Useful Guide To Spelling

Spelling is the use of letters to form a word or words. Specifically, the terms spelling and its synonym orthography usually imply that the letters are used according to accepted conventions. Writing an alphabet is basically phonetic, but there is no alphabet has ever perfectly presented a language.

English is written with 26 letters but it has 40 elementary sounds. Pronunciations vary over time, and they also vary geographically. Some spelling conventions are based on grammar rather than on phonetics.

Example: d or ed is the sign of past tense, but sometimes, as in clipped, it is pronounced as t.

Some languages are spelled with a high degree of phonetic accuracy, for instance Spanish and German. On the other hand, English is noted for markedly unphonetic spelling for about 25 percent of its words.

Example: reign and light is the unphonetic spellings in English.