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1. What article of the STCW convention states that the organisation will support the establishment of institution for the training of the seafarers? .


2. A vessel arrives in a foreign port and the Master is informed that the vessel is being sold of foreign interests. The new owners request that the crew remain on board to complete the voyage. Under these circumstances, the crew __________.


3. What law governs the basic principle of vessel nationality? .


4. It is the carrying capacity of a ship at any draft and water density, it includes weight of cargo, fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water in tanks, stores, passenger and baggage, and crew its effect:


5. This was intended to relate the earning power of ship, is derived from gross tonnage spaces that may have no earning capacity: .


6. A rudder that hardest to run is _________.


7. A termed referred to a space which have booked but not use No common law or lien for it can arise:


8. An event involving the actual or probable discharge into the sea of a harmful substance or effluents containing such substance is :


9. What is the main purpose of carlings? .


10. The rescuer can best provide an airtight seal during mouth-to -mouth resuscitation by pinching the victim


11. What is the disc painted on both sides of the ship amidships which is 12 inches outer diameter and one inch wide, intersected by the horizontal line 18 inches long and one in breadth and whose upper edge passes through the center of the disc? .


12. In a compartment that has been completely flooded, the greatest pressure will be exerted _________.


13. The symptoms of heat exhaustion are ________.


14. STCW 95 Reg. 1/1 definition of the member of the crew other than the master and officer is the ______.


15. An abrupt change in direction of the plating, frames, Keel, deck or other structure of a ship: .


16. All of the following are true concerning a stiff ship, except _________


17. Which of the following will not be found on the Certificate of inspection of an ocean going tank ship? .


18. Any ship of 400 tons gross tonnage and above must be fitted with:


19. A measure of the tendency of a ship to return to the upright if inclined by external force:


20. In case of emergency being the master of the ship, what would you do first under International law?


21. What is the most important standard forms among shipping documents? .


22. The amount of a given cargo or group of cargoes which may be loaded into a ship defined as the ship:


23. An inclined ship way having a cradle on wheels that run on rails:


24. If the patient vomits during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the rescuer should FIRST:


25. A vessel which has a righting lever equal to zero and with negative initial metacenter height will lie in still water:


26. A master should file a marine protest if ;


27. A legislative body that proposes conventions in the sphere of maritime labor law that gained wide international approval is known as __________.


28. Your vessel is floating in water of density 1010. The fresh water allowance is 8 inches. How far below her marks may she be loaded so as float at her mark in salt water of density 1025? .


29. One of the most common causes of reduction gear failure is gear wear caused by scoring as a result of ______.


30. The hazard associated with tank ventilation identified in the ICS Tanker Safety Guide Chemicals should be carefully considered:


31. What is the allowable width of a duct keel? .


32. Deck girders are in turn supported in the main deck _________.


33. The opening of a screen in millimeters where the food waste can pass through, so that it can be disposed into the sea if the vessel is not less than 3 miles from the nearest land is : .


34. Which of the safety information can found in the fire control plan?: .


35. What even would take place of the vessel if the righting arm of the vessel goes below zero? .


36. Who will communicate the adopted amendments under ART XII of the STCW Conventions to all parties for acceptance? .


37. What kind of survey on-board ship that is being conducted every five years? .


38. In time charter the Master is particularly concerned with ______.


39. A handle used in hinged watertight doors to force the door frame against its gasket: .


40. How many votes needed for an amendments to be adopted under Art XII of the STCW Convention?


41. A ship documents prepared by the master containing the names, nationality, birthplace or passport number and the description of the persons who composes the ships complement is a _________.


42. What is SLR in ABS survey items? .


43. It is the right or jurisdiction of a coastal state to arrest or conduct investigation onboard a foreign ship a provided in Section 3 Article 27 of the UN convention of the law of the sea I - Illicit trafficking of drugs II - Marine oil pollution III - Crew murder onboar


44. When a new section of shell plating is being installed, the proper weld sequence must be followed to: .


45. A permanent installation in a shipyard which is a basin with walls and a floor which vessel maybe floated: .


46. What is shipping activity that shift from one flag to another for reason of convenience? .


47. It is the reason why coastal state can detain a vessel lying in its territorial sea as provided in se3 art.27 of the UN convention on the law of the sea:


