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1. To check the thickness of a piece of thin shim stock before using it to make a bearing shim, you should use a _______.


2. What should be the maximum temperature of the oil leaving the purifier?


3. An example of an antifriction bearing is a ______.


4. A burned exhaust valve may be detected by a higher than normal _________.


5. Failure of the fuel oil service pump to maintain fuel oil flow to the number could be caused by___.


6. Which of the following alarms and instrumentation is not required for a vessel incorporating a controllable pitch propeller in its main propulsion system?


7. The component used in a hydraulic fluid under pressure, is the______.


8. Longitudinal expansion of a boiler water drum takes place at the______.


9. Which of the following is the most common type of valving element used in hydraulic system directional control valves?


10. In a watertube boiler, sludge is most likely to collect in the ______.


11. In an impulse turbine, the fixed blades functions to _____.


12. The absolute pressure maintained in the shell of the salt water feed heater on most steam propelled vessels is ____.


13. The component which is used to thoroughly separate small particulate contamination from hydraulic fluid is a/an ________.


14. The dimension of the thinnest hydrodynamic film developed within a full journal bearing, when all other factors remain constant, depends upon the_______.


15. In order to accurately measure very low pressure , which of the instruments listed should be used ?


16. The primary element used in the installation of systems using differential pressure flow meters, and suitable for liquids containing solids in suspension, is a ____.


17. Which of the following instruments can be used to measure the rate of air flow?


18. Steam tables can be used by the operating engineer to obtain the ____.


19. Which of the following statements is correct regarding grades of pipe?


20. One complete turn of a micrometer screw will move the spindle_____.


21. A properly honed diesel engine cylinder liner will __________.


22. The action of water being circulated within a natural circulation boiler, is an example of what form of heat transfer?


23. One advantage of dry cylinder liners used in a diesel engine is the_____.


24. When placing packing rings in the stuffing boxes of moving reciprocating piston rods, the ends of the rings should be cut___.


25. The instrument always used in conjunction with a salinometer is a___.


26. Gland sealing steam used in steam turbine operation is to prevent the loss of______.


27. It is easier to replace a dry cylinder liner than a wet one because ____.


28. Which of the following problems will cause a twist drill to cut improperly?


29. In which of the following types of evaporators is the control of brine density least important?


30. A photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler burner management system __________.


31. For diesel engine piston cooling, lubricating oil can be supplied to the pistons by a/an ___.


32. How is an excess of turbine gland seal steam remedied?


33. Which type of wrist pin uses bearings in the piston bosses, but is fixed to the small end of the connecting rod?


34. Which of the following statements is true about the comparison of the cylinder diameters of a two-stage reciprocating air compressor?


35. A ship travels 234.02 nautical miles in an 24 hours at an average propeller speed of 60 RPM. If the propeller pitch is 20.07 feet, what is the propeller slip during this passage?


36. Positive displacement, helical gear pumps are well suited for pumping oil because ____________.


37. The astern element of a main propulsion turbine is usually___.


38. Piston cooling fins are located____.


39. Water hammer in a steam heating system can be caused by _____.


40. Thrust clearances indicated on a main propulsion turbine bearing clearance diagram are_.


41. For boring holes in mild steel and general work, the correct included angle of a drill point is_____.


42. Pitting in the area close to the pitch line and on the same end of each gear tooth of a reduction gear unit would be caused by:


43. The most troublesome corrosive substance in boiler water are oxygen and______.


44. Coast regulation (46 CFR Subchapter F) require the upper end of sounding tubes, terminating at the weather deck, to be closed by a___.


45. The correct radial clearance between the rotor and the casing in a propulsion turbine are maintained by the turbine___.


46. Which of the listed refrigeration system components keeps the refrigerant circulating through the system?


47. Piston pins having bearing surfaces in both the piston bosses and connecting rod eye can best be described by which of the following terms?


48. Which of the listed types of pumps is NOT likely to be installed in a main drainage or evacuation system?


49. Which of the following forms of energy is demonstrated through the process of combustion?


50. An ullage reading is the distance from a given point at the___.


51. Which of the following adjustments is always required whenever the diesel engine governor oil has been drained and renewed?


