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1. A governor that automatically stops an engine when too high speed is attained is called _________.


2. The volatility of a liquid is the tendency of a liquid to ______.


3. The power developed within the engine cylinder and can be measured by an engine indicator is called_______.


4. What is the ration between the energy developed at the brake of the engine and the energy supplied?


5. Intact buoyancy is term used to describe:


6. Isentropic compression is sometimes known as ___________.


7. What is similar to volumetric efficiency but used to described 2- stroke engines where some gas maybe included with the air at the start of compression?


8. The completely insulated system is operated in _____________.


9. What is a measure of mechanical perfection of an engine?


10. The horizontal flat surfaces where the upper stock joins the rudder are the________.


11. Which of the following measures the friction of heat energy that is unavailable for ideal conversion to mechanical work?


12. In the generating tubes of main boiler, how much is the maximum limit before it is to be renewed?


13. It is defined as the capacity for doing work?


14. The strain of a material is proportional to the cause of deformation is termed.


15. When a vessel with a single right-hand propeller backs to port, the_____.


16. It is the ration of shear stress, to the strain rate:


17. What kind of ship used aluminum and nickel alloys in the construction of cargo tanks to withstands low temperature cargo?


18. To reduce the number of strakes at the bow, two strakes are tapered and joined at their ends by a single plate. This plate known as a___.


19. In actual gasses, the molecular collisions are:


20. A fluid wherein the amount of strain is proportional both to the stress and to the time is:


21. The horse power/s that can be measured from the working cylinder of a main propulsion engine during its operation is the______. I.brake horsepower II. Indicated horsepower III. Nominal horsepower


22. It is the kind of diagram that provides the value of mean indicated pressure.


23. When the value of a stress changes from some of tensils stress to a similar value of compressive stress referred to as_______.


24. A measure of deformation which relates the objects change in length to its original length is called____.


25. What is the significance of a cetane number?


26. Demulsibility is defined as______.


27. An internal combustion engine where in a mixture of vapor from petrol and air is exploded in a cylinder with the help of an electric spark is known as __________


28. Which of the following devises will increase the power output of a diesel engine without increasing its frictional load?


29. According to Coast Guard regulations (46 CFR Part 35), what is the minimum flash point of oil to be used as fuel for the boilers?


30. When using tubular bowl type centrifuge for the purification of fuel, what factors determines the size of ring dam to be used?


31. State of a system wherein no heat flow takes place between its components.


32. In diesel engineering practice, the term used to express the ignition quality of a particular fuel is______.


33. A measure of resistance to rotational acceleration called?


34. A relative term indicating resistance to deformation or bending is:


35. When the vessel is stationary and in hogging condition, the main deck is under_____.


36. In a two-stroke/cycle, opposed piston diesel engine one crankshaft operates advanced of the other crankshaft to ______.


37. Air is supplied as a constant pressure of 10 bar to a piston of 120mm diameter and 200mm stroke. Calculate the work done per stroke.


38. It is a rapid oxidation of a substance accompanied by the release of considerable amount of heat.


39. At all angles of inclination, the metacenter is located_____.


40. Which statements is TRUE concerning protection of double bottom tanks excessive pressure?


41. Convection spreads a fire as a result of______.


42. The basis where to adjust in order to be produced inside each cylinder of a main propulsion diesel engine is the _______.


43. Individual cylinder performance in a diesel engine is routinely determine by exhaust gas.


44. A four stroke/cycle turbo charged 1000 horsepower diesel engine has been operating unloaded. The load suddenly increases, causing excessive black exhaust smoke and a rapid rise in the lube oil temperature. In response to this condition, you should:


45. The variable data needed in taking the indicated horsepower of a marine propulsion diesel engine during its operation is the ______.


46. The common cause why there is an unbalance distribution of power produced in each cylinder of main propulsion diesel engine is the__.


