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1. You are preparing to slush a stay on your vessel by lowering yourself down the stay in a bosun's chair. The proper way to do this is to ride down the stay on a riding shackle __________.


2. Using a safety factor of five, determine what is the safe working load for 3-1/2 inch manila line with a breaking stress of 4.9 tons.


3. What minimum size manila line is required to hold a weight of 932 pounds, if you use a safety factor of six?


4. Which bend or knot is used to tie a small line to a larger one?


5. A monkey fist is found on which of the following?


6. Which knot would serve best as a safety sling for a person working over the side?


7. A short splice in a line __________.


8. Which method is used to detect rot in manila lines?


9. When taking a length of new manila rope from the coil, you should __________.


10. As you hold a piece of manila line vertically in front of you, the strands run from the lower right to the upper left. Which type of line is this?


11. Nylon line is NOT suitable for __________.


12. An advantage of nylon rope over manila rope is that nylon rope __________.


13. A normal safe working load for used nylon rope in good condition is __________.


14. Which synthetic rope has the greatest breaking strength?


15. Stuffer-braid rope has __________.


16. Which type of line floats?


17. Two mooring lines may be placed on the same bollard and either one cast off first if __________.


18. If two mooring lines are to be placed on the same bollard, which method is BEST?


19. What should you do to a line to prevent fraying where it passes over the side of the vessel?


20. Nylon line is better suited than manila for __________.


21. The sheave diameter to be used with a 3-inch manila rope is __________.


22. A breeches buoy is being rigged from the shore to a stranded vessel. The initial shot line passed to the vessel is normally made fast to a __________


23. Unless extremely flexible wire rope is used, the sheave diameter should always be as large as possible, but should never be less than __________.


24. What size block shell should be used with a 4-inch manila line?


25. A sheave is a __________.


26. The grooved wheel inside a block is called a __________.


27. The standing part of a tackle is __________.


28. A small light tackle with blocks of steel or wood that is used for miscellaneous small jobs is called a __________.


29. The correct way to make an eye in a wire rope with clips is to place the clips with the __________.


30. The main function of the core of a wire rope is to __________.


31. The ultimate or maximum strength of a wire rope is referred to as the __________.


32. What material may be substituted for zinc when making a poured metal socket ending to a wire rope?


33. The strongest method of forming an eye in wire rope is using __________.


34. Which molten substance is poured into the basket of a wire rope socket being fitted to the end of a wire rope?


35. Galvanizing would be suitable for protecting wire rope which is used for __________.


36. Wire rope is galvanized to __________.


37. Which of the following is a characteristic of Methane gas?


38. Which of the following best describes the heat value of a fuel?


39. Your tow includes a loaded chlorine barge. After inspecting the tow, the mate reports that he hears a hissing sound coming from the safety valves. Where will you find information on emergency procedures concerning the uncontrolled release of cargo?


40. In what condition is LNG transported?


41. A combustible liquid is defined as any liquid having a flash point above what temperature?


42. Which of the following describes the fresh air intake of the inert gas system?


43. After allowing for pressure losses, the pressure-volume capacity of an inert gas blower must be able to maintain a pressure, in any cargo tank, at a minimum of __________.


44. The weight of liquefied petroleum gas vapors as compared to air is __________.


45. What are cargo tanks carrying grades D or E liquids on tank barges required to be ventillated with?


46. A tank is loaded with 9,000 barrels of gasoline. The temperature of the product is 90°F (32°C), and it has a coefficient of expansion of .0008. What is the net amount of cargo loaded?


47. To determine the pressure and temperature limitations under which LFG is required to be transported on a barge, you should look at the __________.


48. A tanker is loaded with 5,000 barrels of petroleum. The cargo was loaded at a temperature of 70°F, and the coefficient of expansion is .0004. What is the net amount in barrels of cargo loaded?


49. Your ship departed Venezuela for New York, loaded with 10,000 barrels of crude oil, whose average cargo temperature was 30°C (86° F). API is 25°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .00045. If this cargo is heated to 100°F prior to discharge, how many gallons will you offload?


50. Your ship has loaded 8,000 barrels of gasoline at a cargo temperature of 85°F, departing Aruba bound for New Jersey. API gravity is 55°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .0006. How many barrels would you expect to unload if the cargo temperature is 50°F at the discharge port?


