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1. An indication that a piston be at bottom dead center is when its:


2. What is the ration of the brake horsepower to the indicated horsepower of a diesel engine?


3. Exposed portion of outboard propeller shaft is protected against seawater corrosion:


4. Determining factors regulating the time interval for drawing a vessel


5. What factor that greatly influences the refined lubricant base oil properties?


6. Line shaft bearings usually lubricated:


7. Which lubrications consider a degree of contact that occurs between the matting surfaces?


8. Conical steel or composition cone installed on a propeller, known as a fairwater cone, provides benefits to:


9. The most important property of lubricant oil for reciprocating air compressor is:


10. What auxiliary or equipment with low pour point and good wax depositing is very important?


11. Extreme pressure additives only use on ferrous metal surfaces. Why?


12. What is the purpose of friction modifiers of


13. The types of hydrocarbon that have a good chemical stability with higher viscosity index and low pour point is :


14. A physical molecular structure is present in all mineral oils EXCEPT:


15. Purpose of the propeller fairwater cone:


16. Force efficiency provided to vary the pitch of the blades on a modern controllable pitch propeller by means of:


17. All of the following categories is a classified as lubrication EXCEPT the:


18. A kind of lubrication wherein the contact surfaces are completely separated by an oil film is:


19. Hull, or propeller shaft vibrations is caused by:


20. Elastohydrodynamic lubrication is described as the:


21. The main criterion for fluid lubricants operating under hydrodynamic condition is:


22. Reciprocating pump is operating at maximum speed, the cushioning valves:


23. What is the necessary factor to consider in order for microbiological growths to thrive in fuel tanks?


24. The displacement of a rotating body measured in radian is called:


25. What principle states that the velocity of the liquid is large where the cross section is small, and the velocity is slow where the cross section is small, and the velocity is slow where the cross section is large?


26. What preliminary precaution before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator?


27. Alarms and instrumentation is not required for a vessel incorporating a controllable pitch propeller in its main propulsion system:


28. A gears must be maintained in proper alignment to prevent:


29. Pinion gears used in main propulsion reduction gear mechanisms are generally constructed:


30. Herring bone helical gear sets, the tooth contact loading


31. The term used when one particle in the body remains stationary while every other particle moves along the circular path is:


32. Which one is true about rotational motion?


33. Operational checks should be continuously made on the main propulsion reduction gears:


34. On main propulsion system, what metal is use in the construction of the shaft for a main reduction gear unit?


35. An acceleration which is responsible in the speeding up and slowing down of the body moving in rotational motion is called:


36. Main reduction and opinion gears are double helically cut:


37. The energy of the body which is dependent upon the body


38. When do we use hydraulic piston actuator?


39. How pressure in an operating hydraulic system is being developed?


40. A valve which is installed in a hydraulic system to manipulate the reversal of fluid flow is called _______________.


41. The most common type of valve element used in hydraulic system directional control valves is known as:


42. If compression ratio and horsepower increases, what will be the result?


43. What causes the temperature on a wet-bulb thermometer to be equal to the dry bulb temperature?


44. Pitted reduction gear teeth having a deep blue color with evidence of over heating have been operated with:


45. Guarantee that a reduction gear bearing is receiving proper oil supply, check:


46. Viscosity of lube oil in an operating system under normal load, the highest viscosity should occur:


47. If the tonnage increased as the suction pressure is increased, what would be the result to the horsepower?


48. Degree to which the viscosity of an oil will change with a change in temperature:


49. Ability of lubricating oils to resist viscosity changes during temperature change:


50. The following would be a result to the compressor capacities as suction pressure drops in a Freon-22 system will be:


51. Which of addictives listed is use to lower the pour point of a lubricating oil?


52. What property of a liquid whereby its own molecules are attracted to each other?


53. Used to support the need to change the lube oil when there has been an increase in the neutralization number:


54. The precautionary measure/s is/are to be observed when starting an R-22 compressor is to:


55. Ability of an oil to separate cleanly from an oil and water mixture is referred to:


56. A kind of gas which is being liberated when the lead-acid battery is being charged is:


57. The processes listed consumes the greatest amount of heat:


58. Lube oil sample is taken from the main engine lube oil system and visually inspected indicate water contamination is __________.


59. What is the velocity of a fluid particle at the center of the pipe section?


60. Impurities found in marine lubricating oil, which of the following cannot be removed by a centrifugal purifier at normal operating temperatures:


61. Lube oil cooler are necessary in most engine lubricating system:


62. When does highest temperature cycle is being produced in heat compression?


63. What is the form of energy that is associated w/ the random motion of large numbers of molecules?


64. Photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler burner management system:


65. What part of refrigerating unit in which heat compression is partially removed from the compressed air? I


66. Automatic boiler controls listed should be tested prior to lighting off an auxiliary boiler:


67. Flame failure in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is caused by:


68. Burner ignition failure in an automatically fixed auxiliary boiler:


69. In using of Polyvinyl chloride, what important factor or materials properties to be considered?


70. Which of the following is not true about brazing process:


71. What is the purpose of applying tempering process on metals?


72. The maximum stress at which the material can support without failure is:


73. Which of the following is the result of an elastic material if loaded above the point?


74. Where should you expect to find striking plates?


75. The purpose of the bilge keels is to:


76. When renewing only a portion of the entire hull plate with an insert plate, which of the listed guidelines should be followed?


77. The location of a vessel's frame stations may be obtained from which of the listed drawings?


78. A vertical shaft having a rudder attached to its lower and having a yoke, quadrant, or tiller fitted to its upper portion by which it may be turned is the:


79. With reference to a vessel's structural integrity, the most significant characteristic of a cryogenic liquid is its:


80. Stern tube and strut bearings lined with hardwood or rubber composition materials are lubricated with:


81. What is the primary purpose of a vessel's bilge keels?


82. Archimedes principle states that the resultant pressure acting on a body immersed in a fluid:


83. When flooding occurs in a damaged vessel, reserve buoyancy:


84. Flooding of any compartment in a ship, resulting in a serious loss of reserve buoyancy, will always:


85. If a vessel looses its reserve buoyancy, it will:


86. The reserve buoyancy of a ship consists of:


87. The vessel should normally behave as if all of its weight is acting downward through the center of gravity and all of its support is acting upward through the:


88. When a vessel is inclined due to an external force, such as the action of seas in which no cargo shifts, the tendency of the vessel to return to its original position is caused by the shift in:


89. In a small angle stability, when external forces exists, the buoyant force is assumed to act vertically upwards through the center of buoyancy and through the:


90. The stability term for the distance between the center of gravity (G) to the Metacenter (M), when small angle stability applies is known as the:


91. The horizontal distance between the vertical lines of action of gravity and the buoyant forces is called the:


92. The water in which a vessel floats provides vertical upward support. The point through which this support is assumed to act is known as the center of:


93. Stability is determined principally by the location of two points in a vessel: The center of buoyancy and the:


94. Hardening process can be done by:


95. When the height of the metacenter is less than the height of the center of gravity, a vessel has what type of stability?


96. If a vessel rolls to the starboard side, and there are no movable or moving weights onboard, the center of gravity will:


97. If the temperature in the refrigerating space rises above normal, what will happen to the refrigerating unit?


98. It is the mass moment of inertia of the body with respect to any line that does not pass through the center of it is called:


99. the most important factor in Engine performance is the actual power output a crankshaft available for doing work, what is the most important factor?


100. Vessel are equipped with a water lubricated stern tube. When at sea operating under normal condition, the water service valve from the ship:


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