47. What is used in the calculation of stresses in beams and columns?


48. What is the required combined capacity of the inert gas system in related to the_______.


49. Which of the turbo charging systems listed operates with the least average back pressure in the exhaust manifold?


50. A crack in the deck plating of a vessel may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by ______.


51. What is more nearly practical process?


52. What is the other name of inertia of an area?


53. What is the product of the mass of a body times its acceleration?


54. Which is correct for feeding oil into a purifier?


55. What allows the propeller to produced its trust to move the vessel?


56. What numerically expressed as the ratio between the indicated power and the brake power.


57. In the conservation of energy heat rejected must be equal to _____.


58. What is the comparison between the mass of air induced per cycle and the mass of air contained in the stroke volume at standard conditions?


59. All of the following are the advantages of pre- combustion chamber on a high speed engine except________.


60. Cracks at the corners of welded plating inserts maybe prevented by______.


61. What is the principle which states buoyancy force acting on abody partially or completely immersed in a fluid in equal to the weight of fluid displaced.


62. When the cube of material is immersed in a liquid and subjected to pressure, the cube will suffer a loss in volume as the hydrostatic pressure increases. This is called______.


63. The usual unit for moment of inertia of an area millimeter?


64. When part of the rudder area indicated at forward of the rudder stock, the rudder is _______.


65. This/these is/are the elements being used in starting and reversing a diesel engine propulsion: I - Air II - electric III - oil


66. Boiler stay tubes are_______.


67. The best information on the nature and extent of damage on vessel is obtained from______.


68. The power available at the output shaft of the engine is called______.


69. The Cetane number of a diesel fuel oil indicates the ___________.


70. What is a compression ratio?


71. What is the recommended running clearance for main bearing?


72. The use of liners in riveted construction is eliminated by using ______.


73. The transfer of heat through electromagnetic flue wave an always travel with the gas?


74. A vessels center of gravity is lowered when the ___________.


75. The center of buoyancy rotates around the metacenter on a radius called:


76. A state in which no transfer of heat from the system to the surrounding or vice versa:


77. When oil is heated it becomes?


78. With what do you determine the heating value of the fuel oil?


79. Pressure is acceptable by classification societies in setting of main boiler safety valves?


80. The rate of expansion of heated fuel oil varies with the specific __________.


81. The failure of the thermostatic leads to __________.


82. Which of the valves listed permits its flow in only one direction?


83. A function of seal cages or lantern ring installed in the centrifugal pump stuffing boxes is to __________.


84. As an engine officer, what is the purpose of counter-bore in a cylinder?


85. In a cooling water system on an auxiliary diesel, if an automatic thermostat were used and it lost its liquid charge, what would happen?


86. What maybe the possible cause why a lube oil service pump will operate on an abnormally low discharge pressure?


87. Two governors on two diesel engines driving the same load require which of the following characteristics?


88. With respect to centrifugal pump, it is used to convert most of the kinetic energy in the liquid into pressure is called what?


89. The pump which operates with large volumes of liquid while running and maintaining discharge pressure is called __________.


90. A pump that is fitted with two sets of suction valves and two sets of discharge valves is called __________.


91. What is the device for separating the oil from the refrigerant gas? It is located between the compressor discharge valves and the condenser?


92. In the condensate system, the automatic re-circulating valve is actuated by the __________.


93. What does this mean when the ME CYL #1 crankshaft deflection is + 2?


94. An important point of consideration when replacing a dry intake filter on an air compressor is to__________.


95. The importance of using only clean lubricating oil and methods of purifying it after it has been contaminated during engine operation, alternate process called ___________.


96. The booster compressor of a two-stage refrigeration system is located between the __________.


97. Tensile strength of common varieties of cast iron is in the range of __________.


98. Which could cause a reciprocating compressor to knock in frequency with its rotation?


99. A scored diesel engine cylinder liner will cause _______.


100. In addition to removing water from a refrigerant, most dehydrators also effectively remove entrapped ____.


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