48. What is the defficiency which posed to the property and the environmental under Regulation


49. The definition of passenger ship under SOLAS 74 Convention carries how many passenger?


50. Good training schemes and certification of competency requires a close co-operation between companies, national administration and ______. I - Ship operating countries II - Port state companies III - Manning companies


51. What can cause oxygen to used up in an enclosed space? .


52. It is the pumping out of water stopped when the ships stern is nearly on the blocks?


53. Continuous fore and aft middle line members of any ship that is built with a double bottom is known as?


54. One member of the crew of a manned tank vessels must be on board:


55. Prior engaging the vessel to bare-boat chartering, what action is first to be done:


56. What should be done in order to remove the list on a tanker vessel? .


57. The maximum number of years/ validity of the medical certificate of the crew from the date of medical examination as per the International Convention concerning the medical examination of seafarer 1946 is __.


58. A vessel trimmed down by the bow has :


59. The distance of the propeller would advance during one revolution of the water were a solid without slippage is ___________.


60. Who should be notified first prior carrying out repairs to the hull and machinery of a classed vessel? .


61. The minimum distance from the nearest land that a ship can discharge comminuted and disinfected sewage using a system approved by an administration is___.


62. It is the reason why a warship can board a commercial vessel in the high seas as provided in Article 110 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas. I - The ship is engage in piracy II - The ship is engage in slave trade III - The ship is without nationality


63. The collision bulk head is located: .


64. What certificate issued not exceeding 5 years? .


65. If the mean draft is less than the average of the fore and aft drafts just after loading operation, the condition of the ship is called ______.


66. If the reading of the mean draft on the port side has a big difference on the starboard side, the condition of the vessel is ______.


67. What ship document prepared under oath by the master containing the true passenger load of the vessel and defining the status, ages, Nationalities and place of embarkation and designation of passenger?.


68. If a vessels looses its reserve buoyancy, it will:


69. Results of two forces acting in opposite directions and long parallel lines is an example of?


70. The coast guard regulations require that fresh water tank vents terminating with in the machinery space must terminate well above the masthead line unless the:


71. It introduce the harmonized system of survey and certificate and other matters:


72. Safety construction survey is a requirement to comply for the survey of the _______.


73. A stiff wind has caused a difference to occur between the port and starboard drafts, and it is known as ________.


74. In ship construction the grade of steel to be used is in accordance with the _________?


75. In general, where does the position of the center buoyancy depends?


76. In ship construction, the shell plating is arranged in strakes. The garboard strake is locate


77. Before sailing for a foreign port, what documents must you get?


78. The normal baseline for measuring the breadth of the territorial sea is the ___ along the coast, as stated in Section II articles.


79. Longitudinal moments are obtained by multiplying a vessels weight and its _______.


80. Which of the following may be considered the least of your concern when classifying restricted areas? .


81. Before CPR is started on the victim, you should?


82. A raft should be manually released from its cradle by ____.


83. The hull frame members extending arthwarship are called:


84. The center of gravity of a vessel will shift away from a cargo that is being handled which of the following cases? .


85. When a vessel is inclined, the tendency to return to its original position is caused by the: .


86. The term applied to loose woods or other similar materials used in the ships hold to protect the car or cargoes is known as:


87. An International Ship Security certificate shall be issued for a period specified by the administration, which shall not exceed _________.


88. If the cause of a sudden severe list or trim is negative initial stability, counter flooding into empty tanks may ________.


89. What is determined in order to asses the stresses and torque acting on a rudder? .


90. The ratio of the under water volume of a slip to the volume of a rectangular block, the dimensions of which are the effective length draft and beam: .


91. Why are most break bulk vessels built with the transverse framing system rather than the longitudinal system? .


92. Under quadrennial survey of cargo gears, for a steel tubular boom, how many degrees is needed to rig the boom at minimum inclination? .


93. It is the weight that must be added to cause the ship to sink by one centimeter on body is known as _____________


94. The separation of cargoes that one cannot damage: .


95. The continuing relationship existing between the sovereign state and its citizen as defined in Maritime Law is known as ____________.


96. How are nipples classified?


97. The quality that determines the ease with which the speed, attitude, and direction of motion of a body can be changed or maintained by its control devices is called: .


98. If a weight is loaded aboard a ship, what would this weight do in the vessel?


99. The inner bottom of a ship is the ___.


100. Longitudinal meeting of edges planks, strakes and plates? .


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