52. The device used to store a charged pressure for an hydraulic starting system is called the __________.


53. The lowest temperature at which fuel oil gives off sufficient vapor to momentarily flash into flame when ignited is defined as ___________.


54. A micrometer would be used to measure ___________.


55. The distance piece in a boiler burner register assembly, provides for adjustment of the:


56. The purpose of the separating nozzle in the accumulator of a water-tube, coil-type, steam generator is to separate__.


57. The substance primarily responsible for heat loss in the combustion process is__.


58. Which of the following two events occur simultaneously in a two stroke/cycle diesel engine?


59. When liquid reaches the compressor through the suction line, the condition is called____.


60. For a given size engine, the two stroke/cycle diesel engine will deliver more power than a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine because ________.


61. Which of the listed boiler components is used to equalize the distribution of water to the generating tubes and provide an area for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid matter present in the boiler water?


62. A diesel engine has been operating normally but experiences a sudden loss in speed, accompanied by black exhaust smoke, with the fuel rack at maximum, and the speed remaining below normal. The probable cause is ______.


63. Which of the following characteristics listed is true relating to meshing spur gears?


64. Which of the diesel engine cylinder listed has integral internal cooling water passages?


65. With an increase in temperature, the volume of hydraulic fluid will ______.


66. A pulsating flame, accompanied by a burner developing black smoke in an auxiliary boiler, is an indication that the:


67. The gage most commonly used aboard ship to measure high pressure is the__.


68. To measure the diameter of a piece of round stock, you should use a___.


69. The amount of the cushioning effect developed within a hydraulic cylinder is determined by the ____.


70. A vapor under pressure stays in contract with, and at the same temperature as the liquid from which it was generated. The vapor and liquid are said to be in a/an:


71. A suitable location for the installation of an impulse type steam trap would be in the____.


72. Integral water jacket liners use O-rings near the bottom of the liner, these O-rings serve to:


73. Which of the listed conditions is responsible for causing the gland leakoff steam from a propulsion turbine to pass through the gland exhaust condenser?


74. A distorted furnace in a fire-tube auxiliary boiler may be the result of ___________.


75. The flash-point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature which the oil may be heated ________.


76. A flexible coupling is located between the ___________.


77. Precombustion chambers, air cells, in high speed, small bore diesel engines all serve to increase__.


78. Large steam drums are not required in the design of a coil-type auxiliary water-tube boil because ____.


79. If a hydraulic pump is overheating, the cause may be ____.


80. The turning moment which is the product of a tangential force and the distance it acts from the axis of the rotation:


81. What is the measure of the amount of solids classified as asphalts on carbon residue contained in an oil?


82. What could result in fuel oil having a low octane rating ?


83. As we heat a gas at constant pressure, its volume:


84. What is the active element in the combustion of fuel in an internal combustion engine?


85. When a body is acted on by a load which causes an increase in its length is called:


86. Determine the weight of a rectangular piece of 25.5 lbs steel measuring 4.5 feet by 6.7 feet.


87. To increase the extent of flooding your vessel can suffer without foundering, you could:


88. Uneven volt tightening during installation of a fuel injection pump could result in ____.


89. What consist of two equal forces tendency of a force to a body on which acts about the same axis?


90. The ratio of the absolute viscosity of oil to the specific gravity of oil is called ____.


91. To detect angular misalignment between the propeller line shafting and the engine crankshaft, you remove the coupling bolts and:


92. On a tubular type purifier where does the sediments collect?


93. Percentage contraction of area of a mild steel boiler plates is:


94. To change a bowl type purifier from a separator to clarifier, you must ____.


95. What is a measure of the stretch ability of compressibility of a material within the limit?


96. What is chemical symbol for fuel propane?


97. What is considered in mechanics as the measure of the distance through which a force acts upon a body or substance?


98. The half-breadth plan is ____.


99. If the discharge valve is closed before the drive motor is stopped, which of the following types of pumps will most likely be damaged?


100. The crumbling of metal surface is known as:


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