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1. For means of abandonment of a MODU, which type of embarkation does not require prior approval by the Coast Guard?


2. Which record must be retained on board after a report of casualty to a mobile offshore drilling unit?


3. According to regulations, a Master or person in charge of a MODU is required to submit a report of a loss of life __________.


4. Which documents are required by Part 80 of the FCC Rules for vessels on international voyages (other than the Great Lakes)?


5. Which person may command a lifeboat in ocean service?


6. The regulations require that inspected vessels on an international voyage, other than small passenger vessels, must carry which of the following distress signals on or near the navigating bridge?


7. Inflatable liferafts carried on passenger vessels must be annually __________.


8. Inflatable liferafts must be overhauled and inspected at a U. S. Coast Guard approved service facility every __________.


9. Limit switches, winches, falls, etc. must be thoroughly inspected at least every __________.


10. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that life jackets shall be __________.


11. On a passenger vessel, the vessel's name must appear on __________.


12. Where should muster lists be posted?


13. A Deratization Exemption Certificate is valid for a period of __________.


14. The Coast Guard inspection required before a Certificate of Inspection can be issued is conducted________________.


15. The Certificate of Inspection for your tankship authorizes the carriage of grade A and lower products. Which chemical may NOT be carried unless it is specifically endorsed on the Certificate of Inspection?


16. Which type of chemical testing is NOT required of merchant marine personnel?


17. A Permit to Proceed is issued by the __________.


18. An International Tonnage Certificate will be issued to a vessel when it meets several requirements, one of which is that the vessel must __________.


19. Form 2692 (Notice of Marine Casualty), when required, must be filed to the U.S. Coast Guard within how many days?


20. U.S. Customs, upon boarding a vessel desiring entry into a U.S. port, would inspect which document?


21. The agency most concerned with a stowaway is __________.


22. The American Consul has asked the Master of a vessel bound for a port in the U.S. to transport a destitute seaman back to the U.S. Which action may the Master take?


23. Under U.S. law, what is the penalty for assaulting the Master?


24. Your enrolled vessel is bound from Baltimore, MD, to Norfolk, VA, via Chesapeake Bay. Which statement about the required Pilot is TRUE?


25. You are Master of a vessel that is sold in a foreign country after discharge of cargo. What is your responsibility to the crew in regards to return to the United States?


26. Following a Serious Marine Incident, a mariner directly involved in the incident is required to submit a urine specimen for drug testing within __________.


27. The operator of an uninspected vessel MUST assist people affected by an accident if he or she can do so without __________.


28. Instructions to the crew in the use of all the ship's lifesaving equipment shall be completed __________.


29. Fire and abandon ship stations and duties may be found on the __________.


30. You cannot operate a VHF or SSB radiotelephone aboard a rig unless that station is licensed. Which of the following organizations issues the license?


31. Where would you find the "call sign" or "call letters" of the radio station on your rig?


32. Where must the Master or person in charge of a MODU record the date of each test of emergency lighting and power systems and the condition and performance of the equipment?


33. When must the Master of a vessel log the position of load line marks in relation to the surface of the water in the Official Logbook?


34. On a mobile offshore drilling unit it is required to __________.


35. A simplified construction plan may be included in the MODU construction portfolio provided it adequately defines the __________.


36. What organization is approved by the Coast Guard for certifying cranes on mobile offshore drilling units?


37. On all mobile offshore drilling units, the deckhead of each accommodation space must be located above __________.


38. On a MODU, how many ring buoys are required to have a buoyant line attached?


39. How often must a rated load test be performed on a crane on a MODU?


40. After cranes have been installed on offshore drilling units the hooks, hook block, slings, rib and other rigging must be load tested. This test must be performed once each __________.


41. On offshore drilling units, the minimum number of inclined ladders which must be fitted between each weather deck is __________.


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