __________.


66. Why should a boiler furnace be purged before the first burner is lit off?


67. The diffuser of a burner register assembly __________.


68. Which of the following precautions should be observed when adding treatment chemicals to the boiler compound tank?


69. When a turbine rotor is not rotating during maneuvering, the heat tends to be concentrated at the __________.


70. Which of the valves listed should be closed before lighting off a boiler?


71. The bulk of the solid material entering a centrifugal purifier with lube oil is __________.


72. Excess free oxygen in the boiler feed water can be the result of __________.


73. In a marine condenser designed with a reheating hot well, the hot well is reheated by __________.


74. Black smoke issuing from the boiler stack can be caused by an improper fuel/air ratio and by __________.


75. When used as a separator, a centrifugal purifier may lose its seal and cause __________.


76. In a water-tube boiler, sludge is most likely to collect in the __________.


77. Which of the boiler components listed receives Feed water and serves as an area for the accumulation of saturated steam?


78. Which of the listed boiler components is used to equalize the distribution of water to the generating tubes and provide an area for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid matter present in the boiler water?


79. When firing a boiler in local manual control, an increase in boiler load must be accompanied by a/an __________.


80. Design characteristics of a velocity-compounded impulse turbine include the utilization of __________.


81. Rows of tubes installed along the walls, floor, and roof of the furnace are called __________.


82. Which of the tube types listed can be considered to serve as downcomers at low firing rates, and as generating tubes at high firing rates on some boilers?


83. Which of the following actions should be taken to reestablish a 'blown' air ejector loop seal?


84. In most marine boilers, the primary reason the first few rows of generating tubes, called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger in diameter than the rest of the generating tubes is because _________.


85. The life of the furnace lining can be affected by, except __________.


86. A unit of measure used to express the chloride content of boiler water is __________.


87. Which of the following is not a devices that can be used to secure or hold furnace refractory in position?


88. When turbine rotor shafts extend through the casing, an external source of sealing steam is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing to __________.


89. A corbel in the furnace of a water-tube boiler is a fillet of plastic refractory used as a __________.


90. Nichrome wire is used when patching boiler furnaces for __________.


91. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the start-up operation of a non-condensing turbine driven feed pump?


92. In a main propulsion steam turbine installation, the condensate pump initially discharges to the __________.


93. Slagging of boiler furnaces is a slow progressive action which is accelerated by __________.


94. Which constituent of fuel oil determines the specific heat?


95. Which of the listed refractory materials is capable of providing structural stability?


96. Which of the following statements represents the function of insulating brick?


97. A corbel in the furnace of a water-tube boiler is a __________.


98. Which of the following statements represents the function of insulation block?


99. When operating with the auxiliary feed line, feed water flow is controlled __________.


100. Serious tube leaks in the air ejector condenser assembly will cause __________.


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