51. The process of adding mercaptans to gas, is known as which of the following?


52. Each inert gas system must be designed to supply the cargo tanks with a gas, or mixture of gasses, that has an oxygen content by volume of __________


53. A cargo of fuel oil is loaded whose temperature is 66°F. API gravity is 36°. The volume correction factor (VCF) is .0005. A cargo temperature of 80°F is expected at the discharge port. If 9,000 barrels were loaded, how many gallons would you expect to unload?


54. During loading, what is the minimum pressure required to be maintained by the inert gas system on cargo tanks?


55. A tank holds 400 tons of sea water when filled. How many tons of liquid of specific gravity 0.9300 will it hold when filled to 90% capacity?


56. Which of the following conditions would be hazardous if you were using two centrifugal pumps to discharge a flammable liquid?


57. Which of the listed functions is the purpose of a gas scrubber in an inert gas generation system?


58. Which operation may cause the pressure in an inert tank to fall below the prescribed limits?


59. Which of the following describes excessive recirculation of inert gas?


60. Which of the following methods is used to supply inert gas from a flue gas system to the cargo tanks?


61. What happens to steam that is produced by gas burning in excess of machinery plant demand?


62. One of the principal dangers inherent in liquefied petroleum gas is __________.


63. What normally helps in detecting escaping gas?


64. What is the LNG cargo term "rollover" used to describe?


65. What device will be activated while loading a LNG tank and the HI-HI liquid level set point is reached?


66. What is one major advantage of transporting gas under refrigeration?


67. Which product is most likely to accumulate static electricity?


68. Flammable liquid means any liquid which gives off flammable vapors at or below __________.


69. Combustible liquids are divided into how many grades?


70. Combustible liquid is defined as any liquid having a flash point above __________.


71. You have orders to load cargoes of carbon disulfide, diisopropylamine and pyridine on your multi-product tankship. Which statement is TRUE?


72. Which of the following describes one of the principle dangers inherent in liquified petroleum gas?


73. When discharging an oil cargo, the first consideration is to __________.


74. Your tank vessel is loaded down to her marks, and you find that she has too much trim by the stern. To adjust the trim you may __________.


75. Petroleum cargo tanks should not be topped off at deck level when loading on a cold day due to which of the following?


76. You are planning to use a crude oil washing system. What precaution must be taken with the source tank for the washing machines?


77. In order for you to operate your vessels crude oil wash system, the cargo tanks to be washed must be which of the following?


78. When tank cleaning with a portable machine, how is the weight of the machine is suspended?


79. When discharging a tanker, how can list be controlled?


80. What is the distance between the surface of the liquid and the tank top in a cargo tank called?


81. What should be the first consideration when discharging an oil cargo?


82. If a cargo of kerosene were considered "too lean" to explode, then it must be which of the following?


83. What is the standard unit of liquid volume used in the petroleum industry?


84. Which topic is NOT required to be discussed at the pre-transfer conference?


85. Who completes the Declaration of Inspection before loading a tank vessel?


86. With reference to Liquefied Gas operations, what does the term "rollover" used to describe?


87. Which of the following conditions will cause a combustible gas indicator to become inoperative or give erroneous readings?


88. Your tank vessel is loaded down to her marks, and you find that she has too much trim by the stern. Which of the following action would reduce the excessive trim?


89. In the manufacture of line, plant fibers are twisted together to form __________.


90. How much force would be required to lift a weight of 200 lbs. using a gun tackle rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?


91. Chafing gear is normally used __________.


92. The main advantage of a Chinese stopper over the one line stopper is that it __________.


93. The strongest of the natural fibers is __________.


94. Close link chain of not less the 3/4" (or the wire rope equivalent) is required for lashing deck cargoes of timber. What size flexible wire rope would provide the strength equivalent to 3/4" chain, using a safety factor of 5?


95. Which factor is most likely to impair the strength and durability of synthetic line?


96. Uncoiling manila line improperly can result in a(n) __________.


97. How is a safety shackle is identified?


98. A nylon line is rated at 12,000 lbs. breaking strain. Using a safety factor of 5, what is the safe working load (SWL)?


99. Which of the following is a hook that will release quickly?


100. The normal and safest way for a sailor in a bosun's chair to be raised aloft is __________.


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